How to Tag Someone on YouTube

How to Tag Someone on YouTube?

Welcome to here in this article here I will show you How to Tag Someone on YouTube.

So please read this full article here I provide a detailed guide and information.

Generally, the tags in Youtube are the most important features and tags help us to grow our channels and videos to separate persons.

If we talk about the importance of Tags then with the help of tags your videos might goes to users’ browse features.

Secondly, your videos might goes to the suggestions box of others peoples. And finally, your videos might be also listed in the search lists.

Now we will talk about how many tags are present on youtube.

Normally there are three types of tags that are present within youtube one is Long term tags, the second is short tags and the third is misspelled tags.

Well, we will inform you about these various kinds of tags in later articles.

Now we will explain to you about How to Tag Someone on YouTube? Here I will mention some of the important steps, please follow these steps to Tag someone on YouTube.

Step 1:

First, go to your video manager option and selects a video in which you want to add tags, and then click on the edit option.

Step 2:

Now visit the title section of your video where you want to mention someone’s names. And after that type the @sign and then type the channel’s name. For your help here I will show you a syntax.



In this way, you can mention anyone’s channel names. And besides that here you can also mention the names of your channels also.

But remember one thing that all the channels names are mentioned by @ sign.

Now just click on the save option, and the tag will automatically be added to your channels. And by following this method you can tag anyone in your YouTube videos.

How do you Mention Someone on YouTube? :

Well, you can easily mention someone on your YouTube channels. It is a very easy process to mention someone. Just visit your video title section.

And there you type @and channels name or person name, then the persons automatically mentioned into your videos.

How to Tag Someone on YouTube Live?:

When you are on YouTube live that time you have to mention that person’s name, in this process you can easily mention that person’s name or channel’s name.

Or otherwise you can also mention that person by using of tags , just tag them by typing the @symbol.

How to Tag another YouTube Channel in Description? :

Well, you can definitely collaborate with other YouTube channels with into your main channel or otherwise, you can also mention other YouTubes channels.

For that whenever you create your YouTube video in your video description mention the other person’s name or other person’s YouTube channels.


This article is all about How to Tag Someone On YouTube? And besides that here I also mention some of the other important topics related to this.

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