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Is TPM Necessary for Windows 11? (Answered)

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As everyone is now familiar with the windows 11 operating system, but there were numerous questions that appear in people’s minds about Windows 11, and one of the most common questions, which most people are searching on the web that is TPM necessary for windows 11 or not? Well, I have done a ton of research about this topic and I have installed this new version of Windows into my pc and here in this article, I am going to clear your confusion about is TPM necessary for windows 11 or not?

Microsoft disclosed that Windows 11 needs some essential system requirements and without these requirements, you cannot install windows 11 into your PC.

So, is TPM necessary for Windows 11? the answer is yes, to install the windows 11 operating system you need the TPM 2.0 chip, well, that doesn’t mean without TPM you cannot install windows 11. Actually, Microsoft wants to provide much more security & privacy to this Operating system and therefore TPM 2.0 chip is required. But I have also installed the windows 11 OS into my pc without enabling the TPM chip. So we can say the TPM is required for windows 11 but it is not mandatory.

Is TPM Necessary for Windows 11
TPM Chips

You might be wondered about how I install windows 11 without any TPM chip, well it is possible by downloading the ISO file, I have written a separate article about how to install windows 11 without TPM and you can check that article from – Here.

I hope you already get your answer about is TPM necessary for windows 11 or not? now in the below section, I have discussed some other essential things about windows 11 & TPM, so stick to the end of this article for detailed information.

What is TPM? Why Do We Need It?

TPM is not a new element at all, actually, the term TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, it is a special kind of secure and cryptographic chip which exists in our computer’s motherboard. It makes your computer safe with the help of an integrated cryptographic key. And TPM is closely related to the security of our system pc.

In simple words, it saves your system from various kinds of attacks such as malware attacks, hacking attacks, data-stealing attacks, and unauthorized login attacks.

Now, we will understand how TPM works in our pc system, and to understand those facts you have to gain some knowledge about system security, below I have explained this system security topic and the working of TPM.

There were normally two kinds of security are there one is software security and another is hardware security. And our main aim is to protect our pc from the software security, but it is really an easy task for the hackers to hack the system programs of your pc by entering into your pc systems.

But, on the other hand if we talks about the hardware security then it is completely different from the software security. It is hard codded means here hardware is coded with the help of a cryptographic key. And it is a difficult task for hackers to hack the hardware security.

And the TPM chip usually communicates with all the security systems of the computer and made your computer secure, whether you are using the fingerprint reader or windows hello facial recognition. And before providing access to the users all these systems works combinedly with the TPM to verify the user.

Besides the security system, TPM also communicates with various software programs such as Outlook, Chrome, Firefox, etc to stop the malware infection into your pc system.

Why Windows 11 Need TPM 2.0?

Windows 11 is all about new features and security, and to use this windows 11 operating system we need the TPM chip into our pc. But there were two versions of TPM one is TPM 1.2 version and another is TPM 2.0.

But, according to the information of Microsoft windows, 11 is only supported in the TPM 2.0 version because the TPM 1.2 is not enough to run windows 11.

Is TPM Necessary for Windows 11
TPM 2.0

But, peoples were in confusion about why TPM 2.0 is required for windows 11 and why TPM 1.2 version is not enough to run the Windows 11 operating system, and here in this section, I have explained both things.

As I mention in the top section that TPM is not totally a new thing at all. TPM is very old and it comes to our computers since the year 2010. Since that time TPM exists in the motherboards of our computers.

Even in Windows 10 operating system, you need the TPM chip to use the Bitlocker. And Bitlocker is really very useful for encryption purposes.

And, therefore to provide much more security and privacy to the windows 11 operating system Microsoft disclosed that the TPM chip is essential for this OS(Operating System), and the TPM 2.0 provides much more hardware security & encryption in comparison with the TPM 1.2 version.

Besides that Microsoft also disclosed that the TPM 1.2 is not going to be enough for windows 11 because it does not support modern cryptographic algorithms while is not the case with the TPM 2.0 version.

As TPM 1.2 became very much old as it was released somewhere around 2010 and for the encryption purpose it is not enough.

While on the other hand the TPM 2.0 is very modern and it was released somewhere around the year 2018 and it provides much more hardware security & encryption, therefore, Microsoft chooses the TPM 2.0 version for Windows 11.

And because of this TPM 2.0, version Windows 11 operating system becomes very secure and protected.

Do you Need to Buy A TPM for Windows 11?

Well, in most modern computers and laptops the TPM chips have integrated by default but if your system is very old then you should have to buy the TPM chip and you have to integrate that TPM chip within your motherboard.

Having said that, TPM is not a new element at all, and for several years now the TPM chip is integrated within our pc system and before installing the windows 11 operating system and before buying the TPM chips I should always suggest you check the TPM of your computer.

However, if you do not understand how to check the TPM for installing windows 11 then you can read this article.

And if you have bought some computers and laptops in recent times somewhere around 2018 then you dont need to worry about, because the TPM 2.0 chip might exist within your pc system. And if your system has not had the TPM chip then the only solution is to buy the TPM chip and integrates that into your motherboard.

Does Windows 11 Support Firmware TPM?

There is no such difference between TPM and FTPM. Here FTPM actually means the Firmware Trusted Platform Module. According to the instructions of Microsoft windows, 11 needs the TPM chip and without enabling the TPM you cannot install the Windows 11 OS.

However, if you are using the Intel Processor then you might be noticed this TPM option in the BIOS, but if you are an AMD processor user then you might be noticed this FTPM option in the BIOS and after enabling this FTPM you can install the Windows 11 OS into your system pc.

Usually, the Firmware based TPM is implemented within the protected software. And the FTPM is operates using the resources and contexts of the main CPU. And the FTPM relies on the Operating systems to provide access to storage within the operating systems.

So, now the question is Windows 11 supports the Firmware TPM or not? well, as I mention there is no such difference between TPM & FTPM and therefore Windows 11 definitely supports the Firmware TPM.

Can I Install Windows 11 without TPM?

The answer is yes you can definitely install the windows 11 operating system without matching any kind of system requirements, especially without the TPM 2.0 chip.

According to Microsoft, you should definitely have the TPM 2.0 chip to install the windows 11 operating system but I have already installed the windows 11 into an older pc system, and it does not exist any kind of TPM chip.

And you can also install windows 11 without the TPM chip and to do you have to follow some processes and you have to download the ISO file of Windows 11 from its official website.

Well, if your system does not have the TPM 2.0 chip and you want to install the windows 11 os then watch these videos, here everything is explained about how to install the windows 11 operating system without any TPM chip.

Well, if you follow the steps that mention in this video then you can very easily install the windows 11 operating system into your pc without enabling the TPM 2.0 chip.

Does TPM Slow Down Computer?

The short answer is no, TPM does not bring any kinds of effects to our pc system because TPM has existed within the motherboard of our pc system and after enabling this TPM chip it only works as cryptographic storage of keys and cryptographic operations on the disks.

So, it doesn’t bring any kinds of negative harm to our pc system, but after the activation of this TPM chip, you may be noticed a slower boot-up process with the operating systems.

As windows 11 needs the TPM chip, therefore, the boot-up process of this operating system is a little bit slower than the windows 10 operating system.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have explained is TPM necessary for Windows 11 or not? and based on all the facts it can be said that Windows 11 need the TPM 2.0 chip not it is not mandatory at all.

I hope, you have liked this article and if you have any kinds of queries then you can ask me in the comment section and please follow this article regularly for these kinds of informational & helpful articles.