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Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good? (Pros & Cons Explained)

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The Intel Celeron N4020 is a budget-friendly CPU for users launched in 2019. Although it is a budget-friendly CPU, till there were many misconceptions among users about its performance.

I have done some excellent research on the performance of this processor & in this article, I will explain my thoughts about this processor.

So, Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good?

The Intel Celeron N4020 comes with 2 CPU cores & with 1.10 GHz of base frequency rate, which is suitable for general usage, but for heavy CPU-intensive tasks like gaming, editing & streaming, it is not suitable at all. Compared to other Intel Celeron processors, it is significantly weaker & it is not an excellent choice for you. 

After getting the answer, you might be wondering why this Intel Celeron N4020 is not a good choice for you? Well, all the pros & cons of this Intel N4020 are explained in the below section.

Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good
Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good

Pros of Using Intel N4020

Let’s explore some of the significant pros of using this Intel N4020 processor-


TDP stands for Thermal Design Power or Thermal design Point, and it is the maximum amount of heat generated by a computer chip or component.

In simple terms, the TDP numbers tell you the maximum heat a computer chip (CPU or GPU) can use in watts. It is often used as a primary indicator of power consumption.

Generally, lower TDP is considered good because it will not bring higher temperatures & it also consumes less power.

This Intel N4020 CPU comes with the 6 W of default TDP, which is relatively low & therefore, it consumes less power.

4k Support

4k generally translates as highly-detailed, crisp & cleaner-looking video compared to 1080p. Sometimes 4k looks better than full HD because it captures four times the amount of information.

This Intel N4020 provides 4k support at 60Hz & therefore, you will significantly improve within resolution.

Direct X 12 Compatibility

This Intel N4020 processor is a great gaming feature with Direct X 12 compatibility.

Direct X 12 enables game developers to deliver mind-blowing visual effects seven, enhancing the efficiency boost.

Furthermore, the Direct X 12 also provides a much better CPU utilization.

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Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good
Intel Celeron N4020

Cons of Using Intel N4020

Before picking the Intel N4020, you need to check out these 3 crucial reasons & these are also the cons of this processor.

CPU Cores

CPU cores are pathways made up of billions of microscopic transistors, & these cores read instructions to perform specific actions.

The higher core CPUs are considered better for performance because on higher core CPUs, a core works on one particular task while the other core works on a different task.

So, the more core your CPU has, the more efficiently it will perform.

This Intel N4020 comes with just 2 CPU cores which are not enough for gaming, multitasking, streaming, coding & other CPU-based tasks.

Frequency or Clock Rate

In computing, clock rate refers to the frequency at which the clock generator of a processor can generate pulses, which is also used to synchronize the operation of its components.

Clock rate or frequency rate indicates the same thing & usually, it is used as an indicator of the processor’s speed.

The clock rate or frequency rate between 3.5 GHz to 4 GHz is considered good.

But, this Intel N4020 comes with 1.10 GHz of base frequency & it can be overclocked up to 2.80 GHz, which is not sufficient.

Lacking Advanced Technologies

This Intel N4020 processor lacks various technologies like (Optane Memory Support Technology, Speed Shift Technology, Turbo Boost Technology, Hyper-Threading Technology, Smart Response technology & Anti-Theft technology).

Because of these lacking technologies, this Intel CPU does not provide excellent performance.

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Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good for Gaming?

No! the Intel Celeron N4020 is not suitable for gaming; it comes with 2 CPU cores & 1.10 GHz of frequency which is not ideal for gamers.

In general, you will need 6 CPU cores & 3.5 to 4 GHz of frequency rate for a better gaming experience & this processor is unable to achieve this performance.

Moreover, this Intel Celeron N4020 comes with Intel UHD 600 graphics, one of the weakest graphics for gaming.

Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good for Roblox?

According to Roblox’s guidelines, you will need a processor with 1.6 GHz or better speed.

This Intel Celeron N4020 comes with the default 1.10 GHz of base frequency & it can be boosted up to 2.80 GHz and is suitable for Roblox.

Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good for Autocad?

Autocad is a single-threaded application & it does not take too much advantage of multi-core processors & in general, Autocad needs a clock rate between 2.5 to 2.9 GHz.

Although the Intel Celeron N4020 comes with 2 CPU cores & 2.80 of turbo frequency speed, and it can support Autocad, most experts do not recommend this processor for Autocad.

Instead of this Intel Celeron N4020, you can use the Intel Pentium processors, which provide better Autocad performance.

Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good for Students?

Yes! the Intel N4020 is a perfect choice for students & with this processor, you can browse the web, work with office files, run spreadsheets & slideshow applications, etc.

But remember, don’t expect too much from your Intel Celeron N4020 Intel CPU.

Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good for Minecraft?

No! the Intel Celeron N4020 can not run Minecraft because it does not match the minimum system requirements of the Minecraft game.

Usually, Minecraft requires 3 GHz to 3.5 GHz of base clock rate, but this Intel N4020 comes with 2.80 GHz of maximum turbo frequency, which is insufficient.

Besides that, it comes with Intel UHD 600 graphics, which cannot run the Minecraft game.

Is Intel Celeron N4020 Good for Programming?

No! the Intel Celeron N4020 is not a good choice for programming because it contains just 2 CPU cores & according to expert programmers, you require at least 4 CPU cores to run the programming applications smoothly.

However, if you want to do basic programming-related things, you can try to do that, but most probably, you will not be able to run IDEs & you will also be unable to do heavy compilations.

Final Thought

In this article, I have explained the different pros & cons of the Intel N4020 processor, and based on all the facts; it can be said that for general usage, this CPU is good. Still, this is not perfect for CPU-intensive gaming, streaming, and video editing tasks.

I hope this article is helpful for you & if you want to know more about Intel processors, gaming, computers & other technology-related things, then keep following this blog regularly.

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