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How to use the LibreOffice spell check feature?

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Welcome to this article here we will discuss the LibreOffice spell check feature and how to use this feature. So please read this full article.

In LibreOffice, the spelling check option is provided under the tools menu. Just go to the tools menu and click on the spelling option. Or we can also use the shortcut ey of checking the spelling. The shortcut key is F7.

Libreoffice spell check

When we click on the spelling option a new dialogue box will open. There are some new features in the dialogue box. The options are.

Text language:

By default the text language is selected into the usd language , we can also select other languages from this section.

Suggestion box:

Actually, this section shows us the suggestions of our original text. If we type any wrong word then this box will show us the suggestions.

Ignore once:

From this section we can ignore any text , if we not want to replace with the suggestion text.

Ignore all:

If you not want to change any text with the suggestion then we can ignore all the text.

Libreoffice spell check

Add to dictionary:

If by chance you typed any wrong word then you can add that word inside the dictionary of your box.

That when next time this word we type then it will not show us any wrong word or corrections.


You can correct the words according to your requirements and with the suggestion box.

Correct all :

You can correct all the keywords by clicking into the suggestion box easily.

Automatic spell check in libreoffice:

Inside our tools menu, there is one more option calls automatic spelling checking. And its shortcut is shift+F7. If you want to check the spelling automatically then you can enable this option.

Libreoffice spell check


Libreoffice spell check

This option is used to get the synonyms of our text. So we can get any kind of word synonyms with the help of this feature.

And the shortcut use for this option is ctrl+F7.


How do I turn on auto spell check in LibreOffice?:

Well you can enable the the auto spell check option .

  • Just go to tools menu
  • And clic on automatically spell check option.
  • Or otherwise you can also use the shortcut key for this option and the shortcut is shift+F7

What is the shortcut for automatic spell check in LibreOffice writer?:

Shift + F7 is the shortcut used for automatic spell check in libreoffice writer.

libreoffice spell check not working :

Well sometimes the LibreOffice spell check option is not working properly, you just have to do one thing at that moment. Just go to the spelling option and use this feature and its shortcut is F7.


This article is all about how to use the spell check feature in LibreOffice. I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at

And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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