Is computer science hard

Is Computer Science Hard?

People always want to build their careers in the field of computer science and technology, because there are lots of scopes and opportunities available in this field. 

But some people are in doubt and they are in confusion and do not start their career in this computer science field because they imagine that, is computer science is hard for them to study.

Well, I am a computer programmer and in this article, I am going to discuss is computer science hard for you to study or not. And besides that here I also discuss several other essential factors about computer programming, so read this entire article for detailed analysis.

If I speak about whether is computer programming hard for you or not then I should say that it entirely depends on you. If you are a mathematics lover then there is very good feasibility that you will love computer science because there is a very huge programming portion based on math. And if you are not interested in math then I should recommend that create your interest in math or otherwise leave this computer science. Because without math, computer science is nothing. 

What is Computer Science?

Generally, the learning of computer basics and Computer usage is known as computer science. This computer science field is mainly about software and the making of various software.

Within computer science, you will study System Software, Multimedia applications, digital electronics, database systems, computer networking, computer programming or coding, etc.

Besides these things, there are some other essential subjects included within this computer science field such as algorithm theory, logic statistics, data structure, etc. 

Is Computer Science Hard to Study?

Well, the study structure of Computer Science or the syllabus of computer science is based on mathematics and technical and logical Stats.

So, if you are from a Science background then you can easily acquire the concepts of Computer Science and it will be very easy for you to study.

But if you are from a non-science background or a formal background then it might be challenging for you to understand the concepts.

However, if you devote your time to learning the concepts then it might not remain harder for you.

Here I will mention some of the topics that you have to learn during the computer science course.

  • Algorithm 
  • Web Technology
  • Data structure
  • Programming language 
  • Database system 
  • Computer networks
  • Math for computer science 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Machine learning
  • Graphics and audio design 
  • Microprocessor operating system 

Why is Computer Science Hard?

Computer science is a very broad field and there are lots of opportunities available within this field but having said that there are lots of dropouts that also happen within this computer science field.

According to some statistics, there are almost 9.8 % of students drop out after capturing admitted into computer science.

Well, I am a computer programmer and I identify some of the causes why computer science is hard for them.

Here I will mention some of those causes.

Unaware of this field: 

This is the first reason that most of the students failed in this computer science and they are unaware of this computer science. 

And they get admission within this by taking the suggestion of others that’s why their interest is not in this field and they drop out from this stream.

Not learning the Basics: 

When most students enter these computer science fields they do not learn the basics of computer science or the basics of computer programming and therefore later it will become much harder for them to study the whole thing.

Not interested in maths: 

As I mentioned math is a very important part of computer science so therefore if you know the Math theories very well then you can easily implement those concepts within computer science.

But if you are not willing to do math or learn math then it becomes much harder for you to learn computer science.

These are some of the major causes about why computer science is hard for some people.

Is Computer Science a Hard Course?

Usually, there are two kinds of computer science courses available. One is computer degree courses such as BCA( Bachelor in computer application), BSc (Bachelor in Science), MCA( Masters in Computer Applications), and MSc (Masters in computer science). 

These courses are long-term computer courses and within these courses, you will learn lots of information. Therefore these courses are slightly harder to learn. Well, if you are from a Science background or if you have learned computer science already then it will be very simpler for you to learn computer science degree courses.

And besides these kinds of courses, there are some other types of courses which are known as diploma courses or short-term courses. And within these courses, you also study computer science, programming, and other technical things but in very short. And these courses are slightly easier than the degree courses and after the accomplishment of the 10th exam, you can take any kind of course.

Is a Diploma in Computer Science Hard?

There are normally two kinds of computer science courses available. One is a degree-based computer science course and another is a diploma in a computer science course

Well, if you don’t want to do any kind of degree courses then you can do different kinds of diploma courses within this computer science field.

And these diploma courses are not much harder than computer science degree courses

In the computer science diploma courses students will obtain information about Computer science fundamentals or Information Technology fundamentals.

You can easily accomplish this course by getting admission into any college or any institute.

But before you get admitted into this kind of diploma course you have to accomplish your matriculation and then you can do these types of courses and the duration of these kinds of courses is around one year to three years.

And after this kind of diploma course you can walk into various kinds of job profiles-You can work as a programmer, technical writer, system analyst, Software engineer, Operations executive, etc. 

Is it Hard to Get a Computer Science Job?

The recent time has been all about computer applications, websites, and information technology and there are numerous IT sectors increasing day by day so after the completion of a computer science, degree students can easily get a job.

And then the most beneficial thing is after getting a computer science degree a student can work in various fields.

Here, in the section, I mention some of the jobs which a computer science degree holder can get after completing their degree-

  • Software Developer
  • Computer System Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Computer Network Architect
  • IT project manager
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Telecommunication Manager
  • Software System Engineer
  • IT Officer
  • Lab Assitant 
  • Teacher & Lecturer

Is Computer Science hard for Someone with no Experience?

If you have no experience in Mathematics or Science then it might be harder for you to study computer science but if you do not have any experience with computers but you are from the science stream then it might be not harder for you because computer science is all about Mathematics statistics and some computer concepts and programming.

Is Computer Science Harder than Software Engineering?

Both are very correlated fields. and most of the subjects within computer science and software engineering are almost corresponding. But within computer science, you have to learn about some hardware portions and programming. on the other hand software engineering is all about making software programming language testing software etc.

And according to my recommendation software engineering is a little bit harder than computer science. 

Is There a Lot of Math in Computer Science?

Computer science is not all about math but within computer science, the main portion is in computer programming and computer programming is based on mathematics and statistics.

so if you are interested in math then computer science becomes a very lovable thing for you.

Final Thought:

If you eagerly want to do any computer science but fear Mathematics then I should suggest you go for it. because nothing is easy and if you work hard and devote time to this field then you can do much better within this computer science field.

In this article, I have discussed is computer science hard or some other factors I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section. 

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