How website works? (Explained)

In this article, we will discuss websites and how a website works, and various other terms related to websites.

Well if you only want to know about how a website works then please click on the table of contents, you will easily reach that section.

But before that, we have to gain some knowledge about the websites.

What is a website :

People always search on the internet that what is website actually is. Well website generally is the collection of various web pages which is consists of various contents such as videos, audios and which is actually known by their domain address, and it has to publish on a web server, anyone can access this through web browsers like google chrome, internet explorer, etc.

Various types of websites :

There are many types of websites are available.

Static website:

Static websites are single-page websites whose content is not changing too much.

Dynamic website:

A dynamic website is a kind of website whose content is regularly updated that is called a dynamic website.

E-commerce sites are very good examples of dynamic websites.

Personal presentation website:

This is an individual kind of website. If you are a working professional then you can share your knowledge on this kind of website.

Corporate website:

Corporate websites are those websites that are use by corporative offices. Companies made this kind of website to provide services to their clients.

Sharing website:

This is a kind of website through which we can share any content such as videos, audio, graphics, etc.

Educational website:

These are the online informative platform where we can learn new things such as new courses,unacademy,udemy these are some examples of educational websites.

Directory website:

Directory websites are those websites through which we can access any kind of information.

Just dial or policy Bazar are good examples of directory websites.

Crowdfunding website:

These are the websites that are built for NGOs or startups.

Social website:

Social websites are the most popular kind of websites. On this kind of website, one can share their knowledge with others and interact with others. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin In are some examples of social websites.

News website:

News websites are those websites through which we can find all the information and this kind of information always changes regularly.

Blog website:

Blog websites are also very popular websites that are built to deliver information and discussion on any particular topic or niece.

The people who create this kind of website are known as bloggers.

Streaming video website:

These are the content generation websites. These websites provide information in the form of videos, audio, etc.

What is a web page :

If we pronounce the webpage instead of the web or page then it will be a little bit easier for us.

Generally, the page is the collection of information.

And when that page is open only through the connection of the internet that is known as a web page.

To open a web page we need specific software on our computer that is known as the web browser.

Web pages are designed in many programming languages such as PHP, and Html.

And you can embed any text, audio or video, or animation as well to your web pages.

And all these collections are known as web pages. If we define web pages then it can be said that web pages are the collection of information that will open with the help of a web browser or it is a combination of text, images, audio, videos, and animation as well.

Web pages are also known as Html documents. Without the internet web, pages cannot be opened.

What is the domain name :

Basically, the domain is the name of our websites. The domain name is conducted by a system known as the domain name system, in short, it is the term DNS.

When we type any name of the web browser then DNS converts that into an IP address.

There are separate parts of the domain name.

For example, if we take here the HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure which is basically some sets of rules for your website, the next part is www which generally stands for world wide web and this is also the subdomains for our website, the next part is which is further divided into two parts one is google which is the domain of your website and .com is the extension of your website.

There are various types of extensions available which are normally divided into two parts, first is a top-level domain which consists of .com,.edu,.org, and .gov.

If we want to build any commercial website then we have to select the .com extension.

What is a web server :

A web server is a kind of thing that is used to serve web data with the help of HTTP.

When we search for something on Google or on the internet at that moment all the website’s audio, video, and animation are saved on a web server.

There are many types of servers such as communication servers, file servers, and data servers.

If we define the webserver then it can be said that a web server is a piece of software that is responsible for storing your website’s data.

How website works

Now here in this section, we will discuss how the website works on the internet.

As mentioned earlier that websites are the collection of web pages in other words the collection of various web pages is called a website.

But there are many activities that happen on the backside of your web pages. For the working of any website, the most important thing is web hosting or server.

The secondary thing is the domain name, it is not necessary for a domain name but it is one of the major requirements for making any website.

If anyone started his website and purchases web hosting and stores his site on the servers, then another person can access that site, these all happen with the help of an IP address.

Your device is connected to the internet at the same time the website’s data is stored on the server, so you can make a request and the server will respond to your request.

How to create your own website :

These days the creation of websites is not such a difficult task at all because there are many platforms available on which one can build their website.

But before the creation of a website we have to buy our domain and hosting.

We know that domain is the name of our website and on the other hand hosting is the place, in that place we can store any kind of files.

There are many websites are available through which we can buy our domain or hosting. Some examples are Godaddy and hosting.

In the next steps, we have to connect our domain and hosting together. Once we have done this then choose the platform on which you want to build your website.

There are many platforms available such as Blogger (which is a platform of google itself), but the most popular platform is WordPress,

Which is actually created with the help of PHP programming language.

If you have any programming language knowledge then WordPress is a very simple solution for you but don’t worry if you do not have any programming knowledge then you can download plugins available on WordPress which will help you to create your own website according to your requirements.


In this article, we discussed how a website works, but before that, we mention some other terms and knowledge related to the website.

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