Uninstall Libreoffice

How to uninstall LibreOffice?

Welcome to this article here we will discuss how to uninstall LibreOffice on various platforms, such as in Windows, ubuntu.

Here we will provide all the steps of uninstall the libreoffice. So please read this full article.


LibreOffice is generally an open-source software that works as an alternative to Microsoft office. And all the ms office feature is provided to here.

But remember one thing that when you install the MSOffice into your computer at that time you cannot install the LibreOffice into your desktop.

And again if you want to install MSOffice then you have to uninstall it again. So therefore here I mention how to uninstall this office suite with full details.

How do i uninstall LibreOffice from Windows 10 ? :

In window we can uninstall the libreoffice into two ways. Here i will show you both the ways with examples.

But for uninstalling the libreoffice we have to libreoffice store inside our computers.

Now just click on the start button of your computer and then go to the settings option. And after that, you will find an option known as apps. And then you will find the app called LibreOffice just click it there and you will get two options one is modified and another option is to uninstall. Now click on uninstall option, it will take some time and after that LibreOffice automatically uninstall from your computer.

Well, we can uninstall this in another way also. Just go to the start option and search the control panel from there and then click on programs and click on programs and features. And from here you can easily uninstall thi.


This article is all about how to uninstall the office suite from your device. However, if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected]

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