Is Unacademy Good for GATE ? (10 Things You Must Know)

Unacademy is one of India’s most reputed online platforms, which provides coaching about various exams conducted in India. Still, many students ask a standard question, is Unacademy suitable for the Gate aspirants?

Well, I have done some research about this and asked some learners, who have taken the Unacademy course for their Gate exam, and here I am going to explain to you, that is it good or not?

So, Is Unacademy Good for Gate?

Yes! Unacademy is one of the most reputed online education platforms, and it provides excellent guidance to the students for the GATE exams. Unacademy provides superior study materials and mock tests papers, preparing students for the GATE exams. 

There were several other reasons why Unacademy is a good platform for the GATE aspirants, which have been discussed below.

Why Unacademy Good for Gate? 

Let’s look out some of the crucial reasons, Why Unacademy is suitable for the Gate aspirants-

Top Teachers and Professionals

As a GATE aspirant, if you are enrolled in the Unacademy subscription plan, you will get the help of all top and professional teachers who have already qualified for the GATE exams.

And those teachers can show you the actual path, and by following that path, you can easily crack your GATE exam.

Excellent Study Materials

When it comes to the study materials, then Unacademy is one of the best, and here students will get the A+ study materials which helps the students to crack their exam in their first attempts.

Besides that, most of the teachers in Unacademy provide notes based on their experience, and therefore, there is no need for the students to prepare notes separately.

Doubt Sessions

This is another helpful thing of the Unacademy platform; after every three months, they take multiple hours of doubt lessons, where students can ask any doubt to the teachers.

This helps the students revise things, and besides that, it also clears all of the students’ concepts.

No Problems with Late Subscription Fees

Suppose you have taken the Unacademy subscription based on a monthly plan, and due to causes, you cannot pay the money. You do not have to worry about it because Unacademy will provide you with all the materials and video lectures you have missed during that period.

Free Tests Series

All the teachers in the Unacademy platform prepare some sets of mock papers and tests papers for the students, and all of these papers are organized based on their experience.

After resolving all of these papers, you will not need to attend any other kind of tests series; it will prepare you for the GATE exam.

Short Tricks

The GATE exam is all about solving the problems in the exam hall within very few hours, and you will be unable to do that if you don’t learn the short tricks of solving the issues.

On the Unacademy platform, several teachers will teach you how to resolve any particular problem within just seconds, and these tricks save students time in the exam hall.

Variety of Teachers

Unacademy provides various types of teachers for the students, so if you cannot understand any particular topic, you can learn that topic from other teachers of Unacademy.


Unacademy provides more than 300 + courses for the GATE aspirants. If you compare the value of those courses, you will find that most of the courses are available at significantly lesser prices in the market.

And all the courses are very affordable for the students, and they can take the plan every month or yearly according to their convenience.

Time- Saving

The GATE exam is all about hard work and utilizing the time; as a student, if you enroll in any offline institute, then it will waste your lots of time, while if you enrolled in the Unacademy platform, then you can access the tutorials from anywhere and anyplace which saves your lots of time.

These are some of the significant causes why Unacademy is an excellent choice for the GATE aspirants.

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Fees Structure of Unacademy Gate 

Unacademy provides various types of courses for the GATE aspirants, and here I have all those courses duration and course fees-

Duration of the CouseFees of the Course
3 Months14,750 Rupees
6 Months26,650 Rupees
12 Months32,450 Rupees
18 Months41,300 Rupees
24 Months47,200 Rupees

These are the fees structure of the Unacademy Gate aspirants.

Does Unacademy Provide Study Materials for Gate?

Yes! the educators of Unacademy provide excellent study materials regarding the GATE exam, and they prepare the students for the GATE exams. 

And most of the materials provided here are based on the experiences of those teachers.

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Best Unacademy Teachers for Gate Exam

Although numerous teachers used to teach on Unacademy for the GATE exams and here I have mentioned some of the best teachers names-

  • Praveen Kulkarni
  • Rajeev Singh
  • JS Gill
  • Mudit Raj
  • Sagar Sharma
  • Sourabh Pandey
  • Aditya Gupta

These are some of the best educators on Unacademy who used to teach about GATE.

GradeUp vs. Unacademy: Which One is Best for the Gate?

When it comes to the GATE exams, Unacademy is better than the Gradeup because of its excellent study materials and low costs. Besides that, Unacademy provides free doubt sessions in which students can any question based on their GATE syllabus. 

Is Unacademy Good for Gate CSE?

Yes! Unacademy is an excellent platform for GATE CSE preparation. All the teachers acquired for this course are very much experienced, so, by looking at all of these things, it can be said that Unacademy is a good choice for GATE CSE aspirants. 

Final Thought:

By looking at all the facts, it can be said that Unacademy is an excellent platform for the GATE aspirants.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about the online education platform, preparation, computers, and technology, then keep following this blog regularly.

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