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Is Python Difficult to Learn? (Answered)

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As we all know that python has become one of the most emerging and prominent programming languages and therefore most beginner programmers were choosing the python programming language.

Besides this python can also be used in various places such as in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, web development, and other areas, and because of these reasons python has become more important. But lots of people were confused about whether is python difficult to learn or not. so, in this article, I have discussed that topic, so keep reading this article to the end.

So, is python difficult to learn? the short answer is no, python is not a difficult programming language such as Java language or c++ programming language. Instead of that, we can say that python is the easiest programming language among other languages. Besides this, the utilization of the python programming language is also easy because there were numerous frameworks available through which you can implement the python language concepts.

In the below section, I have some of these reasons why python is not difficult to learn, so keep reading this article to the end.

Why Python is Not Difficult to Learn?

Now, in this section, I have explained some of the essential reasons why python is not such a difficult programming language to learn-

Beginners Concepts:

The python programming language is considered the best programming language for beginners. So, if you are an absolute beginner then you can choose this language without any hesitation. As beginners, we do not have the programming language concepts so you can easily accept these language concepts and implement the concepts.

Easy Syntax:

The python language has the easiest syntax among all the programming languages and therefore it becomes very easier for beginners to understand the syntax of python programming.

If we compare the python programming language syntax with Java language then we will be noticed that within Java language we have to write 4 to 6 lines of codes to print the hello world program which is definitely a challenging task for beginners while on the other hand if you want to print the hello world program with the help of python language then you can easily do that by writing one single line.


This is another advantage of python language that within this language you will get various kinds of frameworks that you can use. And these frameworks are really so helpful to accomplish any kind of task. Within other programming languages, these varieties of frameworks do not exist, so it is another great advantage of using this python language.

Is Python Difficult to Learn
Python Programming

Some of the popular frameworks of python language are- Panda, Django, Flasks, Web2Py, CherryPy, etc. And these frameworks are used to perform several tasks such as for web development- Django and flask are important for game development panda is required Kivy framework is used for app development.

These are some of the essential points about why python is not such a difficult programming language to learn.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed whether is python difficult to learn or not. and based on all the facts it can be said that python is not a difficult language to learn and instead of that I can say that python is an easy programming language for beginners.

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