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Is AMD a6 Processor Good for Gaming? (Explained)

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The AMD Ryzen is one of the most popular and trusted processors for computer architecture, and in recent times, the AMD A6 processors have become very familiar amongst users. But one question constantly appears in peoples minds is AMD a6 processor good for gaming or not? I have used this and a6 processors for several years now, and in this article, I will discuss a6 gaming performance. So, keep reading this article to the end.

So, is amd a6 processor good for gaming? Yes, the gaming performance of the AMD A6 processor is quite good, but if you compare its performance with intel’s processors, then AMD A6 will remain far behind. The gaming performance of any particular processor depends on several things such as on-cores/threads, core performance, RAM etc. The AMD A6 has two threads and two cores, and it runs on a 3.5 GHz clock speed rate; it usually provides 4GB of RAM space, providing average gaming performance. And it can run 50 % of the most popular games.

Several AMD A6 processors models are there to check their gaming performances; keep reading this article at the end.

Is AMD A6-9925 Good for Gaming?

The AMD A6- 9925 processor is the updated version of the AMD A6- 9920 processor, and this processor was initially released in the year 2018. In comparison with its older processor, it provides numerous types of advanced features.

Is AMD a6 Processor Good for Gaming
AMD a6 Processor

This AMD processor is included with the two central CPU cores, and its clock speed is between 2.6 to 3GHz; it also consists of a Radeon R4 GPU. This processor has a significantly lower clock range, and it performs some basics tasks.

Let’s see some of its advanced features- it has the 2600 to 3000 MHz, level 1 cache 160 kb, it consumes 10- 15 watt, its data size is 124.5 mm2 and 64-bit support.

Now, without wasting too much time, let’s check its gaming performance- the AMD A6 9920 processor has two central CPU cores, and its clock speed is between 2.6 to 3GHz, and therefore, it is unable to run the decisive games.

However, among all the popular games, it can run 50 % of those popular games. So, in terms of gaming performance, we can provide five ratings out of 10.

AMD A6 Gaming Performance

The AMD A6 has many models, including AMD A6 9920, 9925, 7480, 6400k, 7400k, M430 etc., but not all those processors provide the same gaming performances because the benchmarks of all of these models are not identical. But here, I have mentioned some of its benchmarks, so, without wasting time, let’s see its features and benchmarks.

Most of the AMD A6 processors and models have these features such as Deus Ex Human Resolution 47 fps, Anno 2070 53 fps low, Grid auto support 57 fps low, Dirt Rally 48 fps low and the AMD A6 processors also including the two central CPU cores and its clock speed is in between 2.6 to 3 GHz. 

Based on all of these benchmarks, you can run several games on this AMD A6 processor, but not all of the high profile games.

And in comparison with the intel’s processors, this AMD A6 processor is not much efficient to run the games smoothly.

Is AMD A6- 7480 Good for Gaming?

The AMD A6 7480 is one of the best processors for gaming purposes; it provides several types of advanced features which are genuinely helpful for playing games.

Let’s check some of its essential features- its base clock speed is the only 2GHz, but it can be a boost, and it will speed up to 3.8 GHz. It has 1MB of cache, and its RAM speeds up to 2133 GHz.

And because of its features, it is considered one of the best alternatives to the Intel i5 processor. And its performance is quite good in comparison with the other AMD A6 processors.

In the below section, I have mentioned some of the critical reasons AMD A6 is far better than the other AMD A6 processors- its GPU clock speed is between 800MHz, and its turbo clock speed is 3.8GHz, it has 3 PCI express, and it includes with two memory channels. It has a 4.5 Open GL version and a 4.2 SSE version; because of these reasons, the AMD A6 7480 is considered one of the best processors for playing games, and it is the best processor amongst all of the AMD A6 processors.

Is AMD A6- 6400k Good for Gaming?

The 6400k model is one of the most popular processors of AMD. It is a dual-core series Accelerated processor with Radeon HD 8470 D graphics on a single, power-efficient chip that enables energy-efficient performance with low power consumption.

