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Is Intel i9 9900KF Good for Gaming? (11 Facts You Should Know)

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The Intel i9 9900KF has become one of the most popular processors in recent times among users. This CPU is perfect for multitasking, but is this Intel i9 9900KF good for gaming?

If you want to know the gaming performance of the Intel i9 9900KF, then you are in the right place. I have done a ton of research about this Intel i9 9900KF & here in this article, I am going to share my knowledge about this Intel processor.

So, Is Intel i9 9900KF Good for Gaming?

Yes! the Intel i9 9900KF is an excellent choice for gamers because it consists of 8 CPU Cores, its base frequency is 3.6 GHz, and it can be increased up to 5 GHz. Moreover, this CPU also comes with advanced technologies like- hyper-threading technology, virtualization technology & intel Optane memory support. 

These reasons are not enough to define the gaming capability of this Intel processor; in the below section, I have explained some other crucial reasons why this Intel i9 9900KF is good for gaming. So, keep reading this article to the end.

Why is Intel i9 9900KF Good for Gaming?

The Intel i9 9900KF is a 9th-generation intel core processor available at the lowest price. Let’s check out why this Intel i9 9900KF is a good choice for gamers-

CPU Cores

According to Wikipedia, A multi-core processor is a computer processor on a single integrated circuit with two or more separate processing units called cores. Each of these reads and executes program instructions.

Is Intel i9 9900KF Good for Gaming
Intel i9 9900KF Processor

In the old days, every CPU had just one core that could focus on one task at a time, but today CPUs have multiple cores & each of these cores focuses on different tasks at a time.

So, the concept here is that the more core a CPU has, the more efficiently it will run.

In general, the 6 CPU cores are considered optimal for gaming, but most expert gamers recommend 8 CPU cores for the future-proof solution. This Intel i9 9900KF CPU comes with 8 CPU cores (16 Threads); therefore, it becomes a very suitable CPU for gamers. 

CPU Base Frequency

The CPU’s base frequency refers to the CPU’s regular operating point & it is the standard frequency of your processor; the higher the base frequency is, the faster and more efficient the CPU will be.

According to expert gamers, the CPU’s base frequency is between 3.5 GHz to 5 GHz is considered suitable for gaming. This Intel i9 9900KF comes with a 3.60 CPU base frequency rate which is sufficient for gaming. 


The term TDP stands for Thermal Design Power or Thermal Design Point; it is the maximum amount of heat generated by a computer chip or component (often a CPU, GPU, or system on a chip) that the cooling system in a computer is designed to dissipate under any workload.

In short, the TDP number tells you the maximum heat a computer chip, such as a CPU or GPU, can use in watts; it is also used as a primary indicator of power consumption.

More TDP watts equals better performance but also higher temperature & more power consumption.

Generally, the lower TDP is considered suitable for gaming purposes because the lower TDP doesn’t produce too much heat.

This Intel i9 9900KF comes with the 95W of default TDP & it is the perfect TDP for gamers because it doesn’t generate too much heat during gaming.

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According to Wikipedia, in computing overclocking is the practice of increasing the clock rate of a computer to exceed by the manufacturer.

You can Increase the CPU’s speed by setting a higher clock rate in the computer BIOS by forcing it to perform more operations per second.

Overclocking is an almost similar term to the maximum turbo frequency, and you can overclock the Intel i9 9900KF’s CPU speed from 3.6 GHz to 5 GHz, and it is an excellent speed for gamers. 

DDR4 Memory Type

This Intel i9 9900KF contains 2 memory channels & DDR4- 2666 memory types; in recent days, gamers have been recommending DDR4 because the DDR4 memory can impact your FPS (Frame Rates Per Second), which will boost your gaming performance.

Memory Bandwidth

Memory Bandwidth is a significant factor for gamers; it usually determines how often values can be accessed from memory.

The more memory bandwidth your CPU has, the more efficiently and smoothly you can perform gaming-related tasks.

This Intel i9 9900KF CPU’s maximum memory bandwidth is up to 41.6 GB/s & it is a suitable memory bandwidth for gamers. 

Intel Optane Memory Supported

The intel i9 9900KF is supported for the Intel Optane Memory & the intel Optane memory is very useful for gamers because it increases the load speed of the games and software.

Optane Memory can also provide noticeable improvement in Windows boot time and game load times even though the games are too heavy above 100GB.

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Turbo Boost Technology

This Intel i9 9900KF is also unlocked for the Turbo Boost Technology & it can increase the clock speed that your CPU would need to run a game it wouldn’t have to.

With the help of Turbo Boost Technology, you can increase the CPU’s speed up to 5 GHz, which is very much beneficial for gamers.

Hyper-Threading Technology

Hyper-Threading Technology is exceptionally beneficial for gamers because hyperthreading helps you to perform lots of multitasking-related tasks.

This Intel i9 9900 KF is unlocked for hyper-threading technology & therefore, you can perform multitasking-related things during gaming.

Is Intel i9 9900KF Good for Gaming
Intel i9 9900KF

Advanced Technologies

The Intel i9 9900KF consists of several advanced technologies, making it an obvious choice for gamers. The advanced technology includes Virtualization technology, Transactional Synchronization Extensions, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology, Thermal Monitoring technology, etc.

Security & Reliability

When it comes to protection, security & reliability then, this CPU is one of the best because it consists of secure keys, Software Guard Extensions, Memory Protection Extensions, OS Guard, and Boot Guard.

Final Thoughts

Based on all the 11 reasons, it can be said that the Intel i9 9900KF is an excellent CPU for gamers & you can check out this processor from Amazon.

I hope this article is helpful for you & if you want to know more about Intel processors, gaming & other technology-related things, keep following this blog constantly.

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