Is Unacademy Good for SSC CGL? (8 Facts You Should Know)

Many SSC CGL aspirants ask on the internet, is Unacademy a good platform for SSC CGL? I have done some research & talked with those candidates who already have cleared the SSC CGL exam.

After researching, I get the answer to this question and here I will explain to you the answer.

So, Is Unacademy Good for SSC CGL?

Yes! Unacademy is such an excellent platform for the SSC CGL candidates; here, students will get those teachers helps who have already cleared their SSC CGL exam. Besides that, Unacademy provides excellent study materials regarding the CGL syllabus. 

After getting the answer, you might be wondering why unacademy is suitable for SSC CGL; I have explained all of those reasons in detail in the below section.

Why is Unacademy Good for SSC CGL? 

Let’s check out some of the crucial reasons why Unacademy is suitable for SSC CGL aspirants-

Professional Teachers

Unacademy is mainly recognised for providing fantastic teachers, and for the SSC CGL exam, various teachers are appointed in the Unacademy platform.

And most of the teachers who used to teach in the Unacademy platform for the SSC CGL have already cleared their SSC exams.

So, as an SSC CGL aspirant, you not only get those teachers helps besides that they can also show you the path, and by following that path, you can easily crack your exam on the first attempt.

Excellent Study Materials

The Unacademy provides excellent study materials based on SSC CGL exams, and teachers provides the notes in pdf format. Besides that, they explain the things in the video lectures format.

The unacademy teachers prepare SSC CGL notes based on their experience, and if you only read these notes, then there is no need to prepare notes separately.

Doubt Sessions

Unacademy is perhaps the best platform for clearing your doubts. After enrolling on the course of Unacademy, they will arrange a doubt confusion session for you, and in that session, you can ask any question you want to know.

These doubt confusing sessions are arranged every month, and these sessions are beneficial for the students to clear their concepts.

Free Mock Test Series

The Unacademy teachers prepare some sets of free mock tests series for the SSC CGL students, and they prepare the mock tests series based on their experience and previous years questions papers.

As an SSC CGL candidate, if you attend these mock test papers, then it will be beneficial for you, and after attempting all of these mock papers, you will understand the exam pattern.

Short Tricks

Mathematics and English are the two most essential subjects of this SSC CGL exam & if you score good marks in these subjects, it will ensure your ranks in the exam.

So, to gain expertise in these subjects, you need good strategies & the Unacademy teachers can teach you various shortcut tricks regarding these subjects.

If you acquire these short tricks, you can score well in the exam, and besides that, it will also save your lots of time in the exam hall.

Variety of Teachers

On the Unacademy platform, you will get various teachers of any particular subject, which is very helpful for the students.

Suppose, as an SSC candidate; you cannot understand any particular topic of math; in Unacademy, you can ask that topic other teachers who can explain the things.

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The Unacademy subscription fees started at low prices, and you can take any subscription you want, on monthly and yearly basis.

Here are the Unacademy subscription fees for the SSC CGL exam-

Course DurationFees
1 Month1,350 Rupees
3 Months1,333 Per Month (Total 3,400)
6 Months900 Per Month (Total 5,400)
12 Months542 Per Month (Total 6,500)
24 Months325 Per Month (Total 7,800)


Self-study is the most important thing for the exams like SSC CGL, and if you enroll on any offline coaching institute, then it will usually take your time for transportation purposes.

However, that is not the issue with Unacademy; here in Unacademy, you can access the videos any time & from any place, it will save your lots of time.

These are some significant reasons, Why Unacademy is suitable for the SSC CGL aspirants.

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Does Unacademy provide study material for SSC?

Yes! Unacademy teachers provide study materials regarding the SSC CGL exams, and they prepare the study materials based on their experience, which is very helpful for the students.

Is Unacademy Free for SSC?

For SSC, Unacademy provides some free tutorials, but these are not enough to crack the exams like SSC CGL & if you want to crack these exams, you need the paid subscriptions of this platform.

In Conclusion:

Based on all the facts, it can be said that Unacademy is such an excellent online education platform for the SSC CGL aspirants.

I hope this article is helpful for you & if you want to know more about online education, Computers and technology then keep following this blog regularly.

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