Is Computer Programming a Good Career

Is Computer Programming a Good Career?

Computers create an evolution in the technology field and with the help of computer programming we can create any kind of software or other kinds of things but the computer does not create these things by itself. Humans give instructions to the computer and based on those instructions computers made software, websites, and other varieties of things. 

And the people who provide instructions to the computer with the help of programming language are known as computer programmers.

But peoples are always doubtful about how to start their computer programming career and is computer programming is a good career or not

So please stick to the end of this article here I will explain is computer programming good career or not ?.

Computer programming is a good career to choose from because today’s world is everything about the internet. And if you become a good computer programmer then you can properly utilize the internet and make any kind of websites, or applications and earn a huge amount of money from the internet, which will grow your career. Besides the money factor, some other scopes and opportunities are also available in this field. In the below section I have described all the opportunities and scopes that a computer programmer has.

Why Is Computer Programming a Good Career

In this section, I will describe 10 reasons or relevant points through which you very well understand why computer programming is a good career to start.

So here are the points –  

Scopes and opportunities:

The first essential point is scope and opportunities.

There are lots of opportunities are available in the computer programming field.

If you become a good computer programmer then you can scale your career to another level.

You can earn money from various sides and on the internet, you can also make your own identity or your own business.

Easy to get jobs:

There are lots of crises of jobs among the students.

The students have studied for around three to four years but did not get a better job and they are suffering from depression.

Well, that is not the case with the computer programming field within this computer programming field you can easily get a job in any of the IT companies.

And during this covid situation and lockdown period, you can also work from home as a computer programmer.

Earning money :

If you become a good computer programmer then you can earn lots of money in this field.

On average in the USA a computer programmer makes $70,000 per year.

In India then on average, a computer programmer makes almost 500000 rupees per annum.

Works as a Freelancer:

if you’re not want to do a job within any company then you can also work as a freelance computer programmer.

There are several kinds of Jobs obtainable on the freelancing platform.

Some famous freelancing platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer you can make your portfolio within these platforms.

And wheat for the job was the job provider notice your portfolio then you can get the job and earn money from here also.

Solve Real-Life Problems:

Computer programming is essentially needed to solve any kind of problem and based on those problems there are various kinds of applications and websites are built.

So if you have any kind of problem then you can solve it with the help of a programming language.

And to do that you have to become a good computer programmer.

Bright Future:

With the use of the Internet, the uses of websites, applications, and games are also increasing.

And the use of Android applications has reached another level.

So if you become a good computer programmer then you can make these kinds of apps websites, and games very efficiently and you can make a very bright future in this field. 

High Demand:

Well, in terms of demand it is one of the most growing fields.

There are lots of good opportunities and jobs available for computer programmers.

In any kind of IT sector, there are lots of recruitment spots are available for good programmers.

So if you learn computer programming then you can easily get a job and the demand for the sector is increasing day by day 

Learn New Languages and Skills :

Computer programming is the most dynamic field and within this field, you have to update yourself regularly.

In terms of programming language, you have to always learn new programming languages.

If I take an example then in the format time all the work has been done with the help of C language.

But in the current situation, there are very few areas where you can work on the C language.

And there are better programming language releases instead of C language.

So if you do not update yourself with the new technologies and with new programming languages then you have become unable to improve your skills.

Multiple kinds of jobs :

Computer programming is a diverse field and within this computer programming, you can select any kind of career.

There are various kinds of career options and opportunities available for students.

Here I mention some of the career opportunities or jobs that are available after learning Computer programming.

You can work as a web developer, web designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, software engineer, system analyst, computer programmer, UI developer, IT consultant, etc.

Is Computer Programming in High Demand?

The need for a good computer programmer has increased over the period.

Due to the pandemic covid-19, every organization looks for some good computer programmers. 

You can work in any IT sector as a computer programmer and besides that, you can also work as a freelancer.

Furthermore, after becoming a computer programmer you can also move your career in game development.

And the Android app and game are almost essential to any device.

So we can say that the computer programming career is now at its peak.

Is Computer Programming a Dying Field?

As I have mentioned earlier computer programming is now at its peak.

There are lots of scopes and opportunities available for computer programmers.

Computer programmers can work in various sectors.

They can work as a software developer, software engineers, Android developers, game developer, front-end developers, back-end developers, Web Designers, and UI developers.

Over some time, the use of the internet has also increased.

And because of that, the need for good computer programmers has also increased.

Based on this scenario we can say that computer programming is a growing field but not a dying field.

Is Computer Programming Hard?

Well, if you are an absolute beginner in the programming field then it might be tuff for you to learn all the things about programming.

But if you are a math lover then you can easily grab all the things very quickly. But if you do not have any kind of interest in math then it might be hard for you at the beginning of computer programming.

But if you learn the basic portions of computer programming then it becomes very much easier for you.

And within computer programming, there are multiple options in which there is not much math is required. Those portions can be easier for you. 

Is Computer Programming a Good Career in India?

Definitely yes, India is one of the most populated and largest areas. There were lots of IT,s has been established in India day by day. 

So if you choose computer programming as your career in India then it might be beneficial for your career.


In this article I have discussed is computer programming a good career or not. I hope you have liked this article.

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