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Is Python Good for Game Development? [Answered]

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Python has become one of the most prominent programming languages in the computer programming field. It is a kind of high-level and interpreted programming language which can be used in several areas. This language can be used in artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development, applications development, and several other areas.

However, one of the common questions that appear in new programmers’ minds is whether Python Good for Game Development? in this article I am going to discuss this topic. So please stick to the end of this article for detailed information about this.

So, Is Python Good for Game Development? There was a lot of confusion about this topic amongst programmers. Some people say it is possible while some other people say it is not possible. Well, the making of games within Python programming is possible, some popular games are built with the help of this language for example- The Sims, Battlefield, Battlefield 2, World of Tanks, etc. These games have been created with the help of this programming language. However, it is also acceptable that there are lots of other programming languages available which provide much more facilities in game development.

In the below section I mention some of the pros and cons about is Python Good for Game Development or not. 

Pros of Using Python in Game Development

As I mention in the upper section that it is possible to create games with the help of this Python programming. And here I stated some of the essential pros of using Python programming in Game Development.

Easy to understand

There is no doubt that Python is the best programming language for beginners. The reason is that it is absolutely easy to understand. 

The syntax of this programming language is very easy than the other programming languages. 

And in comparison with other programming languages, it is very short, which means that you can express programming by writing small coding lines. 

For example within Java programming if you want to print hello world then you have to write 3 to 4 lines, but in the same hello world program you can write in Python within a single line.

Therefore if you are a beginner in the computer programming field, then you can learn Python for developing games. 

Game Engines:

It is a kind of core software and it is very much essential for running any game program. 

The Game Engines provides almost all the features from Artificial Intelligence to Animation. And if you want to create games in an easier and faster manner then you need a good Game Engine. There are several Game Engines are available such as CryEngine, Unity, Unreal Engine, Amazon Lumberyard, etc.

So as a game developer you have to use the Game Engines and therefore I suggest choosing Python for Game Development because there are several Game Engines are exists which are built with the help of Python programming language some examples are- BigWorld, Blend4Wen, and Blender Game Engine.

If you learn this language then you can easily understand the concepts of Game Engines very well.

Libraries and Frameworks:

When I was an absolute beginner in computer programming I also thought about how games can be created in Python programming, after that, I have done a little bit of research about that and I come to know that there are lots of Python libraries and frameworks that are available through which you can easily learn computer programming.

Here I mention some of the best Python libraries which are useful for creating games- Pykyra, Pyglet, PyopenGl, Kivy, Panda3D, Python-Ogre. 

Amongst all these frameworks pygame is the best Python framework for creating games. It includes numerous computer graphics and libraries and it was developed by the PyGame community.

Rapid Prototyping

Python has become a very good and very familiar programming language and it is best for testing prototyping and for debugging tools. 

And besides, with the help of this language dynamic and static analysis can very easily be implemented.

Because of its rapid prototyping feature, it is very useful in game development.

Cons of Using Python in Game Development

Now, in this section, I mention some of the major cons of using the Python language in Game Development.


One of the most common disadvantages of using the Python language within game development is that it is a dynamically typed language and because of that it is very slow programming in comparison with other programming languages like c++ and Java.

And because of its slow nature, most developers do not prefer this language for Game Development.

Availability of Other Languages:

There is no doubt that Python is one of the most popular programming languages but in the field of Game Development, it is not the best language.

And there are several reasons why it is not useful for game development, and one of the most common reasons that it is not popular for game development is that there are numerous other languages are available which are good for Game Development.

Such as – Kotlin, Java, C++, C#, Swift, and other languages, and these languages are really helpful for game development.   

Not a Compiled Language:

Some programmers suggest that compiled programming languages provide better functionalities and features in comparison with interpreted languages because interpreted languages are much slower than compiled languages.

Python is an interpreted language and therefore it is not of much use for game development.

Error finding is difficult:

Although Python is a very easy programming language till it is very difficult to debug errors or find errors.

And in other languages, the errors and debugging can be found in a much easier way.

Final Thought:

Finally, at last, I want to say that if you are an absolute beginner and want to learn game development then Python is a good language for you, but on the other hand, there are much more good programming languages are available, and in the field of game development, these languages are better. 

Java, Kotlin, and C++ are the best programming languages for developing games.

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