How to Use Frames in Canva? [A Step by Step Guide]

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The digital marketing sector is the vastest field, and in recent times it has become the number one field, and many creators are engaging in this digital marketing field.

And in the digital marketing ocean, there is a lot of demand for good content. If you are a Youtuber, then you need content; if you are a blogger, then you also need content. To make your content more attractive to the users, you always need some good images or thumbnails within the content.

There are many kinds of software through which you can make your thumbnail images for your content; most content creators use Photoshop to make their images or infographic images or thumbnails.

But if you are a photoshop user, then you know very well that it needs some time to make images and therefore I would recommend you to use canva.

Various frames are available within canva and with the help of these frames, you can easily make images or thumbnails within a short period. In this article, I will mention how to use frames in canva to make your images attractive.


Now let’s talk about Canva; well, it is an online platform that is used to make any kind of image.

Besides the images here, you can create social media photos, posters, templates, thumbnails, and other photos.

Well, it was first founded in the year 2012 in Australia, and its headquarter is situated in Sydney, Australia.

This app has many founders – Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams.

There are there two versions available for using canva one is the free version, and another is paid version. The paid version cost is somewhere around $ 120 per year, or if you want to pay monthly basis, then you have to pay somewhere around $12 per month.

But according to my recommendation, the free version of canva is almost worked equally with the paid version of canva; therefore, I would suggest you stick with the canva free version.

What are Frames in Canva?

In canva the frames are one of the most useful features; it helps the user to create attractive images, and you can use various kinds of frames from here.

Furthermore, Canva frames are also useful for crop images or any kind of video, and it also brings good design to our pictures, posters, and other elements.

There are various options for frames you can use any of these frames or you can also create your frames from here.

How Do I Add Frame in Canva?

Well, you can easily add any kind of frame to your canva images. And to do that, you have to follow some essential steps, and I mention those steps; just follow the mentioned steps here.

Step 1:

Visit the website, and there, at the top right position, you will get an option to create a design just click on that option.

Step 2:

After clicking on the create a design option, you will get another few options and at the bottom, you will get the costume size option.

You have to click on the custom size option and now it will ask about costume size here, you have to provide a size according to your need and then click on proceed option.

Step 3:

Now just select any kind of background for your image and click on the elements option on the left-hand side of the Canva dashboard.

Step 4:

After clicking on the elements option few options appear in front of you, and at the top position, you can see the shapes, frames, and lines this kind of option and you just have to select the frames option from here.

Step 5 :

After that, various kinds of frames and frame sizes appear in front of you you can select any kind of frame from here, and most of the frames are available free of cost.

Just select the frame, and within that frame, you can use any kind of photo as per your requirements furthermore, you can use your photos also within that frame.

This is how you can easily add frames and use frames within canva.

How to Use Photo Frames in Canva?

well, you can easily add photo frames to your photos within Canvas; to do that, you have to follow certain steps, and here I mention those steps just follow those steps

Step 1:

Firstly open the Canvas and visit your canva dashboard. Once you have visited into canva dashboard, at the side, you will notice an element section just click on that elements section.

Step 2:

And after that few other options appear at the top position just select the frames option from here and various frames appear in front of you just select any kind of frame.

Step 3:

Now go to the photos section and search for any kind of photos or you can also upload photos and then drag the photos into your frame.

This is how easily you can at photo frames within Canvas.

How to Resize Frames in Canva?

Well, after creating any frame, you can resize the frame, and to do that, you have to click on an option.

At the top position of your canva dashboard, you will notice three options one is home, the second is this file, and the third option is resize.

Most of the users click on the resize button, but it is not active for canva free version you can only use this option when you get the canva paid version.

But there is one more method in which you can resize it, or I should say you can make a new design.

Just click on the file button then here you will get an option to create a new design just click on this option and click on the custom size option.

Here provide the width and height and your size is prepared according to your direction.

How Do you put a Frame Around a Picture?

Well, if you want to put a frame around a picture, then you can use Photoshop photoshop it is very easy to do.

But in canva free version, these features are not available; therefore, you can take the paid version.

But if you want to overcome this situation, then you can do one thing just go to the canva dashboard and go to the element section from there, select any kind of frames according to your requirements and look at the borders that the borders fulfill your requirement.

And then, go to the photo section and drag any photo within your frame in this way, you can overcome this problem.

If it is not useful for you, then you can get the canva paid version, or instead of that, you can use photoshop.

Can You Create a Custom Frame in Canva?

In Photoshop, creating frames is easy, but in the canva free version, there is no such option to create any custom frame.

But instead of that, you can do one thing select any of the frames and then choose a photo and drag that photo within that frame so that it might attach to the frames very well.

There are lots of frames available within canva, and therefore, I think there are no such requirements to create a custom frame.

You can use any of these frames, and most of the frames are free to use.


This article is all about how to use frames within canva. I hope you have liked this article.