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How to use LibreOffice?

Welcome to this article here we will discuss how to use LibreOffice and the other programs of LibreOffice such as Writer, Calc, spreadsheet, math, and about their uses.

So lets starts the article.

It is a kind of open-source software that is used to create any kind of software such as – writer document, a spreadsheet document, any presentation, and other documents also.

Initially released in the year 2011 and its developer is the document foundation.

It was written into multiple programming languages such as c++, java as well as in XML.

You can use this open-source software in many operating systems such as in windows, android, ios, etc.

Libreoffice download :

The downloading process of libreoffice is very easier to other softwares.

  • To download this just visit the LibreOffice office website
  • Here you will found the latest version of LibreOffice
  • Now choose your operating system, we can download this into many operating systems such as – Windows, Linux, in mac os also.

And remember one more thing that if you have already ms office inside your system then this might not be supported.

Therefore first uninstall the MS Office then install the Libre Office and then again install the ms office into your system.

How to use LibreOffice :

LibreOffice is very easier to use in fact it is easier than the ms office. Its interface is almost similar to the ms office 2003 versions.

To use LibreOffice first open the LibreOffice. There are many ways to open LibreOffice but here we will talk about the most easier method.

Just search on the search box by typing the LibreOffice and then open the LibreOffice.

After the opening of LibreOffice, it shows us the various features such as – open files, remote files, recent files, templates, writer document, calc spreadsheet, impress presentation, draw drawing, math formula, base database.

You have to select which software you want to use.

Now we will discuss the LibreOffice software and how to use that software

how to use libreoffice

How to use LibreOffice writer :

what is libreoffice writer:

It is a kind of open-source software and it is one of the major parts of LibreOffice which we used for the creation of the word processing document.

It is actually the alternative of the ms office word, and its features are almost similar to the ms word features.

How to open libreoffice writer step by step:

  • Open libreoffice
  • It will display a window, select the writer document from there by double-clicking on that option.
  • Writer will open infront of you.

How to use libreoffice writer:

After the opening of LibreOffice writer then it displays us many menus through which we can create any document and save that, the extension of saving the document is .odt.

Libreoffice writer displays us 11 menus these are – file, edit , view , insert , format , styles , table , form , tools , window, help.

How do you create a new document in LibreOffice?:

Well it is a very easier process and very easier method to add a new document.

  • Just open the libreoffice
  • Choose your software package in which you want to create your document , such as – writer , calc, impress, draw , math etc.
  • Now in the next step go to file menu and select new option from the file menu , the new document will added to your document.
  • Or press the ctrl +n from your keyboard it will also displays same results.

These are the steps to open libreoffice writer .


From the file tab we can create any document , open document , save document by any name , close the document .

Furthermore from this tab we can create any pdf file and export that file into other format also.

Printing features is also provided here we can print any word processing document from this section or also modify the printers settings.

From here we can also create the digital signature and export that as pdf.


This tab is mainly used for the editing purpose.

This option provides us lots of features such as cut , copy , paste and paste special the texts,.

We can use the find and replace option also. Besides that some other features are also includes here such as track changes ,comments etc.

View tab:

Normally this tab gives us opportunity to set the rulers , to modify the toolbar and status bar according to our wish.

From this section we can also use the zoom in and zoom out features.

Insert tab:

If you want to insert a page break then you can insert that from this tab.

Some others options are also available here such as – chart ,media, image,shape ,hyperlinnk ,page number etc.

If you want to access the header and footer option and want to customize the header and footer then you can do that easily from this insert tab.

Format tab:

Format tab provides us lots of options and these options are very useful to edit our texts.

Some important features are – texts , spacing , align , lists ,Bullets and numberings , watermark , paragraphs , columns , title page , page style, clone formatting , image etc.


Normally these tab indicating us the styles of the pages and the styles of the texts and headings.

We can add title and subtitle and edit them and according to the requirements.

Here is three headings are provided such as heading 1 ,heading 2 and heading 3 . Besides that we can also edit our lists such as bulleted lists or numbered lists.

The upper case and lower case words feature is also provided here in this section.


We already understand this tabs works as its name because table is used to edit and modify the data that is present inside our tables.

From this section we can edit table, merge table, delete table or select the table .


This section is useful when we want to add any tools to our text or dcuments.

Some tools are really important to check the spelling and grammer of our text , to check the words count of our text.

Or we can also use the macros feature from this section.


This tab is not much used by us because it this tab is not used for the editing of our text .

Here is two options are provided one is close window and another is new window.


This is the last tab available on the writer. And this tab provides us some knowledge about the license information and about this.

how to use libreoffice

How to use libreoffice calc :

Well, the spreadsheet package in LibreOffice is known as the LibreOffice calc, actually, it is the alternative to the ms office excel package.

And its file extension is .ods. We can use this calc spreadsheet in the same process as we use the LibreOffice writer.

And it has also 11 menus and one extra menu is added here that the sheet menu.

Besides these sheets all the others tabs are similar to libreoffice writer.

Sheet tab:

In LibreOffice calc sheet option is given and here we found lots of menus regarding our sheets.

Some important features are the inserting of rows, columns, cells, and page breaks.

We can also delete the cells ,rows or columns etc.

Some other features are- insert sheet, insert sheet at the end, insert sheet from the file, link t external sheet, clear cells, etc.

And one question that comes to people’s mind that is LibreOffice calc the same as excel? ,

well in reply I can say that LibreOffice calc is even better than the LibreOffice writer.

I am a web developer and for the working purpose I use both the software and I feel calc is better than Microsoft excel in two factors one is in terms of money, it is open-source software and it is actually available free of cost.

Another major factor is in the terms of user interface and user experience. According to my experience calc has a much easier interface than ms excel.

How to use LibreOffice database :

Well the uses of database is very simple,

First open the libreoffce and then choose the database.

The database wizard automatically appears in front of you, and from here we can choose various options such as – open the existing database wizard or creation of new database wizard.

Or otherwise, we can choose the save and proceed option and just click on the finish document option.

How do I open a LibreOffice drawing?

Well, the opening process of the draw is very easy, to open the draw, just simply click on the icon and choose the drawing option from there.

Now you can use the draw in the same manner as writer and calc.


This article is all about how to use LibreOffice and how to use calc, writer, and other features.

I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask in the comment box. And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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