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Is Android 12 Released? (Answered)

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Android is considered one of the most popular mobile operating systems and it is the 19th version of android OS. It was mainly developed by Google, Google says in an article, that android 12 is going to launch very soon. After that lots of people were asking is android 12 released? Well, I have done complete research on the Android 12 OS and here in this article, I am going to clear all of your confusion about is android 12 released or not? So, stick with me to the end of this article, for detailed and complete information.

So, is android 12 released? the answer is yes, the android 12 has been released, but the official version of android 12 is still not available, but you can install the beta version of android 12 and the developer version of Android 12. And to install these beta versions & developer versions you have visited this- website, however, the original version of android 12 may be launched somewhere around the month of September. So, if you want to install the stable version then wait till the month of September.

In the below section, I have discussed the history of android 12 and besides that, some other useful information about android 12, so keep reading this article to the end.

The news of android 12 was released somewhere around the month of February 2021 and after that, a developer preview version was released very soon and in the month of February, March, and April the developer preview version were released.

After that, they were planning to release the beta version of Android 12 and in the month of May, June, July they launch three major beta versions which you can access from their official website.

And if you look at the Trends of Android 9, 10, and 11 then you will notice that their official or stable version was released somewhere around the month of September so it might be possible that Android 12 was also released in the month of September.

In Conclusion:

In this article I have discussed is Android 12 released or not and based on all the facts it can be said that the beta version and developer version of Android 12 is already available but the stable version has not been released yet.

It will be released somewhere around the month of September, I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section, and if this article is helpful for you then share this article and don’t forget to visit this website regularly for these kinds of new informational and helpful articles.