How to update libreoffice

How to update LibreOffice?

Welcome to this article, here we will discuss how to update your LibreOffice on various software, so please read this full article to know about the full procedure in detail.

How to update LibreOffice in windows 10 :

Well, we can do this in a very easier way in windows. Here I will mention some of the important steps about how to update LibreOffice.

Just open the LibreOffice and when the update is available on the top right-hand site just click on that icon. There you will notice the text that update is available, and click on the icon for more information.

When you click on that icon a dialogue box will open. And in the dialogue box it will tells you that the version is installed, and the upgraded version.

Now just click on the download option it will take you to the browser because you can not update LibreOffice from the LibreOffice application.

In the browser, you will found the option about download LibreOffice, and from there you will found a little box and you have to choose the system from that box. Now just click on the download button and the download will starts automatically.

You can also check the update of your app just go to the LibreOffice application and go to the help tab there you will found the check for update option, you can also update the app from here also.

When the download process is complete then click on the open the file option and a dialogue box will open the installation wizard box. Just check about the versions and click on the next option. Here you choose the type option and click on the Next button and click on install the installation process will start automatically.


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This article is all about how to update libreoffice? And here i provide a detailed guide about how to update libreoffice ..

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