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Html vs CSS| what is the difference between Html and CSS?

Welcome to this article and here we will discuss what are the major differences between Html vs CSS based on the various topics.

But before that, we have to gain some knowledge about What is CSS and Html.

Introduction :

Html and CSS both are used with one another but there are some major differences between Html and CSS.

Html actually stands for hypertext markup language which is used to build the structure of our websites and web pages.

On the other hand, CSS actually stands for cascading style sheet which is used to provide designs for our websites and web pages.

To build any kind of website HTML is the most important thing and CSS is not mandatory but we can use this also in any website for presentation.

Difference between Html and CSS in tabular form

The full form of html is hyper text markup languageThe full form of css is cascading style sheet
It defines the structure of any web pagesThis defines the presentation of our web pages
First introduced in 1993It introduced in 1996
Html has not any types ,we have to define this in only one wayCss has a several way to define the programme such as -internal css,inline css and external css
Html has the less backup and supports then cssCss has the much backup and support facility then html
html vs css


If we compare the Html and CSS in terms of history then we will notice that Html was initially published in 1993 and it is a kind of text editing code.

Its file extention is .htm or might be .html. It was released into separate versions such as html2,html3,html4 .And at the present moment the current version is html5.

And it is a open format document.

On the other hand, CSS was initially release after the 3 years of publication of Html. It was release in the year of 1996.

It is also in an open format and it has also separate versions such as CSS 2, CSS 2.1 .

But at the present time, css3 was much popular than the others.

And its file extension would be .css. But we can embed this code with Html and then save that under the .html extension.


Although Html and CSS both are very useful languages there are a certain amount of limitations of both these languages.

While on the one hand Html is used to create the structural part of our websites and it is almost used for every web-based application or website but we can not create many attractive websites with the use of Html.

On the other hand, CSS is used to create the presentation of our web pages and make our website more beautiful.

But with the help of CSS, we cannot create the structure of our website.


Generally, Html is not divided into any types or we can say that there are no types of Html.

But the CSS is divided into three styles such as internal style, external style, and also inline style.

And in inline styles we can use this with html.


Interaction actually means here that we can use the CSS code inside our Html code but we cannot use the Html code inside the CSS code.


We cannot use the Html code for the presentation purpose, because it is a mark-up language that is used to create the structure of our websites and web pages.

On the other hand, CSS is used for the presentation of our websites and web pages, in fact, it is a style sheet language that is used for the presentation of our websites and web pages.

Backup and support:

If we compare both the language in terms of their backup and support then we can say that Html has less backup and support instead of CSS.

Comment process:

Although the Html and CSS declaration is almost similar still, their commenting process is separate from each other.

In Html we define comments by pressing<!– this is a comment –> and it has only a starting tag, not any ending tag, and in CSS we have to define the comment in another way, by defining this/*this is comment*/

both the comments are ignored by the browser but we have to define both the comments in a separate way.

Now we will discuss some of the topics that people search before learning Html and CSS.

html vs css (difference between html and css)

Is CSS better than Html?

Well, we cannot directly say that CSS is better than Html, their work is different and these are based on separate factors.

Both the skill is important for us and in fact, we can say this that Html is more important than the CSS because without HTML we became unable to create any website or web pages.

But you can not need the help of CSS at the basic static websites or if you want to give any design to your website then you can take the help of javascript which is helpful for designing as well as for the back end.

Can you use CSS and Html together?

Definitely yes, but this thing is not possible when you coding in CSS and want to embed Html inside the CSS these things are only possible when you code in Html and want to embed CSS inside the Html.

To use both the things together we have to first define an Html structure .

And inside that Html structure, we have to declare the style tag inside the head portion.

examples of html and css


html vs css

This is an example of proper html document


html vs css

This is an example of CSS inline styles coding and we can define the CSS in other methods, such as internal method, external method but for that, we have to create a .css file.

We will discuss about all these methods in next articles.


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