Is Unacademy Good for NEET? (Exaplained for NEET Aspirants)

If you are a NEET aspirant and are preparing for the NEET exam, then you might be wondering whether Unacademy is good for you or not.

Many people ask questions on the internet about the Unacademy NEET preparation. I have done some research about this, and here I am going to clear your doubt about the Unacademy NEET preparation.

So, Is Unacademy Good for NEET Preparation?

Yes! Unacademy is such an excellent platform for NEET aspirants, and if you want to clear your NEET exam on your first attempt, it is the best platform for you. In the Unacademy platform, you will get the A+ study materials available in PDF and video formats. Besides, that Unacademy provides you with a set of mock tests to prepare you for the NEET exam.

You have already come to know that Unacademy is a good choice for the NEET aspirants; now, in the below section, I have explained some of the crucial reasons why Unacademy is a good choice for NEET aspirants.

Why Unacademy is the Best Online Platform for the NEET Aspirants?

Let’s read some of the significant reasons why Unacademy is an excellent choice for those candidates who are preparing for the NEET exam-

Top Teachers and Professionals

There is no doubt that Unacademy provides you with the best study materials and guidance, and most of the teachers who will teach you in Unacdemy have already cracked their NEET exam, so they know the path about how to crack the NEET.

So, as a student, when you enroll for the NEET exam, you will get the help of those teachers.

Good Study Materials

NEET exam is all about hard work and discipline; besides, you need suitable study materials to crack this exam.

Unacademy provides you with the best possible study materials based on the NEET syllabus, which is unavailable within other online education platforms.

Short Tricks

To crack the exam like NEET, you have to build the strategy according to the exam pattern. And within the NEET exam, you will get very little time to solve your papers; therefore, it becomes mandatory for the students to solve the problems based on shortcuts.

And Unacademy teachers take care of all these things, and they teach the students how to solve the problems based on the shortcuts, which saves time.

Test Papers and Mock Tests

After clearing the fundamentals of the students, teachers provide some sets of tests papers, and they create the mock test papers based on their experience. 

And if you clear all these mock tests papers carefully, it will be beneficial for your NEET exam. 

Variety of Teachers

This is another great advantage for the students; as a student, if you are unable to understand any particular chapter, then you can learn that same chapter from other Unacademy teachers because the Unacademy platform provides you variety of teachers who teaches you things in various methodologies.

Chat in Live Classes to Clarify Doubts

During your online classes, if you cannot understand anything, you can chat in the live course, and teachers will clarify your doubts about that topic. 


Unacademy provides a variety of premium plans to join their online classes, such as – 1-month plan, 3-month plan, 6-month plan, 1-year plan, and 2-year plan. 

As a student, you can pursue any of these plans based on your convenience, and most of the plans are very affordable. 


If you want to crack the NEET exam on your first attempt, you have to know how to save your time. Suppose if you are attending any offline coaching for your NEET exam, then it will take a lot of time traveling.

But, if you join the Unacadmy platform, you can attend the courses from anywhere and anyplace, which will save you lots of time. 

These are some significant reasons why Unacademy is such an excellent platform for NEET aspirants.

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Fees Structure of Unacademy for NEET

The fees structure of the Unacademy platform for the NEET exam is very much affordable, and for the student’s convenience Unacademy provides various plans, which are mentioned below-

Unacademy NEET Fees Structure for the NEET UG Candidates

Duration of CourseFees of the Course
1 Month7000 Rupees
3 Months17,500 Rupees
6 Months28000 Rupees
12 Months38,500 Rupees
24 Months56,000 Rupees

Unacademy NEET Fees Structure for PG Candidates

Duration of the CourseFees of the Course
1 Month5000 Rupees
3 Months12,5000 Rupees
6 Months22,500 Rupees
12 Months27,500 Rupees
24 Months32,500 Rupees

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Which One is Better for NEET, Unacademy, or Akash?

Unacademy is better than Akash in the NEET preparation because of the excellent study materials and faculties.

Moreover, students can select any premium plan based on their wish, which is not possible in Akash, where you have to choose a long-term plan, but in Unacademy, you can select a 1-month plan.

Which is Better for NEET, Unacademy, or Vedantu?

Suppose you fall confused between NEET and Unacademy which platform is better for your NEET preparation. In that case, I suggest you go for Unacademy because of its excellent study materials. Besides that, Unacademy fulfills the gap between students and the best educators that Vedantu cannot do. 

Has Anyone Cracked NEET Exam from Unacademy?

Several students all over India are cracking the NEET exam by taking online classes on the Unacademy. In 2020, maximum members of students achieved a good rank in the NEET exam during the pandemic, which is a tremendous achievement.

Best Physics Teacher on Unacademy for NEET

Physics is such an essential topic for NEET aspirants. On the Unacademy platform, you will get numerous Physics teachers, but Prateek Jain Sir is one of the best physics teachers for the NEET preparation.

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Best Chemistry Teacher on Unacademy NEET

Unlike physics for the NEET, chemistry is another essential topic, and Paaras Thakur Sir is one of the best chemistry teachers for NEET preparation. 

Is Unacademy Free for NEET?

There are two types of courses are available on the Unacademy, and the same thing is with the NEET. You can attend the free Unacademy classes for NEET.

But if you want to crack the exam on your very first attempt, then the Unacademy premium plan is mandatory for you, which is very much affordable.

Final Thoughts:

Based on all the facts, Unacademy is the best online education platform for your NEET preparation.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about online education, Unacademy, computers, and technology, then keep following this blog regularly.

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