Is Unacademy Good for WBCS?(9 Facts You Need to Know)

WBCS (West Bengal Civil Service) is conducted every year to recruit group A officers of West Bengal. It is one of the most challenging exams, and it is necessary to take good coaching for this exam.

The Unacademy platform evolved as one of the best online education platforms, but is it suitable for cracking the WBCS?

I have done a ton of research, and I watched some of the WBCS officer’s videos; based on all those facts, here I wil answer your question.

So, Is Unacademy Good for WBCS?

Yes! the Unacademy is such an excellent platform for the WBCS aspirants because it provides superior study materials, and most of the teachers who used to teach in this platform have already cracked their respective exams, therefore then can direct you the proper path, and by following that path, you can crack your WBCS exam. 

To know more about why Unacademy is a good platform for the WBCS exam, read this entire article to the end.

Why is Unacademy a Good Platform for WBCS?

There were several reasons behind that why Unacademy is a good platform for the WBCS candidates, and here I have explained all of those reasons-

Reputed Teachers

Unacademy has become the number 1 online education platform because the platform fills the gap between the students and good teachers.

Unacademy acquires those teachers who already have qualified for their respective exams and who have the teaching experience.

So, if you enrolled for the WBCS on Unacademy, then Unacdemy will provide you those teachers who already cleared the WBCS and who know the actual roadmap to clear this exam.

Basic Concepts

After completing your graduation, you are eligible for the WBCS exam, but all the students have completed their graduation from different fields; therefore, it is very much necessary to clear the basic concepts of every subject.

Unacademy teachers explain things from absolute basics; therefore, it becomes easier for the students to cope with all the subjects.

For instance, if you have completed your degree in the arts field, you may be frightened about maths and other science-related topics. Still, you don’t need to worry about it because Unacademt teachers explain things based on the syllabus and from the fundamentals.

Superior Study Materials

The Unacademy teachers prepare notes for the WBCs aspirants, which are very helpful for the students, and they provide short notes, long notes in the text format, and PDF format, which students can access any time.

If you read and revise these notes that the teachers are providing you, then there is no need to prepare notes for your exams, which naturally saves you lots of time.

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Doubt Sessions

The Unacademy platform organized special doubt session classes after each month, and these classes are beneficial for the students.

As a student, you can attend these special classes and ask any questions based on your exam syllabus.

So these doubt sessions classes are beneficial for the students to clear their confusion bout any particular topic.

Free Mock Tests Series

The Unacademy teachers prepare some sets of mock test papers based on the previous year’s question papers and their experience, and they tell you to attend the mock tests.

And, as a WBCS aspirant, if you attend those mock tests, it will help you too much to understand the exam pattern and clears your exam on the first attempt.

Short Tricks

Maths are Reasoning are the two most critical and essential topics of WBCS, and these subjects are very scorable. But it is necessary to solve all the problems within a limited time.

And to solve all of the problems, you should have to solve the issues based on short tricks, and the Unacademy teachers teach you several types of quick tricks.

If you have applied these tricks properly, it will help you score well within Mathematics and Reasoning subjects.

Variety of Teachers

After enrolling in the plus course of Unacademy, you will get a variety of teachers on that platform.

Suppose, as a WBCS aspirant; you cannot understand any particular maths topic; then you can learn that math topic from different teachers of Unacademy.

So, this is another valuable feature of Unacademy that they provide a variety of teachers for the same subjects.

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Unacademy provides you with several plans to enroll in the WBPSC courses. Yun can take one month plan, a three-month plan, a six-month plan, a one-year plan, and more.


As a WBCS aspirant, you have to devote a lot of time to your self-study, and if you enroll in any offline institute, it will take you lots of time.

And as an Unacademy student, you can access the courses any time and from anywhere, which usually saves you lots of time.

These are some crucial reasons why the Unacademy platform is a good choice for WBCS aspirants.

Unacademy WBCS Course Fees

Unacademy provides several premium plans through which you can enroll for the WBCS exams and in the below section I have mentioned the plans-

Course DurationCourse Fees
1 Month Subscription1900 Rupees
3 Months SubscriptionTotal 4750 Rupees (1,538 per Month)
6 Months SubscriptionTotal 8550 Rupees (1,425 per Month)
12 Months SubscriptionTotal 10,450 Rupees (871 per Month)
24 Months SubscriptionTotal 15,200 Rupees (633 per Month)

This is the subscription plan for the WBCS aspirants on Unacademy, and you can go and sign up for any of these plans.

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Final Thought:

Based on all the facts and reasons, it can be said that Unacademy is such an excellent platform for the WBCS aspirants. If anyone wants to crack the WBCS exam on the first attempt, then Unacademy is the best platform for that candidate.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about online education, Computers, and other technical things, then keep following this blog regularly.

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