Is AMD a6 Processor Good for Gaming
AMD A6- 6400k

This processor is mainly designed for desktop computers, and it includes two core supports and has a 3.9 GHz base speed frequency.

Furthermore, this processor has a 1 MB L2 cache, a DDR3- 1866 memory interface, and it usually supports the DirectX version 11.

Now, without wasting time, let’s check out some of its gaming features and what games can you run on the AMD A6 6400k processors? This processor has two central cores and a lower frequency rate; besides, it is also considered an outdated processor, but you can play several kinds of games on these processors.

If your pc has 4GB of RAM space and AMD A6 6400k processors, you can try out these games such as CS: GO, NFS 12, Left 4 Dead 1/2, Cause 2, Far Cry 3 etc.

However, suppose you want to play some popular games like PUBG mobile, Valorant, Fortnite. In that case, you have to make some arrangements within your processor, and you have to install the Tencent Gaming Buddy. It is also known as a Tencent gaming assistant; it is an Android emulator developed by Tencent. And it was built to play some of the popular mobile games into your system pc.

Is AMD A6 7400K Radeon R5 Good for Gaming?

AMD includes numerous features within this processor, and therefore it provides you with a complete digital experience. This processor has two central cores and threads, 3.9 GHz maximum turbo frequency, 1MB L2 cache, DDR3- 1866 memory interface, low 65w power consumption, 3.5 GHz clock speed FM2+ socket, unlocked multiplayer, etc.

However, you can run several kinds of games inside this processor because of its reasonable clock speed rate. Some of the most popular games like- Fortnite, Apex Legends, GTA 5 can be played on these processors but at lowered settings.

Is AMD Radeon R5 M430 Good for Gaming?

The AMD Radeon R5 is considered an entry-level graphics card, and it was released in the year of 2016. Technically it provides similar features to the Radeon R5 M3330 processors. But usually, this processor offers a lower clock rate, such as 955 MHz, and it gives 320 shaders and a 64-bit DDR3 memory bus clocked at only 873 MHz.

And the gaming performance of this processor is also similar to the r5 M330. And based on all of its requirements, it can be said that it can only run non-demanding games like a Farming simulator, overwatch etc. However, if you want to run the games like GTA5, you can run that at the lowest settings besides GTA 5; the saints row 4 game is also playable on this processor.

Is AMD A6 Good for Valorant?

Valiant is a free to play first-person hero shooter video game developed and published by the Riot games. The development of this game started in 2014. If you are using the AMD A6 processor, then one question you might be seeking is that is AMD A6 run valorant?

Well, I have been using this processor for quite a time now, and it smoothly runs the Valorant game; however, if you check out its requirements, then you will notice that it need 4GB of RAM space, 7.6 GB of HDD, Windows 7- 32 bit or higher operating system. 

And if your pc match all of these system requirements, you can very smoothly run the valorant game within your system.

What Games Can I Run on AMD A6 Processor?

The AMD A6 processor comes with the 2main core threads. You can run several types of games on these processors, including – FIFA/ PES, every GTA game before GTA 5, Medal of Honour, Arcade games using a simulator, Half-life 2, Counterstrike 1.6, NBA till 2010, Prototype, Diablo, Devil may cry 4, Prince of Persia- forgotten sand.

Besides these games, you can also play the majority of the games till 2014; those games include elder scrolls Skyrim, Borderlands 1 &2, Call of duty modern warfare, GTA 4, Battlefield 1 &2, Sleeping Dogs, GTA 5, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, Max Payne 3, Prototype 1 and Prototype 2 etc.

All of these games can be playable on the AMD A6 processors; however, besides these games, you can also play other games published before the year 2014 and need small space and small processors requirements.

In ConClusion:

In this article, I have discussed is amd a6 processor good for gaming or not? And based on all the facts, it can be said that the AMD A6 processors provide an average gaming performance. I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment section.


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