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Is Python used for Web Development?

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At the current time there were almost 700 plus programming languages are existed and all the programming languages are useful to perform specific tasks.

Among all these languages Python has become a very popular and prominent programming language because of its uses in several areas. But one of the most common questions that appear in people’s minds that Is Python used for Web Development?

So, Is Python used for Web Development? The short and simple answer is yes it can be used in Web Development. In fact, it is not only used in Web development but besides that, it is also useful for artificial intelligence, machine learning, Data Science, and other purposes. And Python is widely used for server-end Web development purposes.

Well, if you want to know more about Is Python used for Web Development then read this entire article, here I provide a detailed answer about this topic.

What is Web Development?

Generally, Web Development is the process in which websites are built and maintained by Web Developers. 

Web Development has become one of the most prominent and growing fields in recent times, and there are numerous scopes and opportunities are available within this field. 

There are two essential portions of Web Development one in front- the end portion and another is the back-end portion. However, it is web developers who use some programming languages to build these front-end and back-end sections.

To build Web applications programmers use some kinds of programming languages such as Html, CSS, JavsScript, My SQL, Python, PHP, and others.

Why Use Python in Web Development? (Pros)

There are numerous reasons Why to use Python within Web Development and, here I mention some of those reasons.

Firstly, Python allows programmers to build websites dynamically, it is really a dynamic and stable programming language. 

Besides the websites, programmers can build dynamic web applications through this language. Here the term dynamic suggests a web page or website whose constructions are maintained by the server processing scripts. 

In simple words, dynamic applications or dynamic websites are those whose content and appearance are change regularly based on some factors.

Secondly, Python provides easiness to programmers to build websites and web applications. Besides that with the help of this programming language you can create multi-protocol network applications. 

Thirdly, this language is very easy to learn, in fact, if you compare Python with the other server-end programming language like PHP, then you will notice that its syntax is very easy and you can easily grab the concepts of this language.

Another important reason for using Python in Web Development is that it is an interpreted language and therefore it has a quick processing feature.

Finally, there are lots of good frameworks integrated within Python, and with the use of these frameworks, you can create applications in a much more effective way. For Web Development purposes, you can use the Django Python Framework.

These are some of the essential reasons Why to Python in Web Development.

Why Not Use Python for Web Development? (Cons)

Although Python is a very good programming language for multitasking if you want to use Python within Web Development then you have to suffer from a few problems, and here I mention those points.


The first essential issue that will appear in front of you is that it is a slow programming language in comparison with other languages like- C++, Java, PHP, and others.

The main reason is that it is a dynamically typed language and it is an interpreted language, not a compiled language.

Availability of other languages: 

The second important factor is that it is a good programming language for data science and machine learning purpose because no other languages provide many features within these things.

But in the case of Web Development, there are several programming languages are available that act very fast and provide much more features and functionality within Web Development.

That is why most programmers choose other languages for creating web development applications.

Consumptions of Memory:  

As I mentioned Python is a kind of interpreted programming language and therefore it consumes lots of memory within your devices. And therefore it runs in a slow manner.

Not useful for mobile apps:

Python has many uses and it can be used in many areas but it is not useful for making applications for mobile devices. And on the other hand languages like C++, and Java is useful for making android apps as well as for web applications and therefore most developers prefer these languages rather than Python.

Is Python Good for Back End Development?

Web Development is divided into two main sections one is the front end section and another is the back end section.

There are several programming languages that are used for these front-end and back-end portions.

While Html, CSS, and JavsScript have been used for the front end and for the backend programming languages like- JavsScript, PHP, Python, and MY SQL are used.

Here the question is is python a good programming language for back-end development the answer is yes.

In fact, Python can be used for both the sections for front-end portions as well as for back-end sections. Because of the easy syntax and because widespread uses it was emerging day by day for Web Development. 

