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Is Python A Dying Language? (Answered)

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There were lots of misconception among people about the python programming language, lots of people thinks, it is a demandable and growing programming language and lots of other people think it is a dying language, so, in this article, I am going to clear all of your misconceptions and discuss is python dying or not?

The selection of programming languages is the very essential thing to do, because the selection of the wrong programming language, can move your career on the wrong track.

Python is considered a general-purpose and high-level programming language, which was developed by the python software foundation in the year 1991, after that, it was upgraded several times, and after performing lots of updates, it becomes a prominent and useful programming language.

According to the stack overflow data- Html, CSS, Java, and Python are the most demandable Programming language in recent times. But still, lots of programmer thinks that python is going t be die, in the below section, I have discussed this topic-

So, is python dying? the short answer is no python is never going to die, the simple reason is-python can be utilized for futuristic purposes such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc, and besides that, it can also be used in several other places such as in-web development, app development, API development, game development, etc. There are no other programming languages is available on the market which can perform all these things, and because of this reason python is never going to die. 

To, know more about this topic read this entire article, in the below section I have discussed this topic in detail by using some points.

Why Python is not A Dying Programming Language? | Why Python is a Good Choice for the Future?

In this section I am going to discuss some essential points and based on all the points it can be said that python is not a dying language, so let’s start the points-

Very Popular Language:

This is one of the most popular causes about why Python is never going to Die. It is an extraordinarily popular programming language and Python is considered one of the most demandable programming languages in the year 2020.

Most beginner programmers also select this programming language because the syntax of this language is really easy and beginners can implement any kind of algorithm with the help of this language.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence or AI is a very crucial portion of computer science and it means the intelligence of the machine, with the help of this technology machines, can think and works like humans.

There were several programming languages are there which can be used for artificial intelligence but Python is the most prominent language used for Artificial Intelligence. The simple reason is that there were lots of frameworks available that make the tasks easier for the programmers and the Tensorflow framework of python is very popular for Artificial Intelligence.

Fast Prototyping & Complex problems:

This is one of the major strengths of the Python programing language, it can be used for rapid prototyping purposes, and besides that, it is capable to solve complex problems within a very short time.


Most beginner programmers choose the Python programming language because there were numerous Frameworks embedded within this programming language, for every task new frameworks are there.

Such as to perform web development tasks Django and flask Framework are there for game development Pygame is the most popular framework, for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning TensorFlow Framework or library has become very much popular.

Besides that, there were other frameworks also available such as Cherrypy web2py bottle these frameworks are equally good.


As beginner programmers most people get confused about what should they do after learning the programming language, so, therefore, they want to learn everything, because it can be used in several areas and programmers can use this language within game development, GUI’s(Graphical User Interface), API’s(Application Programming Interface), Machine Learning, Data Science, App Development, Web Development and for other purposes.

Math Libraries:

Within Python programming language there were enough Python math libraries and with the help of these libraries you can perform very good computational stuff and this is very easier to do in comparison with some other math programming languages like R language.

Why You Shouldn’t Learn Python for the Future?

Although Python is considered as one of the most popular and demandable programming languages in recent times because of its amazing capabilities, we can do full-stack development in Python, we can also use Python for data science works and for machine learning and deep learning works.

Besides that, it has abandoned libraries which makes your task very very easier but still there are some problems for Python language and based on that I will discuss what will be the future of python language-

Slow Language:

This is the most major problem that can hit Python when there is some new programming language that performs better than python, even though it has fewer packages.

And there were several reasons why Python programming is so slow in comparison with C language and C++ language, and here I mention those reasons-

  • The main reason that python code executes more slowly is that code is interpreted at run time instead of being compiled as the native code at compile time.
  • Other interpreted languages such as Java bytecode bytecode run faster than Python because these standard distributions include a Java JIT compiler that compiles bytecode to native code at runtime the reason why CPython doesn’t have a compiler already is because the dynamic nature of python makes it difficult to write one.
  • The GIL (Global interpreter lock) prevents multithreading by maintaining the interpreter only executes a single thread within a single process at a time.

Mobile Applications:

There is no doubt that Python is good for desktop applications but for mobile applications, it is lagging. And it is a minor cause about Python is not going to be good for the future because there is some good programming language are already available that provides users with some good features to create mobile and desktop applications.

And all these languages are very fresh and fully compatible with desktop, mobile, and web-based applications.


There are some major competitors for Python Programming which can replace Python in the future the languages are- R, Golang, and Julia.

  • R (The Rust Programming Language): This language offers the same kind of safety that python has, and according to stack overflow, it is one of the most popular programming languages in the past few years.
  • Golang: It is the best programming language for beginners, and it is so simple and so easier to maintain the codes.
  • Julia: It is a new programming language that competes for head to head with the python programming language, and it can replace python in the upcoming years.

In ConClusion:

Based on all the facts it can be said that like other programming languages python has also its strengths and weaknesses.

But it is still a very growing and demandable programming language and not a dying language. In the future, there might be a possibility that some languages can replace this because of their slow nature but still, Python is not going to die totally. So you can learn this language and make your awesome career with the help of this language.

In this article I have discussed is python a dying language or not I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section & please share this article with your friends and follow this website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful articles.