Is Unacademy Good for CAT? (Explained for the CAT Aspirants)

Several online education platforms were available all over India, which provides online training for the CAT exam. Still, Unacademy evolved as one of the top-rated online institutes, and people are asking that how good is Unacademy for CAT preparations?

Well, if you are seeking the same question, you are at the right place; here, I will provide you the answer to this question.

So, Is Unacademy Good for CAT?

Yes! Unacademy is one of the most reputed online platforms which provides online coaching about the CAT exam. According to the learners, the faculty, study materials, and reviews of this online platform are pretty helpful and it prepare a student for the CAT exam. 

Several other reasons are also there about why Unacademy is suitable for the students and in the below section I have explained all of those reasons.

Why is Unacademy Good for CAT Preparations? (Major Reasons)

Let’s check out some of the crucial reasons why Unacademy is a good choice for the CAT preparations-

Top Teachers and Professionals

This is the main motive of the Unacademy platform; they want to provide the students best faculty facilities. And after joining the Unacademy course program, you will get the best teacher’s helps who will teach you the basics.

And most of the teachers who are working on Unacademy have already cleared the respective exams, and because of that, Unacademy selects those candidates.

Suppose if you want to prepare for the CAT exam, then you will get those teachers who already cleared the CAT, and as a student, you will get the actual roadmap from those teachers to clear the exam. 

Reliable and Trustworthy Content

When you enroll for the Unacademy course, you don’t have to worry about too much, which is content.

Yes, within the Unacademy platform, you will get trustworthy and A+ content which is helpful to crack any competitive exams. 


Unacademy offers just 15000 Indian rupees for one year of the CAT exam plan, which is too low compared to other online education platforms and offline education platforms.

So, if you have a budget issue and you want to pursue CAT preparation, then Unacademy is the perfect choice for you. Here you will get the one-year Unacademy subscription plan within just 15,000 rupees, and it is enough to crack the CAT exam.

Easily Accessible from Anywhere

This is genuinely a massive advantage for the students that they can access and attend the classes from anywhere and anyplace by sitting in their home or traveling via transports. 

This is not possible with the offline education platform; within offline institutes, you should physically attend the classes, which is a time-wasting process. 

Different Kinds of Teachers and Methodologies

This is another great advantage for Unacademy students. They can learn the concepts from different teachers, so if you cannot understand the topics from one particular teacher, you can learn those topics from other teachers and indifferent methodologies.

Mock Tests

Mainly the Unacademy CAT courses are categorized into three portions, basics, intermediate and advanced. And after the completion of your fundamentals, teachers provide the students with some sets of mock tests, and these mock tests are genuinely helpful for the students to prepare themselves for their upcoming exams.

Basic Concepts

Usually, the Unacademy classes are long (around 1 to 2 hours) because all the students come from different educational backgrounds. Therefore teachers explained the things and materials from basics to advanced level. 

These are some of the significant causes why Unacademy is an excellent choice for the CAT exam preparations.

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Which One is Best for CAT, Unacademy, or Byju’s?

If you are preparing for the CAT exam or any other competitive exam, you might be worried about which online platform is good for you, Unacademy or Byju’s.

One of my friends also falls in this same confusion, and he does some research about both these platforms; finally, he selected Unacademy because of its low fee structure.

Yes, for CAT preparation Byju’s charges a judge amount of around 30,000 to 40,000 rupees, but you will get much better study materials in Unacademy within just 15,000 rupees per year.

So, based on the fees structures, the Unacademy platform is considered better for CAT preparation than Byju’s.

Does Unacadmy Provide Study Materials for CAT?

Yes! Unacademy Plus subscription provides the study materials for the CAT exam in the video lectures format and the text-based & pdf formats.

And you can check out their video lectures as much as you want, which will be helpful for you to clear all the doubts regarding that particular topic.

Besides study materials, you will also get some sets of mock tests papers to help you understand the exam module.

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Best Teachers on Unacademy for CAT

My friend persuaded me of the unacademy plus subscription for the CAT exam, and he cleared that exam in his second attempt and told me some of the famous teacher’s names for the CAT preparations.

  • Praveen Tyagi (For Maths)
  • Ravi Sir
  • Bharat Gupta Sir
  • Ashish Sir
  • Himanshu Sir

These are some of the most famous educators of Unacademy who provide materials regarding CAT preparations.

Final Thought:

Finally, I want to state that if you have CAT aspirations and are preparing for the CAT exam, then Unacademy is an excellent platform for you. And they usually charge 15000 rupees per year for CAT preparations.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about your preparation, study guide, technology, and computers, then keep following this website regularly.

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