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Is Coding Ninjas Good? (Experts Opinion)

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Coding Ninjas is one of the most popular coding platforms and the Coding Ninja teaches more than 17+ programming languages.

As a student, you can learn web development, game development, data science, machine learning, and lots of other things. But people are always curious- is coding Ninjas good or not? 

I have done some research about this topic and here in this article, I am going to share information about this query.

So, Is Coding Ninjas Good?

Well, if you are looking for technical education, then Coding Ninja is the best choice for you. Coding Ninja provides an excellent discount on the courses and the teachers are very helpful to the students. Besides that the placements of this Coding Ninja platform are awesome. Overall, the Coding Ninja platform is an excellent platform for students. 

There were several other reasons why coding Ninjas is good and in the below section I have explained why coding ninjas are good.

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Why Coding Ninjas Is Good?

Let’s see why Coding Ninjas is a good choice for the students- 

Excellent Content

The content within coding ninjas is quite good. Within this platform, only useful and precise content is provided. And all the things were explained quite well. 

Interview Preparation

All the interview problems were fully covered within this platform. And after pursuing the course from this platform you will become eligible to Crack any interview based on your eligibility.


The cost of the Coding Ninjas courses is a little bit higher in comparison with the other platforms’ courses. But, this course is worth full of your money because it pays for every aspect of the course.

Support System

The support system of this course is quite excellent and if you will become unable to understand any concepts then you can take the video support and via video chat options they will explain to you everything in depth.

Hiring Features

Usually, one of my close friends has completed his education from the Coding Ninjas and after completing his education he was hired by the Coding Ninjas as a teacher assistant.

So, if you are a sincere student then you also can be hired by this organization.

Weekly Performance Email

As a student of Coding Ninjas, you will receive weekly emails from Coding Ninjas, which contain the details regarding weekly performance, and weekly ranks which encourage you to outperform.


Several online education platforms exist on the internet which does not produce any certifications. But Coding Ninjas is not like that after the completion of the Coding Ninjas course you will receive a certificate. And as we know that certificates are always valuable. 

Doubt Resolution Becomes Faster

Well, sometimes earlier the Coding Ninjas platform used to take 1 or 2 days to reply to you, but currently, this process becomes faster, and currently, they reply to you and explain to you, all the doubts within just 2 or 3 minutes.

Better Placements

The Coding Ninjas platform is now tie-up with several top companies and therefore it becomes a good thing for the students and now students are getting much more placement opportunities. 

Career Counseling Seasons

The counselors of the Coding Ninjas are awesome and as a student, you will get career guidance from the top counselor whose main focus is focusing on career guidance, creating a good profile, and much more things. 

Profile Building

Via Coding Ninjas you will get an opportunity on weekly basis to attend profile-building workshops which helps the students to build a great resume and great profile on GitHub, LinkedIn, and on other platforms.

Job Opportunities

Coding Ninja collaborates with several top companies and after the completion of your education from here, you get an opportunity to provide an interview with all those big companies.


If you are learning to code then you know that the algorithm portion is the most essential topic of coding. 

And within Coding Ninjas the Algorithms part was fully covered. And the faculty members explained all the portions regarding the coding Algorithm and therefore it becomes such an easier task for the students to write the code.

Competitive Programming

One of my friends has completed the competitive programming course from the Coding Ninjas and after that, he becomes a very good competitive programmer and he said to me that the Coding Ninjas platform develop his interest in coding, competitive programming, and data science.

These are some of the major causes of why the Coding Ninja is such an excellent choice for students. In the below section I have thoroughly explained why Coding Ninjas is good for beginners, working professionals, etc. 

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Is Coding Ninjas Good for Beginners?

Well, Coding Ninjas is such an excellent platform for learning coding, competitive programming, and data science, but, is coding Ninjas a good choice for beginners?

Yes! Coding Ninjas is such a wonderful platform for beginners. The faculty members of this platform are quite excellent and they usually explain the concepts from the basics, so as a beginner, if you have zero knowledge about anything then you don’t have to worry about this. 

However, if you were unable to understand the facts as a beginner coder then they help via message, videos, and chats. 

Is Coding Ninjas Good for Working Professionals?

Yes! The Coding Ninja is a great choice for working professionals and there were various reasons why this platform is good for working professionals. 

If you are a working professional then you did not get much time and therefore it will become difficult for you to attend the classes regularly, but that is not an issue with Coding Ninja because within Coding Ninja you can watch the study materials anytime, anywhere. 

Secondly, if you are unable to understand any concepts then an excellent support team is ready there to help you. 

Is Coding Ninjas a Scam?

There is no doubt that there were several online scam institutes available on the internet, but Coding Ninjas is not a scamming education platform. Coding Ninjas have good quality content and also have excellent faculty members who can explain to you all the concepts from basics to advanced level. 

And besides that, the support system of this academy is quite good, overall, the Coding Ninjas is one of the top-rated institutes and it is not a scam.

How Much are the Fees of Coding Ninjas?

Well, the fees structure of the Coding Ninjas is quite well structured. And in comparison with the other online courses, these courses are much more affordable for the students. 

The course fee structure of the Coding Ninjas depends on what kinds of courses you are pursuing. 

The Coding Ninjas academy provides several types of courses including Java, Python, Data Science, Web Development, Machine Learning, etc. And most of the courses are range from 50$ to 100$. 

To check the detailed course fees of Coding Ninjas just visit the official Website- Coding Ninjas Courses. 

Is Coding Ninjas Good for Placements?

Yes! The placement opportunities of the Coding Ninjas platform are quite excellent. This platform collaborates with several top-class companies and besides that, they prepared the students for getting jobs in those big companies. 

Coding Ninjas provides placement opportunities for the students in the various top[ rated companies including- Adobe,, Freshworks, Hike, ixigo, yellow messenger, etc

So, as a student after the completion of your course from Coding Ninjas, you can get jobs in these big companies. Besides that, if you want then you can also work as a teacher assistant in the Coding Ninjas platform. 

So, overall we can say that the placement opportunities of the Coding Ninjas platform are quite excellent and it is fairly better than the other online platforms. 

How Coding Ninjas Is Better than Others?

Coding Ninjas is such an excellent institute but there were several other online education platforms there. So how Coding Ninjas is better than the other educational platforms? 

The most online educational institute provides good faculty training, but when it comes to placements then Coding Ninjas is much better. Coding Ninjas provides placements for the students into several top-class and reputed companies including- 

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • OYO
  • Flipkart
  • Samsung
  • Facebook
  • Expedia

After the completion of your course on the Coding Ninja platform, you will get jobs within these reputed companies. 

In ConClusion:

In this article I have explained all the essential topics regarding Coding Ninjas and based on all the facts it can be said that Coding Ninjas is such an excellent platform for students. 

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