However, one of the other reasons why it is suitable for the back end is there are lots of frameworks available that developers can use for making applications. Python frameworks like Django and Flasks are really useful for Web Development purposes.

Having said that it is also considered that there are better languages available on the market which usually provide much more functionalities and features within Web Development.

Best Python Web Development Books

Books are playing such an important role when you want to learn Web Development and programming languages. 

Although there are numerous books available on the internet through which you can learn Python programming and Web Development, most of the time you will fall into confusion about which books are best for learning Web Development through Python programming.

Therefore here I mention some of the best Python Web Development books which will become really helpful for you.

  1. Learn Web Development with Python
Book NameLearn Web Development with Python: Get hands-on with Python Programming and Django web development
AuthorFabrizio Romano, Gaston C. Hillar, Arun Ravindran.
Pages796 page
Book weight2.96 pounds
Dimensions7.5 x 1.8 x 9.25 inches
Ratings12 ratings


  • This book covers all the basic concepts and fundamentals of Web Development through Python programming.
  • It also explains the facts and study materials about how to build web applications with the help of the Django framework.
  • Django framework concepts have been very well described within this book.
  • If you got any problems when you are creating any projects then you can easily solve the problems by reading this book.
  • The data structures portions are also very well within this book.
  • You will be able to create restful APIs after learnings of Django concepts.
Best Books for learning web developmentThe ratings of this book are not so good
The data structures concepts are embedded within this bookThe price of this book is a little bit higher.
The Django concepts very well explained
  1. Learn Python Programming
Book NameLearn Python Programming: The no-nonsense, beginner’s guide to programming, data science, and web development with Python 3.7
AuthorFabrizio Romano
Pages508 page
Book weight1.9 pounds
Dimensions7.5 x 1.15 x 9.25 inches
Ratings119 ratings


  • The fundamentals of Python programming are very well explained in this book.
  • Good interacting projects are included within this book.
  • Some Python tools tutorials are also embedded within this book.
  • The data science concepts are very well mentioned here.
  • The frameworks tutorials like Django and flasks are exists.
  • The author of this book is a computer master’s degree holder who explains all the concepts very well and therefore it becomes very easier for beginners to understand the concepts. 
The ratings of this book are very good 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.Mainly for Python 3.7 versions not for older versions.
The price of this book is less than the previous book.Mainly preferable for intermediates Python learners.
This book includes lots of projects
  1. Python Web Development with Django
Book NamePython Web Development with Django
AuthorJeff Forcier
Pages557 page
Book weight
Ratings30 ratings


  • Best book for Python and Django Framework.
  • Available on Amazon Kindle.
  • The publisher of this book is really good.
  • The explanations are really good.
You can read this book on your android phoneThe code examples are really small
Price is really lessExplain the old version of Django
Ratings are good

These are some of the books which you can use for learning Web Development through Python and its frameworks.

Python Web Development with Django

It is one of the most popular Python web frameworks and it is a kind of open-source web framework. It was initially released in the year of 2005 and developed by the Django Software Foundation.

With the help of this Framework, developers can use the module in a much faster manner. 

Besides that, you will also be able to create web-based apps and websites. Actually, it speeds up the creation of the website’s processes.

Further, this framework also uses for rapid development purposes and for creating secure maintainable websites.

Python Web Development Framework

Although there are several Python Web frameworks are available and all these frameworks are useful for several purposes. 

Here I mention some of the Python framework names which are useful for Web Development.

  • Django
  • Flasks
  • Web2Py
  • CherryPy
  • Turbogears
  • Bottle
  • Pylons Projects
  • Grok

Python Web Development Courses

There are many types of courses are available some of those courses are free while some of the courses are paid for.

If you are looking to buy some paid courses then you can go for – Udemy and for Coursera.

Or, if you want to do courses freely then you can watch the tutorials on YouTube.

Last Verdict:

In this article I have discussed Is Python Used for Web Development? And some other related topics. 

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section.

And follow our website regularly for this kind of informational article.