autofill in excel

How to use autofill in excel?

Autofill in excel

Before doing the autofill in excel we have to know that what the autofill feature is.

Basically, autofill is a kind of feature available on every spreadsheet software.

Through which we can enter some data and by dragging that data we will find other data as well.

Within the autofill, we can enter any kind of data like numeric data, week names, month names, dates, etc.

Autofill in excel:

In Microsoft, excel autofill is a kind of facility through which we can fill data in columns and rows.

For example, we created a list and made some rows and columns in the name of –

SL no, date, days, months, weekly date-difference of seven days, performance till mid oof month.

In the first column we want to fills l no.

So we write 1 in the first cell and write 2 in the second cell then select both the cell and drag towards the bottom.

Now we will find 3 in the third cell 4 in the fourth cell 5 in the 5th cell ,

this process will be continues.

But it is mandatory to write 1 and 2 if we write only 1 and then drag then all the cell fill with 1 that is not correct.

In this process we can also create any multiplication table.

Suppose we inserted 2 in the first cell and 4 in the second cell and select both and drag towards the bottom we will find 6 in the third cell 8 in the fourth cell.

In column 2 we inserted some dates, for example, we give 09/01/2020 and then drag towards the bottom you will find the next date like in second cell 10//01/20, in third cell 11/01/20 this date will continue.

We can also change this date format.

Within column 3 we insert some days Monday in the first cell and drag towards the bottom the next cell will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

If we write moon instead of Monday then the next cell will fill with Tue, Wed, Thur, fry, sat, etc.

In column 4 we give month names such as January and drag it will become February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. We can also insert a short form.

Inside column 5 we enter data with differences of 7 days, for example, we enter 09/01/20 in the first cell and 16/01/17 in the second cell.

Now select both the cells and drag towards the bottom the next cells are filled with 23/01/20, 30/01/20, 06/02/20,13/02/20,20/02/20…

and this will be continues.

In column 6 we enter data with difference between 15 days .

09/01/20 in the first cell right-click on that cell and drag towards the bottom now leave the right series from there,

Another window box will open in the top step option write 15 and press the ok button.

In column 7 we enter a time 9/05 and drag towards the bottom the next cells will become 10/05,11/05,12/05,13/05,14/05.

We can also filled cells in a horizontal manner also. The process will be the same.


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