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Is Internet Necessary for Coding? (Answered)

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Coding or computer programming has become one of the most gleaming career options for students. But before starting coding, one question constantly appears in people’s minds is the Internet necessary for coding or not?

So, if you are also seeking this question answer, you are at the correct place; in this article, I will share my knowledge about this query, so keep reading this article to the end.

So, is the Internet necessary for coding? Well, it ultimately depends on your learning aspects or learning process. You do not need an internet connection if you have an excellent coding book and have already installed any compiler or interpreter. Still, at the same time, if you are learning coding from the Internet or you are doing competitive coding, then the Internet is required for you. 

In the below section, I have explained why coding needs an internet connection and why coding does not need an internet connection.

Why is the Internet not Required During Coding?

Well, you can influentially learn the coding without the internet connection, and here are the reasons-


Books are always helpful to learn anything; the same thing is with coding; you can also learn coding skills from books.

And to do that, take a good programming language book, learn the syntax, and practice it on the computer.

Offline IDE:

Every coding language needs a type of compiler or interpreter to execute that code. Still, in modern times several types of coding IDEs and editors are available, and you can use all of those IDEs without any internet connection. So, download any IDE from the Internet and then disconnect from the Internet. So, without the Internet, coding can very quickly be done.

Why Coding Required Internet Connection?

You can learn coding without an internet connection but using the Internet to learn to code is not a bad thing at all; it is genuinely helpful for learning coding skills, and here are the reasons-

Step-by-step guide:

If you follow any popular website, you will get a step-by-step guide to learning coding. But it is not possible while using any books.

And if you follow any particular book, you will get confused about where to start and how to learn coding step by step.

Visual Representation:

Coding is all about practical skills, and it is always a perfect choice to take the visual representation of coding.

And nowadays, Youtube has become so popular to learn anything, and you can very comfortably learn coding from the YouTube platform. To use that platform, you need an internet connection.

Competitive Coding:

Competitive coding is such a valuable thing to improve your coding skills, and you can improve your coding skills a lot.

There were several kinds of competitive coding platforms, such as Hackerrank, Codewars, Codeforces, etc. And to use these competitive coding platforms, you need an internet connection.

Is there any Programming Language that Does not Need an Internet Connection to Write and Execute Programs?

It is absolutely a misconception that programming languages need an internet connection; no programming language needs an internet connection; if you have installed an offline IDE or editor, you can execute any programming code.

And if you are using an online IDE, in that case, you might have to use any Pendrive to import IDE or editors to your device.

Can you Learn Programming without Internet?

Yes, you can definitely learn programming and coding without the help of an internet connection, and to do so, you have to take an excellent book and any offline code editor.

After taking the book, then clears all of your basic conception of coding one by one, and once you have learned the basics of coding concepts, then practice that coding on your IDE or editor.

How to Learn Coding Without the Internet?

Well, you can learn coding without any internet connection by following three simple steps. This similar process I have applied to learning to code, so you can also follow these same steps to learn to code.

Step 1:

In the first step, it is essential to choose a perfect programming language for coding; most people have made mistakes in this position because they don’t pick an ideal language; if you are a beginner, then I should always recommend you to choose the C programming language.

And after the selection of programming language, then choose a book to study about that programming language.

Step 2: 

After picking a good book, then learn all the fundamental structures of that programming language.

After learning the syntax and basic structures, read all the main concerts such as data type, variables, keywords, functions, pointers, etc.

Step 3: 

After learning all the concepts, start to practice all of the code syntaxes one by one on your code editors. And if you are unable to understand any coding concepts, then again, take the book and clear your vision.

If you follow this method for at least six months, I guarantee you that you can efficiently learn coding without any internet connection.

Can You Code Efficiently without Internet?

It depends on that particular person; people had learned coding from earlier times when the Internet was not that popular. But for me, it is not possible at all, I have started to learn coding or programming from a particular book, but when I was reading books and started coding, I was 100 sure that I was going to be stuck at some point.

And I got stuck. I tried to resolve that problem, but I was unable to resolve that problem. Therefore I go to the Internet and fix my coding problem. So, if you ask me how can you code efficiently, then I should say that if you have become an expert coder, you can efficiently code without the Internet. Still, if you are a beginner coder, then you need an internet connection.

Do You Need Internet to Code in Python?

When I was learning the python language at that time, I needed an internet connection to know all the concepts of python language.

But you can learn python without an internet connection; install python and establish a good IDE and after that, buy a good book for learning. After doing all these things, you can disconnect from the Internet and start practicing coding.

And if you will get any error message while doing coding, you have to fix those problems breading from books, but without an internet connection, it is a little bit harder to do it.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, I have discussed Internet necessary for coding or not. And based on all the facts, it can be said that without an internet connection, coding can be done, but it is a pretty tuff task to fix coding errors without an internet connection. I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment section. And follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.


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