Macros in Libreoffice

How to use macros in Libreoffice?

Welcome to this article, here we will discuss the LibreOffice macros feature, such as how to perform macros in LibreOffice, so please read this full article to know about this feature in detail.

What is macro :

The macro is a kind of feature in which we can record any kind of activities and any kind of changes. This macro feature almost provides to multiple software such as Microsoft Office as well as in LibreOffice.

How do I create a macro in Libreoffice? :

If you simply go to the tools option there you will get the macros feature. And there you will get various other features also. Such as – record macro, Run macro, edit macros, organize macros, etc.

macros in libreoffice

If you want to start record the macro then please click on the record macro option. And type anything you want.

Now you will see that there is a small block in the upper portion just click on the stop recording option.

macros in libreoffice

After that a dialogue box will open in front of us there we have to save the recorded macro. You can give any new library name or new module name. And save your document.

macros in libreoffice

Now we will use this option. For that, we have to go to the next page and go to the Tools menu and click on the macros option. And click on the second option run the macro. Click ok and another window will open. Now just select a macro file name and click on the run option.

macros in libreoffice

Now you will noticed that the text is already come into your another new page.


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This article is all about the macro feature in libreoffice. And how we use the macro in libreoffice.

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