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Is Coding Possible on Android? (Answered)

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In recent times coding has become one of the most dazzling career options for students, and there were several kinds of questions that appear in people’s minds about coding. One of the most common questions which most peoples want to know is whether coding is possible on android or not.

I have done a ton of research about this topic and here in this article, I am going to share my knowledge with you about this topic. So, stick to the end of this article for more information.

So, is coding possible on android? the short answer is yes, coding is possible on your android phone. If you want to practice coding or want to learn code then you can do that by using your android phone, but if you want to do coding conveniently then you need a laptop or computer.

In the below section, I have explained some other essential questions regarding coding such as how to code on android, the best apps for android phones, how to learn to code on android, etc, so keep reading this article to the end.

How to Code on Android Phone?

Well, if you want to do coding on your android then you must need some essential things such as a code editor, and a browser to run that code. There were several types of code editors that you will get on the internet where you can write codes.

And in the below section I have mentioned some of the popular code editor’s names which you can try for running the codes.

But besides these two things another thing which you will need on your android phone is the keyboard, as we all know that to do coding we have to write several kinds of syntax and within mobile phone normal keyboards are not enough to write these syntaxes therefore if you want to write all the code syntaxes very smoothly then you should need the keyboards.

Can I Learn Coding on my Phone?

Yes, you can learn coding within your android phone. But I want to clear your confusion that learning coding device is not an essential thing, but if you want to practice coding or want to run code then the device matters.

And, if you want to learn coding on your android phone then youtube is one of the best platforms, just pick a perfect youtube channel and start to learn code. However besides youtube, there were several kinds of websites, applications and online courses are there through which you can easily learn coding.

5 Best Mobile Apps for Coding?

Well, besides doing the coding learning coding is equally important and here I mention some of the best mobile app names from which you can learn to code. So, without wasting the time let’s check some of the best apps for coding-


Encode is one of the most popular applications where you can very easily learn every concept of coding, the tagline of this app is everyone can learn to code, we’ll teach you coding from the start.

In this app, you will get all the lessons on coding and computer programming, which is helpful for the students to boost their coding skills. Furthermore, you can use this application in offline mode also. This app has got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars which suggests that it is such a good application for learning the codes.


Mimo is another great app for learning to code, and learning coding from Mimo is such a fun activity. This app has numerous advanced features which are genuinely helpful for the students, from this app you can learn bit size apps, code playground, real-world projects, etc.

The Mimo app has got 4.8 stars out of 5 stars which fairly suggests that it is an excellent app for learning to code.

Programming Hero

Programming Hero is another excellent app for learning the code, it is such an excellent app and it is such an updated application. If you are a beginner and you are looking to learn code or programming then this application is very much suitable for you, because all the programming languages in this app have been explained in a very well manner.

And in terms of ratings and reviews, this app is very good because this application has achieved 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.

Enki App

The Enki is another excellent app that is very good for learning computer programming & coding. This app will sharpen your coding skills from the beginning to the advanced level. In this app, you will get 1500+ coding lesions and almost every programming language concept is clean in this app.

From this app, you can learn programming languages like- Javascript, Java, Html, CSS, SQL, Data Science, Data Analysis, React, Golang, Typescript, Linux, Spreadsheets, etc. The ratings and reviews of this are really good, this app has achieved 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.

Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a new way to learn programming and coding skills, and this app provides some new ways to learn programming and coding. All the complex and complicated programs are explained in the very simplest and well manner within this app.

And this app is available within the app store as well as in the google play store, so you can download this app from anywhere and starts learning coding skills.

These are some of the best apps from where you can learn coding and computer programming very easily.

How to Practice Coding on Android?

Well, if you do not have the computer to practice coding then it is such a difficult issue because doing coding on your mobile is such an irritating thing. But still, you can make the process easier by using some special software, and here in the below section, I have explained how you can do coding into your android device in a smooth manner.

First of all, you will need some things like keyboards, code editors, and browsers to do the code. Now, just set the keyboards because within a normal mobile keyboard you will be unable to write the code because the special keys are not available on those keyboards, so just download any coding keyboard and set that as default.

After, that within the text editor write the coding syntaxes and run that code, in this manner you can very smoothly do coding within your android device.

5 Best Code Editors for Android

Code editors are such an essential thing to write codes and here in this section, I have mentioned some of the popular code editors names which you can choose for your android devices-


The decoder is one of the most popular mobile IDE and apps which you can use to write codes. Here you can save your projects, you can learn algorithms, can practice codes, etc.

This code editor supports several programming languages such as C language, C++ Language, Python Programming language, C# language, Java, PHP, LUA, R language, Scala, Javascript, Html, CSS, and some other useful languages. And another advantage of using this editor is you can use the frameworks with these editors such as Django, React JS, Angular, Flasks, etc.

However, this app has gained 4.3 stars out of the 5 stars on the internet which fairly suggests that it is an excellent app.

Quoda Code Editor

The Quoda is a very special kind of IDE and source editor which you can use for writing the codes and running the codes. There were several types of advanced features available within these IDEs and here I mentioned some of the special features of this code editor-

  • This IDE highlights the special syntax
  • This code editor has the extended keyboard
  • You can run the codes very smoothly within this code editor
  • The find and replace feature is integrated within this code editor which is helpful for the users.
  • Furthermore, this IDE also provides you with the cross session editing feature

This IDE also has some good ratings and reviews on the play store, so you can download this app from the play store and you can start coding.


Quick edit is another very popular code editor and this code editor is a very fast, stable, and featured code editor. This text editor can be used for the standard text editor and plain text files, and this editor is suitable for general and professional uses. In terms of speed and responsiveness, this editor is very advanced.

Several kinds of advanced features were added to this editor and here I mention some of its best features-

  • This editor has the syntax highlighting feature
  • It can show and hide numbers
  • it has physical keyboard support
  • It has a quick search and replaces content feature
  • You can select the fonts in various sizes
  • It supports both light and dark themes.

It has achieved 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on the play store which suggests that it is an amazing code editor for android.


It is a source code editor and text editor which was mainly developed & designed for android devices. And with this code editor, you can take your work everywhere. This code editor also has some advanced features and here in the below section, I have explained some of those features-

  • It provides the syntax highlighting feature
  • Via this editor, you can edit your files directly from the cloud because this code editor works with Dropbox, Drive, FTP servers, and other essential things.
  • There were several kinds of themes available within this code editor you can choose any of these themes.
  • This code editor is very much colorful and therefore it provides a very good experience to the users
  • The search and replace option and some extra key options are also provided here in this code editor.

And this code editor gets 3.7 stars and ratings out of 5 stars on the google play store.


Solo Learn is generally a learning app that can be used as a code editor, and you can use this special application for several platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Android, IOS, etc.

From this app, you can learn several kinds of programming languages such as Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, C3, Html, CSS Responsive web design, and some other essential skills.

These are some of the best apps and code editors which you can use on your android mobile to learn the code and write the code.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have mentioned that is coding possible on android. and based on all the facts it can be said that coding is possible on android devices. I hope, you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section and follow this website article for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.


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