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Is HTML Necessary for Web Design? [Answered]

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Website Designing has become one of the most popular, prominent, and demandable skills in recent times. According to some stats, almost 6,000,00 websites have been created daily. And most website owners want to design their websites attractively.

And therefore there is always a high demand for good Web Designers. But most people think that if you have learned Html then you completely learned Web Designing.

That is not the actual truth and in this article, I am going to discuss is Html necessary for Web Design or not? and besides that, I will also discuss this topic in detail. So, read this entire article for detailed information.

So, is Html necessary for Web Design? the short and simple answer is yes, it is necessary. It is necessary because Html is used to create the basic structure of any website and it is a very difficult task to design websites without knowing the basic structure of HTML. Having said that it is also noticeable that in recent times most websites were created by using WordPress or other content management systems and to design these kinds of websites there is no need for Html. 

To know more about this topic read the entire article, in the below section I have discussed this topic in detail.

Role of Html in Web Designing?

There is a very major role of Html within Web Designing. Html(HyperText Markup Language) is generally the basic language that is needed for Website development and web designing purpose.

Generally, if you want to become a Web Designer then you have to learn some the coding skills like Html, CSS, etc. Here Html is essential because it is useful to create the basic structure and fast and secure websites.

Well, that doesn’t mean that if you use WordPress then these things are not possible but HTML provides much more security and functionality for this purpose. In the below section I have discussed why HTML is used for Web Designing and why it is not used for Web Designing. So, read those portions to clear up your confusion.

Why use Html for Web Designing?

As I mention Html is a necessary skill for Web Designing and here I mention some of the essential points regarding this.

Light Website:

According to Google algorithm update, website speed is going to be a major factor of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and if your website does not open within 3 seconds to 5 seconds then it will negatively hit your website and your website will disrank.

And for this purpose, the use of Html becomes much more mandatory for web developers and web designers. Because when you will be built any website by using any CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress then your website becomes very much slower.

The reason is that to design a WordPress website you have to use some kinds of plugins and heavy themes and which will negatively impact your website’s speed.

So, for the lightness of websites and speed of websites Html is the better choice for the Web Designing purpose.


Security is another crucial point about why to use Html for Web Designing purposes. Here the fact is if you built the websites by using WordPress then all the security of your website will go to WordPress authorization. And in every few months, WordPress makes an update about security.

But if you use Html for website development and web designing then all your website security will remain in your hand.


Well, if you are a WordPress user then you know very well that many times some problem occurs within our WordPress website and design of our website, and at that point, it has become very much mandatory to customize your WordPress website and if you are from the non-coding background then it will become more difficult for you.

And for this purpose also the learnings of Html are required. And if you at least know the basics of Html then you can easily customize your WordPress website.

Why not use Html for Web Designing?

In this section, I will discuss some of the facts and reasons why not to use Html for Web Designing purposes-


Well, if you want to build so much attractive website then WordPress is a good choice for you. The simple reason is that there are lots of themes and plugins there and by using these plugins your website becomes much more attractive.

While on the other hand if you want to build a very attractive website by using just Html, then you have to learn the Html from the basics to advance. Because without knowing all the Html tags website designing is impossible.

Easy to Code:

If you want to build any website by using just Html then it is not just an easy task. Because you have to do all the tasks by using just Html language and you can use some of the libraries.

But on the other hand within CMS platforms there is no need to do code or there might have to deal with a very small amount of code.

And therefore if you are not interested in programming or coding then you also can create websites in a very easy manner.

Less Money:

If you compare the cost factor or the money factor then you will notice that within WordPress websites you have to expand a very less amount of money while on the other hand if you built websites with Html coding and design that website then you have to expend a very large amount of money.

The cost of a WordPress website is less because you just have to but the hosting and domain and other essential things embedded within your WordPress. Such as if you want to use any kind of theme and plugins then you can use them free of cost.

Less time:

If you want to build any website or design any website within a lesser time then that is not possible by doing the Html coding, because it will take some time to code all the things.

But if you want to build or design a website by using WordPress then it is possible, because lots of plugins are there.

Is Html Only used for Web Designing?

Html is mainly used for web development purposes and if you want to create the basic structures of the website then you need Html. Without Html coding nothing is possible.

However, if you are a WordPress user then you also know that WordPress is also built with some programming languages like – PHP, Html, and others.

And you can use Html within Front end development and in web designing.

Last Verdict:

In this article, I have discussed some of the essential facts about is Html necessary for Web Design or not, and based on all the factors it is acceptable that Html is necessary for Web Designing, but if you want then you can do the web designing in other ways also by using CMS platforms.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section please follow our website regularly for this kind of informational article.

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