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Is Python Developer a Good Career? [Explained]

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Python has become one of the most emerging and influential programming languages in recent times. It has lots of prominent features and because of these features, most of programmers want to learn this python language.

As a python programmer, you can apply this language in several places such as in-web development, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and other purposes. But most of the beginners fall into question whether is python development a good career or not? well, I am a web developer and in this article, I am going to give you the answer to this question. So, read the entire article for detailed information.

So, is python development a good career? the short and simple answer is yes, it is a very good career to choose. As a python developer you can apply for several kinds of jobs and all the jobs provide a handsome salary package. Besides that, you can also implement this language in diverse areas and you can scale your career to another level. However, some negative points are also there to choosing this career. In the below section I have discussed this topic in detail.

Who is Python Developer?

We, know that Python is a general-purpose programming language and this language was founded by Guido Van Rossum in the year of late 1980s.

And those persons who deal with this language are known as python developers. Generally, a python developer is fully acquainted with this language and uses the language in the proper place.

As a Python developer, you have to gain lots of skills like- data science, machine learning, expertise in python, analytical and multi-processing skills, and some other kinds of skills.

Once you have gained all the skills then you have to put or implement these skills as a python developer.

Why Python Developer a Good Career?

There are several reasons and based on those reasons it can be said that python developers are a good career to choose from, in the below section I have discussed all the reasons in detail. So, read the points here-


The first benefit of becoming a python developer is that you will get the job very easily because over some time python has developed as a programming language and it is almost used in every IT sector or every company.

And according to some statistics python and java are the two best programming language that provides a maximum number of jobs. So, as a Python programmer, you will get lots of opportunities for jobs.


If you ask any developer or any programmer which is the easiest programming language to learn then everyone should say that it is Python because its syntax is really easy.

Besides the easy syntax, there were lots of frameworks there that makes the tasks easier for the developers.

For every works some types of frameworks is present in this language such as for developing app Kivy framework is used, for web development, Django and Flasks are mostly used, for machine learning Tensorflow are considered a very good framework, and for data science, web2py, cherryPy, Bottle are considered as a very good framework.

So, as a python developer you can use these frameworks and these frameworks Will reduce work when you will performing these tasks.

Salary Package:

The Salary package is a really major and crucial factor before choosing a perfect career. Because your career is all about passion and money.

Well, if your passion is computer programming and if you learn python then you can earn lots of money in this field. This language is totally in demand and on average, a python developer almost earns 5,00,000 rupees per annum in India.

While, in developing countries, python developers earn much more money in the united states python developer’s salary is $75,000 per autumn, while in the UK these developers earn almost 72,000$ per autumn which is fairly considered as a very good amount.


Freelancing is another very good option for the python developer to earn money. If you have some expertise in this python programming field then you can earn a huge amount, because lots of freelancing works are available on the freelancing platforms and there were not many python developers who can do these works.

There were several freelancing platforms are available such as Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer, you just have to visit these platforms and create an account, and bid for work.

Future Demand:

When you are choosing any programming language you have to choose it perfectly because according to Wikipedia there were almost 700+ programming languages available and if any programming language is unable to update its features then the other languages can take its place.

Suppose if you have selects the c programming language and in recent times no works can be done with c programming, therefore, it is not good for the future.

But, that is not the case with Python, because it is a very good programming language and the future demand for this programming language is high, so python development is also a good career to choose for the future.

Diverse Fields:

As a python developer, you can utilize your skills in diverse fields, here I want to say that if you have learned python programming then you can go for machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, web development, and other areas.

These are some of the major reasons why python development is a good career.

Why Python Developer is not a Good Career?

In the upper section, I have discussed some of the reasons why python development is a good career, now in this section, will discuss why python development is not a good career.


The workload is one of the most common virtue that every developer should have. When you deal with coding and programming then it rapidly increased your mental and physical workload.

And the same case is with python development. As a beginner python developer, you have to face lots of work like front-end and back-end management, writing the proper algorithm, executing the codes, analyzing and testing the codes, and therefore developers become very irritated.


The information technology and computer programming field have become very competitive industries because of their scopes and opportunities.

On average 37 students out of 100 students want to build their career in this field. And being such a competitive industry it has becomes very difficult for python developers to get a good job in a good company.

And if somehow you are able to get any kind of job then your senior programmers or developers will exhaust all of your efforts.

I know that I have mentioned a discouraging fact but it is a fact.

Game Development:

Most people think that python is useful for all departments, for sometime cases it is true but if you want to use python programming within game development then it might fail.

Although python has multiple frameworks such as Bottle, Django, Flasks, Kivy, and Web2Py, none of these frameworks are good for developing games.

And besides that, some other languages like- java, and c ++ are provided good features for developing games.

By, observing this fact it can be said that python is not very useful for developing games.

Slow Language:

Although python is considered a very easy and demandable programming language bt till it is a little bit slower than the other languages.

It is an interpreted language and it is dynamically typed and therefore it works slowly in comparison with other languages like – Java, C++, C#, etc.

And being a slow language most of the developers don’t select this language and instead of this language, they select some other languages.

How to Become a Python Developer?

To, become a full-fledged python developer you have to follow a roadmap because without a roadmap you will be unable to understand the path and concepts of python programming.

There are mainly two choices open in front of you if you want to become a good python developer. One way is that pick a course on the internet and learn all the skills in that way or otherwise, you have to learn the skills by yourself.

However, there are very good youtube channels are there which will teach you good python development.

Just visits these Youtube channels to learn python and once you have clears all the concepts of python programming then practice this language by yourself.

After achieving some sort of expertise in this language then go to the various freelancing platforms and bid for jobs. From here you can earn a very decent amount of money.

However after gainings the skills you can apply for other jobs also.

Are Python Developers in Demand?

The short and simple answer is yes, at the current time python has the most demandable programming language. And the demand for this programming language is increasing day by day.

And most of the students are learning this programming language because of its features. According to some statics, python is the most familiar programming language and it has almost covered 30% of the programming market. Here in the below section, I create a table about which programming is most popular-


These are the top 10 programming language that covers 70% of the market and here all the languages are mentioned in terms of rankings.

Is Python Developer a Good Job?

Well, the job description of the python developer is really good and cool. If you work as a python developer then you will learn lots of skills, but besides that, the workload of a python developer is too much.

As a python developer, you have to learn the code, test the code, and execute the codes, so, therefore, it is difficult to work.

Is Python alone enough to get a job?

Well, if you have only the basics of python programming then it is not enough to get the job. Because within companies you have to do lots of tasks besides writing the python codes.

So, if you want a job as a python developer then you have to learn the frameworks of python programming. If you learn the frameworks then you should get the jobs.

Final Thought

In this article I have mentioned some of the essential reasons about is python developer a good career or not and besides that here I have also provided some causes about why a python developer is not a good career? and based on all the factors it can be said that it Is a good career to choose.

However, if you have liked this article then do share and please follow our website regularly for this kind of useful and informational article.

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