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How to use a Table of contents in Excel?

Welcome to here in this article, here we will explain how to use the table of contents in excel, word, PowerPoint, LibreOffice and what is the table of contents, so please read this full article for detailed information.

Before discussing that how we insert a table of contents we have to discuss what is a table of contents, what are some advantages of the table of contents.

What is a table of contents :

In many of the books at the beginning of our document we see a table of contents, it helps us to find easily where our main topics are placed which also includes page numbers.

There are many software’s are available through which we can insert a table of contents such as -ms office, libre office, etc.

But ,before starting we have to make sure that all the headingds are include properly in our main document.

For instance, if we create any 10 pages document then we have to declare headings titles and headings 2 and headings 3 for chapter subheadings.

Tableof contentsare really helpful when we create any 100 pages or more than that document.

Table of contents in Excel :

Creating table of contents in excel isa very easy methos. Through the help of hyperlink we can easily do that.

For creating toc where we can take a workbook which usually includes 5 sheets in total. The sheets are –table of contents, first, second, third, fourth, etc.

In the table of contents sheets we create each sheets and numbered them from 1 to 4.

Now we have to do hyperlinks in an easy way. This technique allows linking a sheet to another by defining a cell reference.

Now we want t first sheet and move our cursor in f5 cell and if you or just select the cell and go to the cell border first hold the alt button from the keyboard and you right-click on the cell border and move this to the table of contents sheets and leave where the first is written firs release the ‘alt’ button and then release the right click and you will find a dialogue box and select the create hyperlink here option.

Now we can hyperlink all these sheets with the same process. The best part of this technique is you can link this text to a specific cell and specific sheet in a different workbook altogether.

With this method we can link one workbook to another workbook also.

Table of contents in word :

In ms word, we can apply the table of contents so easily. But for inserting any table of contents we have to first enter some paragraphs. Suppose we create some text which covered almost 20 pages. Now in the 2nd step, we have to create some proper headings, some level heading, and some level 2 or level 3 headings. Just change the heading colors and text that will become easy for you to understand those things.

Now move your cursor in the beginning of your text and create blank document by pressing ctrl+n.

Now, go to the references tab and just click on the table of contents. It will bring a dialogue box in front of you where multiple tables of contents already exist. We can simply select any one of those or we can also customize those things.

If you want to select any toc then you simply go to references-table of contents-custom tables of contents .

From here we can choose what level of headings are needed, suppose we need only 2 types of heading then we can easily set that, and then press ok.

We can also remove our page numbers,tthen only topics are present here.

We can also select some formats of toc from here like- farcy,classic,modern,formal,simple etc.

If one want to create any hyperlink,then he can also choose that.

Table of contents in PowerPoint:

Whenever we have a lot of slides in our powerpoint at moment we have to create a table of contents in powerpoint .

Table of contents in LibreOffice:

Create a new documentand write some content.Create heading 1 ,heading 2,heading 3,and others headings as well.

Now before our documentwe have to enter a blank document by pressing ctrl+enter.

Insert menu-table of contents and index-table of contents,index oor bibliography-window will open infront of us-ok.

In LibreOffice writer, we can customize the toc with our requirements. Generally in LibreOffice, the toc has 5 tabs these are -type, entries, styles, columns, background.


From here we can select various attributes of toc,we can also select title for toc,outline,create form etc.

2.Entries nad styles:

Generally entries and styles are used to format the entries of toc.


This option is used to put our toc into more than one column.


Through this tab we can select background color,background image for our toc.

Delete toc:

For deleting we have to go – insert tab-delete from the menu or delete index from the menu.

Table of contents in google docs :

We can create the table of contents in google docs also. This process is also similar to earlier methods. To create this we have to create some documents and give headings properly there.

1.create a blank page infronnt of our main documentbt by pressing ctrl+enter.

2.Go to insert menu-table of contents with page numbers .

Toc will appear on your screen.


This article is all about a table of contents and here I explain how to create a table of contents in excel and in other software. I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at the [email protected]

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