Spelling and grammar in ms word

How to use spelling and grammar in ms word?

Welcome to here in this article, here we will discuss how to perm or check the spelling and grammar in ms word. Please read this full article to know about this topic.

In any word processing software spelling and grammar are the most useful feature.

If by mistakes we type any wrong word then we can change it through these option.

The spelling and grammar feature is provides both the word processing software such as-ms word,libreoffice writer.

How to perform spelling and grammar in ms word :

When we write some documents at that time we found some red and green underline, which means the line is correct, whether the line has spelling error or otherwise grammatical error.

F7 is the shortcurt for applying the spelling and grammar option.

Review-tab-spelling and grammar option.

A dialogue box will open infront of us and that box show us all the mistakes.


It gives us the suggested words of our mistakes. Now just click on the change button your document will correct automatically.

We can perform these same mistakes by clicking a right click on the wrong word and choose the appropriate word.

How to perform spelling and grammar in LibreOffice writer:

As i mention earlier this feature is also provided in libreoffice also.

In libreoffice we can use this feature through the tools menu.

Tools-spelling and grammar-click the spelling and grammar from standard toolbar.

We can use this same feature by pressing the shortcurt key f7.

Elements of spelling and grammar

text language:

The language used for spellingand grammar is selected here.


This box contain suggest replacement for words.


From here we can replace the unknown word with suggested word.


This option is available when you made any changes,so you can reverse your changes and back to previous step.


This option is also provided beside the spelling and grammar option. This option actually indicating that what kind of similar words do you want to find.

Word count:

If you want to count that how many words are presence in yur documentthen you can select this option.

This option tells us number of pages,word,characters with spaces etc .


This article is all about how to check spelling and grammar in ms word. I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected].

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