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Is Android 12 Out?

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Google has already announced that the Android 12 is going to launch and after that news, lots of people were very frequently asking me is android 12 out? well, after that I have done a little bit of research on this android 12 device and I have gained some useful information about this android 12 version which is considered as the 19th version of android. And in this article, I am going to share with you all the information about android 12 such as is android 12 out or not? android 12 exact release data and what phone will get android 12 support? so, stick to the end of this article, for detailed guide & information.

So, is android 12 out? the answer is yes, the developer version & the beta version of android 12 have already been out and people have started to download those things. So, if you are eagerly waiting to see the features of android 12 then you can download these versions of Android. However, having said that it is also acceptable that the official version or the stable & original version of android 12 has not launched yet.

I hope, you already get the answer to is android 12 out or not? And in the below section, I have discussed some other crucial information about android 12, so please stick to the end.

Android 12 Release Date?

Google, not disclose any kind of particular date to launch the android 12, but if we observe the trends of its previous versions, such as the android 9, android 10, and android 11 then we will be noticed that these android versions were released in between the month of February to September and the same & similar case is with android 12.

 is android 12 out

Within android 12, the same path has been followed and its initial developer version has been released somewhere around February, and after a few other developer versions have been released. And after the developer version now in the current time, the beta version is releasing.

And till now the 3d beta version of Android 12 has been released and its official and stable version is going to release somewhere around the month of September 2021.

Now, in the below section I have discussed some of the devices names where you are going to see the Android 12 version.

What Phone Will Get Android 12?

Well, if your mobile has the android 10 and android 11 version then you will definitely get the Android 12 update notification. Besides that you have purchased any android phone recently then dont worry, you will also get an update of android 12.

Within all the popular brands of android, you will get the updates of android 12 such as within the Xiaomi mobiles, Oppo Mobiles, Vivo, RealMe, Samsung, and One+ devices. In these devices, you will definitely get the Android 12 version after the release of its official version.

Well, if you have purchased any mobile device in 2020 then also dont worry because you also get the Android 12 notification within these devices and you can definitely update to these android devices.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed the topic is android 12 is out? or not and based on all the facts it can be said that the official version of android 12 will launch somewhere around September but its beta version already launch and you can easily download the beta version within your android phone and to know the downloading process read this- article.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section, and dont forget to share this article with your friends and follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.

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