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Is Ryzen 7 5800h Good for Gaming? (Pros & Cons Explained)

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The Ryzen 7 5800h is one of the latest Ryzen processors but is this Ryzen 7 processor good for gaming?

I have done some research about this processor and its gaming experience, and here I have explained the gaming performance of this processor.

So, Is Ryzen 7 5800h Good for Gaming?

Yes! the Ryzen 7 5800h processor is good for gaming because it is based on the Zen 3 architecture, and it is considered the fastest core in the world of PC gamers. But on the other hand, the hand the base clock speed rate of this Ryzen processor is lower than the other gaming CPUs, which makes an impact while gaming. 

Is Ryzen 7 5800h Good for Gaming
Ryzen 7 5800h

After getting the answer, you might wonder why this Ryzen processor is good for gaming and why it is bad for gamers; after some research, I find out the reasons, and in the below section, I have explained all of those reasons.

Why Ryzen 7 5800h Good for Gaming?

Let’s look out some of the significant causes about why the Ryzen 7 5800h model is a good choice for the gamers-

CPU Cores

CPU cores are the individual processing units within the computer’s central processing units. Usually, the processor’s cores receive instructions from a single computing task, working with the clock speed to quickly process the information and temporarily store it in RAM (Random Access Memory).

The more cores a CPU contains, the more efficient it will run, and the CPU core between 2 to 4 is considered suitable for regular usage.

According to the gamers, the cores around six are considered optimal for gaming & this Ryzen 7 5800h model comes with 8 CPU cores (16 threads); therefore, it provides stunning gaming performance. 

Zen 3 Core Architecture

The Ryzen 7 5800h processor is based on the Zen 3 core architecture, and it is considered one of the fastest cores for PC gamers.

Besides that, the Zen 3 architecture represents the most comprehensive design overhaul of the “Zen” era.

The Zen 3 architecture can extract an average of 19 % additional performance from every frequency MHz relative to the previous generation. This is a historically sizeable generational improvement in IPC(Instructions Per Clock).

Lower Latency

The “Zen 3” architecture transitions to a new unified complex design that brings eight cores and 32 MB of L3 cache into a single group of resources.

As you already know that this Ryzen 7 5800h is based on Zen 3 architecture; therefore, this dramatically reduces core to core and core to cache latencies by making every element of the die a next-door neighbour with minimal communication time. Latency intensive tasks like PC gaming gets the benefits from this charge.

Default TDP

TDP, also known as a thermal design power or Thermal Design point, is the maximum amount of heat generated by a computer chip or the component that the cooling system in a computer is designed to dissipate.

The TDP is also used as a primary indicator of power consumption. More TDP watts equals better performance, indicating more power consumption.

Generally, a lower TDP is considered better for gaming. This Ryzen 7 5800h comes with 45W default TDP, which is regarded as suitable for gaming, and not only does it produce less heat but also consumes a lower amount of power electric. 

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Operating System Compatibility

This Ryzen processor is compatible with several operating systems, including- Windows 10 (64 bit), RHEL x86 (64 bit), Ubuntu x86(64 bit) etc.

Besides that, this particular Ryzen processor contains the fTPM 2.0 chip; therefore, you can install Windows 11 also, which will boost your gaming experience.

Smooth & Incredible Gaming Experience

The Zen 3 architecture provides this processor energy efficiency, and therefore, it steadily improves the gaming experience.

This is why this Ryzen 7 5800h processor is suitable for gamers.

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Why Ryzen 7 5800h Not a Good Choice for the Gamers?

There were a few negative sights of this Ryzen processor, and here I have explained all of those things-

Base Clock Speed Rate

In computing, clock rate or clock speed typically refers to the frequency at which the clock generator of a processor can generate pulses, which are used to synchronize the operations of its components & it also used as an indicator of the processor’s speed.

Is Ryzen 7 5800h Good for Gaming
Ryzen 7 5800h

According to expert gamers, the base clock speed rate around 3.5 GHz is considered suitable for gaming.

This Ryzen processor comes with the 3.2 GHz of base clock speed rate; therefore, it remains behind another Ryzen processor when it comes to gaming performance.

CPU Socket

According to the gamers, the AM4 CPU socket is the most suitable for gaming, and this Ryzen 7 5800h does not come with the support of an AM4 socket; instead of that, it will come with the FP6 socket support.

And the FP6 CPU socket can not compete with the AM4 socket when it comes to gaming performance.

Limited Overclocking Potential

Overclocking is an essential feature for gamers, and it usually allows the gamers to do CPU intensive tasks (like gaming) smoothly.

This Ryzen 7 5800h processor is limited to overclocking. Therefore, it is not suitable for those gamers who want to do overclocking.

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Thermal Solution

The Ryzen 7 5800h processor does not contain any thermal solution like other Ryzen processors; therefore, it generates too much heating during gaming.

You can solve this issue by putting a cooling solution into your processors. These are some of the cons of using this Ryzen processor as a gamer.

Final Thought

Based on all the pros and cons, it can be said that this Ryzen 7 5800h is a good processor for basic gaming stuff, but for the pro gamers, this is not a suitable choice.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about gaming, Ryzen processors, and technology, then keep following this website regularly.

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