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Is Windows 11 Faster than Windows 10? (Answered)

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Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 is going to launch, since that time peoples have becomes curious about windows 11 and lots of questions appear in people’s minds about windows 11. And one of the most common questions that appear in people’s minds is that what is the speed performance of windows 11 in comparison with Windows 10. So, I have done a ton of research about this topic and in this article, I am going to discuss with you is windows 11 faster than windows 10 or not? so, read this entire article for detailed information.

So, is windows 11 faster than windows 10? well, according to research it can be said that for few cases windows 10 is a little faster than windows 11, and for most of the cases windows11 is faster than windows 10. If we compare both the operating system according to boot timing then windows 10 is loads faster than windows 11 and if we compare both the os according to benchmark testing, memory management, CPU testing then windows 11 is faster than windows 10.

These are some basic comparison between windows 10 and windows 11 about their speed, now in the below section I have discussed this testing comparison in details and at the end of the article I will provide you the explanation about which windows is better in terms of speed.

Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Speed Performance

Windows 11Windows 10
Within windows 11 the booting process is a little bit slower than the windows 10Windows 10 performs the booting process 3 to 4 seconds faster than windows 11
The operating system loads slowly in comparison to Windows 10Windows 10 operating system much more fast manner and much more quickly than the windows 11
The memory loading time is very fast in windows 11In comparison to Windows 11, the memory loads time is a little bit slower
Windows 11 very fastly loads the graphics and gamesIn windows 10 you have to spend some time to run any games or load any games
The apps within windows 11 load very fastly without lackingIn Windows 10 the apps little bit slower and sometimes few apps lacked

Within windows, 11 lots of changes have been done and to test all those changes, especially for the speed test I have experimented and I install windows 11 and windows 10 in separate laptop’s which includes with same features and functionalities.

And the results of that speed tests are very much shocking for me, I noticed that both the operating systems works in a very good manner, but in some areas they do not perform well, and here I mention those crucial factors or areas by comparing both the OS-

Boot Up Test:

Before explaining the results of the tests, I want to inform you what is booting or boot-up tests. Generally, booting is the process in which the computer started. If we define booting in other words then we can say that booting is the process in which our system loads the operating system from secondary memory to primary memory.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a kind of volatile memory therefore when we shut down our computer, the operating system of our computer stores on the hard disk and it removes from RAM. After, that when we open our computer again the operating system goes to RAM from the hard disk and after that we able to run our computer.

There are normally two kinds of bootings are there one is cold booting and another is warm booting, cold booting is the process in which we power on our computer by pressing the power button and it is a very common booting process. And on the other hand, when our computer hangs and we reboot or reset the computer it is known as warm booting. And it is not a common kind of booting process, it is mainly performed when our computer hangs.

Here the boots-up tests are performed by opening both the operating system on the two separate laptops which exist with the same features. Now the results are amazing, at first, I shut down both the laptop and open then open both the laptop at the same time by pressing the power button, and I have noticed that Windows 10 booted up 1.5 seconds faster in comparison to Windows 10. 

At the first attempt, I don’t believe these tests and I turn off both the laptop for confirmation and turn on both the laptop again by pressing the power button, and this time also the windows 10 laptop boots 3 to 4 seconds faster in comparison to Windows 10.

So, for the booting process windows, 10 win the battle.

Benchmark Tests:

In this test, I have installed some sort of software within both the computer systems and after that, I perform some operations within both the operating systems.

And after performing the benchmark tests I have noticed that Windows 11 takes ahead and it started the tests before windows 10 and the benchmarks within windows 11 are running so much faster than windows 10.

And the benchmark tests are accomplished in a much faster manner in windows 11, and the pass marks scores within windows 11 are 805.9, while on the other hand, the PassMark scores within windows 10 are around 254.5.

According to the results, the fact is clear that the windows 11 operating system is won in this case.

Other Testing:

While performing the benchmark testing between windows 11 and windows 10, some other results have also come out, and here I mention those results.

Based on the 2D marks windows 11 scores much higher than windows 10, windows 11, 2d marks is 130, and Windows 10, 2d marks is only 19. It clearly explains that windows 11 does better graphic utilizations, and there were some special features are there through which the graphic performance improves a lot.

Besides that, the memory mark of windows 11 is also much better than the windows 10 operating systems.

In ConClusion:

These are some of the basics comparisons between windows 11 and windows 10 about their speed performance and based on all the factors, it can be said that Windows 11 provide some better speed performance, except the booting process.

In this article I have discussed is windows 11 faster than windows 10 or not? I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section, and follow this website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.

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