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Html vs Html5 | Difference between Html and Html5

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Welcome to this article, here we will discuss the Html vs html5 differences based on their separate factors.

Generally, Html and html5 are markup languages used to create websites and web pages but the main difference is in-between versions.

Html is the older version and html5 is the newer or latest version. Now understand which one is better HTML or HTML5?

Difference between Html and html5

Html is the newer version of SGMLHtml5 is the newer version of Html
The audio, video, and multimedia files are not supported in HtmlHtml5 supports the audio,video, and multimedia files
It is supported in all the browsers old browsers as well as in newer browsersIt does not support older browsers.
The database is not supported in HtmlThe database is supported in html5
It is supported in our mobilesThis version is not supported inside our mobiles
Graphics is not supported hereGraphics are supported in html5.
Web socket is not available in this versionIn html5 web socket is available

html vs html5 in details

Now we will discuss the Html vs Html5 in detail and based on separate factors. These factors are-

  • Introduction
  • Multimedia
  • Browsers
  • Javascript
  • Drawing
  • Versions
  • Database
  • Graphics
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Drag and drop
  • Form controls
  • Structure


Html is also known as a hypertext markup language. And Html is used to create websites and web pages. The main purpose of Html is to create the structure of a web page.

Html5 is the newer version or the latest version of the Html and it is also the mark-up language and its work is almost similar to the Html previous versions.

But there are some new tags in html5 which are not available in the Html previous versions.


Audio and video tags are not supported in Html, and if it supports then they will not be displayed by the browser. In html5 the audio and video files support.

So if you want to embed any audio or video files into your websites then obviously you have to code in html5, not in Html older version.


Html tags or in the html4, all the tags are displayed by the browser. In html4 tags are displayed in the older browsers as well as in the newer browsers.

In html5 some tags are not displayed by the older browser. Such as the audio tag, video tag, and iframe tags not displayed by the older browser.


Javascript is required in our Html coding for two main purposes. One is for the attractive user interfaces and another is for the back end of our websites.

But we cannot use the javascript program inside the html4 program.

On the other hand, html5 allows us to embed the javascript code into our program, and therefore the user interface in the htm5 becomes much more attractive than the html4.


Html4 does not allow us to draw any kind of primary shapes such as rectangles, or squares.

But these things are possible inside the html5 coding, this actually suggests that we can draw any kind of shape inside the html5.


Html was originally introduced from the SGML.

Html5 is the updated version of Html and it originally introduces in 1914.


Generally, Html has not supported the databases and it uses the cache memory for its primary memory, but on the other hand, html5 uses the databases as well as my SQL.


Html does not allow vector graphics but in html5 allows vector graphics.


Mobile-friendliness is one of the main differences between Html and html5.

We can practice the html4 coding inside of our mobile but it is not possible in the html5 because in html5 there are lots of codes that would not be supported on the mobile.

Drag and drop:

The drag and drop option is not available in the Html in other terms Html does not allow any drag and drop feature.

But the html5 allows this drag and drop feature.

Form controls:

Html does not allow any form controls inside our input type elements of forms but on the other hand, html5 allows many types of form inputs such as date, time, email, number, URL, search, etc.


The structure of the Html and htnl5 is a little bit different from each other.


html vs html5


html vs html5

Now we will discuss the other questions that come to people’s minds about Html and html5.


Is HTML and HTML5 the same?

Html5 is actually the updated version of Html.

We define the Html and html5 in a similar way except that the doctype Html tag appears in the first of html5 tag. It is suggesting that Html and html5 can be defined in a similar process.

But their main difference is in between their works. Some of their tags are the same and work similarly but some of their tags are separate from each other, and in htm5 there are lots of new tags available which are not actually available in the html4 versions.

Furthermore, html5 gives us an opportunity to embed the multimedia and the graphics into our code, which is not actually possible in the html4 versions.

Well for web development both the skills are good. But these are not difficult at all.

If you want to start then start with Html versions because it gives us a better understanding to create our basic concepts.

And whenever you clear the basic concepts then start the html5 because it gives some advanced code to develop an extraordinary website and its design also.

Why we use HTML 5 instead of HTML :

Well in the technology field it is always better to upgrade yourself. Html5 is actually the upgraded version of Html. And in terms of learning html5 is easier than learning Html.


This article is all about Html vs html5 and their differences based on separate factors. To read this kind of informational article please follow our websites.

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