Is Software Engineering a Good Career

Is Software Engineering a Good Career?

Well, one of the most typical questions in people’s minds is whether software engineering is a good career or not because numerous people believe that software engineering is a declining field.

If you are also in this confusion about whether software engineering is a good career or not? then read this entire article, here I will explain all the details about this.

The short answer is, yes definitely software engineering is a good career to choose. It is a good career based on several factors such as the salary factor, the job availability factor, the learning factor, etc. In the below section I have discussed these topics in detail.


In this current situation, Technology spreads all over the world very quickly. And with that, the usage of computers and mobile phones has also increased.

And within mobile phones or computers, the most common configuration is software.

There was various software is present within these devices. Without the help of software, you can do nothing.

If you want to play games, want to edit videos and images, and want to do other activities you need some software.

The persons who create this software are known as software developers or software engineers. 

Software Engineering is a dynamic field and within this dynamic field, multiple people want to become good software engineers.

Because the earning potential of this profession is very very high. 

But becoming a good software engineer is not an easy task at all. You have to devote time to your studies and your skills to become a good software engineer.

You have to study subjects like maths, computers, technologies, etc. 

Furthermore, you have to also do some kinds of courses to become a good software engineer. Courses like the BCA, BSc IT, MSC, MCA, BTech in computer science, etc.

Now I will mention some of the pros and cons related to this software engineering, and based on these circumstances you can easily understand is software engineering is a good career for you or not.

6 Reasons Why Is Software Engineering a Good Career?


This is one of the most common causes that people choose software engineering as their career. 

On average a software engineer in India earns almost 600000 rupees per annum.

And in developed countries, a software engineer makes almost 100000 dollars per annum.

And this is just the average salary of a software engineer. If you obtain some experience in this profession then you can earn more money.

Furthermore, you can also work as a freelancer because there are various kinds of software engineering jobs available on the web.

So you can pluck the jobs from freelancing platforms and earn money from those platforms also. 

Works as a Freelancer :

If you become a software engineer then you can easily work as a freelancer. And you can become your boss and do work as a freelancer by seating at your home.

There are different freelancing platforms are available like Upwork, fiber, freelancing, etc.

And by freelancing on these platforms also you can earn a very decent amount. 

Job Security :

Peoples are always fearful about their software engineering jobs. They think that artificial intelligence will snatch their jobs.

But that is not the case, there is no fear for software engineers because artificial intelligence-based software also needs to be tested or maintained.

And therefore companies hire much more engineers and developers for the maintaining purpose and testing purposes of Artificial Intelligence software

Working in Different Industries :

One of the most prominent benefits of becoming a software engineer is that software engineers can apply to several industries. 

They can apply to health Industries, financial industries, educational industries, and other industries also.

Because every industry needs some sort of software that helps their business policy.

You can select an industry based on your preference and your interest. But several industries are open for software engineers.

Flexibility :

This is one of the major pros of software engineering.

You can work from anywhere and from any place. During the pandemic of covid-19, lots of people lose their job because they are unable to reach their offices.

Well, that is not the case with software engineers, a software engineer can work by relaxing at home, in coffee shops, or from other countries as well. 

All you have to need is a laptop or computer and a good internet connection.


This is the last reason that I have specified in this list. 

Likes writers, artists, and software engineers are also creative. Whenever you begin in this field it will be challenging for you to adapt to this field.

But as time progress you will learn all the tools and skills then things become very easier for you and you can manifest your creativity within this field.

These are some of the prominent reasons why you choose software engineering as your career.

But besides the positive reasons, there are some other facts also.

In the below section I have stated those facts

5 Reasons About Why Software Engineering is not A Good Career?

Health Effects:

If you become a software engineer then you have to work within the office all over the day.

And therefore your eyes and your back portion will get tired and it will bring pain to you.

Besides these things your mental health will also be affected if you become a software engineer because the workload of software engineers is very much higher than the other jobs.

Learning Attitude:

Honestly, there are lots of learnings are involved with software engineering or development. 

There are always new technologies and therefore every time you have to learn new technologies.

As a Software Engineer, you cannot satisfy with your knowledge base. 

So if you are not a person who is interested in learning new things then this field is not for you. 

Time Consuming:

Software Engineering is all about coding, programming, fixing problems, testing codes, and testing Technologies.

And to do this kind of thing you have to devote lots of time so it is a very time-consuming process.

Resilience :

If you become a software engineer then this field checks your resilience.

Within your journey, many things will increase your stress level like understanding codes finding errors, debugging processes, etc.

Competitive Industry:  

This is the last cons that I have mentioned. All though there is very high demand in the software engineering field it is full of competition.

If you want to gain something big in this industry then you have to learn the skills very well.

And the interview process of a software engineer is very hard therefore you have to prepare yourself for this kind of interview.

After discussing the essential factors of software engineering I should say that it is a very good field to choose. And if you choose a career within the software engineering field then you have a very bright career. You can earn lots of money, you will learn various skills and by making software you can also help people to solve their problems.

Final Thought

After discussing all the pros and cons of software engineering it can be said that every field has some positive things and some negative things, a similar case is with Software Engineering

But it is one of the most growing fields and if you want then you can make your career marvelous within this software engineering field. 

This article all about is software engineering a good career or not. And here I discuss some of the essential factors of software engineering.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of inquiry then you can ask me in the comments section.

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