is web development is a good career

Is Web Development is A Good Career? (Answered)

Lots of people think that web development is dying day by day, but that is not the correct opinion, in this article, I am going to discuss, whether is web development a good career or not.

Web Development has become one of the most popular & prominent career options for students and there were lots of opportunities available for students in this field. A web developer is mainly responsible for developing the websites and designing websites.

There were lots of CMS (content management system) and web frameworks available in the market and with the help of these frameworks & CMS, anyone can build websites without hiring any developers. And because of this cause, most people think that web development is not a good career and it is going to die, so in this article, I am going to reveal some of the major reasons, and based on those reasons you will understand why web development still a good career?

So, is web development is a good career? the short & simple answer is yes, it is still a good career. It is really a good career based on all the factors, such as based on- jobs factor, salary factor as well as a growth factor. And besides, that to become a web developer no college degree is required, if you have learned the skills of web development then you can definitely work as a web developer. Furthermore, there were numerous freelancing jobs are available on the market for web developers. Based on all the factors it can be said that web development is a very good career to choose. 

In the below section, I have discussed these reasons in detail, so keep reading this article, to the end.

What is Web Development?

As I mention, in the upper section, web development is the process in which websites were built and designed by developers. Generally, developers use some programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to do these activities, here HTML is used to build the structure of a website CSS is used to provide the design of websites, and JavaScript is mainly used for logical purposes.

And besides that, some other languages are also used by the developers such as PHP SQL, etc for database purposes or back-end purposes. Web developers are mainly categorized into 2 divisions. One is a front-end developer and another is a back-end developer. Front end developer is usually built the front portion or interface portion of any website and the developer builds this server portion of any website.

Why Web Development is a Good Career?

Here, in this section, I have mentioned some of the essential causes about why web development is a good career to choose-


The demand for web development is growing day by day and therefore if you create your career in this field then you can earn lots of money.

Nowadays every business businesses want to grow digitally and therefore the need for developers is also increasing.

Besides this, the salary of any web developer is also very good, although the salary depends on many criteria such as company profile, your own skill set, etc. But on average a web developer almost earn $70,000 per year in the United States. So, you can imagine how much money this field provides.

No Degree Required:

A few years ago a certificate becomes very much essential to get any job but that is not the case in the current situation.

Companies are hiring employees based on skills but not based on their certificates and degrees. A similar case is with web development- some of the big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Flipkart were hiring developers based on their skills not based on degrees.

So, to become a web developer you do not need any College degree, all you have to do, just boost your development skills and create some projects and learn all the advanced technologies.

Works as a Freelancer:

Freelancing has becomes very much popular among people and with the help of freelancing lots of people earn a very handsome amount.

If you open any freelancing platform such as Upwork, Fiverr, or, then you will notice that there were mainly two kinds of jobs that are there which job providers mostly provide- one is a content writing job and another is a web development job.

So if you have web development skills then just create your portfolio on these platforms and bid for the jobs. And after accomplishing the projects you can earn a very decent amount from freelancing.


If you open some of the broad job websites such as or then you will notice that there were lots of jobs provided for web developers.

And besides that in the IT sector, web development is a very crucial area and there were numerous people were selected and doing jobs in the Information Technology Sector as web developers.

So if you have web development knowledge and skills then you will never suffer from the crisis of jobs.

Diverse Fields:

Lots of people think that web development is a very tiny field, but that is not the correct thing at all. There are several areas of web development where you can work. Such as you can work as a front-end developer a backend developer or as a database operator.

So within web development, you will get diverse opportunities and scope to do the work.

Building Businesses:

If you have web development skills then you can easily implement those skills and build your own web development business. What I mean to say is that after developing some websites you have the knowledge of building websites.

And then you can build your multiple websites and provide content there as any bloggers do. And after gaining some authority over the website you can buy these websites at a very high price. And in this way, you can create your own web development business.

Is Web Development a Good Career for the Future?

Well is web development will be a good career for the future or not is the most common question that people have asked. There were two major aspects of this question, on the one side, it can be said that technology is increasing day by day and therefore the need for good web developers is also increasing day by day.

According to some stats, almost more than 5,000,00 websites launch daily basis on Google, and to develop and design all these websites web developers are always required.

But if you look at this from another point of view then there were numerous content management system becomes popular these days like WordPress, Joomla, and these content management systems provide all the essential components of building websites such as themes, plugins, etc.

So it has become a very easier task for people to build websites by themselves with the help of these content management systems and more than 50 to 60% of websites were built by using the WordPress content management system. So, we can also say that because of these CMS(content management systems), web developers’ demand is decreasing.

So if you only know some programming concepts like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web development then it is not enough you have to learn about some advanced technical skills like some content management systems and their uses. Besides that, you have to gain some knowledge about web development frameworks.

If you are able to learn advanced Technologies in web development then your demand is always there and if you are unable to learn new technologies and follow some old process to develop and design websites then, you will become unable to survive within web development.

In Conclusion:

In this article I have discussed is web development a good career or not. and based on all the facts it can be said that it is still a very good career to choose for the people. And after entering this web development field they can scale their career to another level.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section if this article is helpful for you then share it with your friends and follow this website regularly for this kind of information and helpful articles.