Is Reboot and Restart Same| Difference between Reboot and Restart

Every computer and mobile user is familiar with the names Reboot, Restart, and power. These are the basic features of any device. Although we know what are the actual works of these features some people were getting in confusion about Reboot and the restart option.

I have done a ton of research about this topic and in this article, I am going to explain some of the essential differences between the reboot and restart options. So, read this entire article to know about Is Reboot and Restart same in detail.

Are Reboot and Restart the Same Thing? the answer is no reboot and restart are not the same things. In both, cases your device will off that’s why you have thought that both are the same thing but that is not correct at all. Reboot works lightly and it does not remove everything from your device, on the other hand, the restart works in a little bit heavy manner and it removes all the cache files of your devices after getting switched off your device. Generally, these are some of the basic differences between reboot and restart. To know more about this topic in detail read the entire article.

What is the Difference Between Reboot and Restart?

The main difference between reboot and restart is in between their work. If your device hangs and you have selects the reboot button then it closes that particular app and runs the device smoothly.

On the other hand, if your device was hung and if you have selects the restart option then it will refresh your ram and Rom and restart your device from the scratch.

Generally, there are two kinds of reset concepts are there, one is known as a soft reset, and the other is known as a hard reset.

When we power off our device and when we reboot our device at that point our device’s RAM(Random access memory) and from(Read-Only memory) becomes clean and therefore our device runs so smoothly and this process is known as a soft reset.

And the hard reset is the process that you did through your device’s settings option or by pressing the power button or volume button.

When some software or some games hangs into our devices at that time we have done two things one is reboot and another is restart, and when we have done both things your devices ram and from closed totally and start again. And after that our devices run smoothly.

These are some of the common differences between the reboot and restart options.

Is Reboot and Restart the same on the Laptop?

No, the reboot and restart concepts are not the same things on a laptop. And both the features are used for different areas.

When some temporary problems occur with our computer when we choose the restart option and this option clean all the bug files and the temporary files are fixed from our computers.

When some serious issues occur with our computer such as crashing system files at that point restart option doesn’t work for our device and therefore we select the reboot option. It closes all the things within our device and after that our device runs smoothly.

In ConClusion:

In this article, I have discussed Is Reboot and Restart are the Same or not? and based on all the factors it is proved that reboot and restart are not the same things at all. I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section.

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