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How to start Html coding?

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Welcome to this article, here we will discuss how to start Html coding as a beginner. Well, learning Html is not a difficult task but you have to start the Html code in a proper way.

But most of the students start Html coding is not any proper way and starts with difficult tags such as images and form tags and starts with the html5 version, according to my suggestion you definitely start the Html coding with the html4 version, because it clears all the basic concepts, and to learn any language it is mandatory to learn all the basics of that language.

There are some requirements to start the Html code, I mean to say that you have to install some code editors on your computer.

Well the notepad is always provided to our pc and it is the easiest text editor to use, but there are many other types of code editors available in the market which help you to do the same Html code in a more easiest way because it provides us suggestion when we code.

Besides the code editors there is one more requirement that is the web browser, by default there are lots of web browsers provided to our systems such as –internet explorer, and Microsoft edge but according to our requirements google chrome is the best web browser among of them to run your Html code.

Best code editor Html:

Although there are many types of code editors available on the internet and people also ask about which software is used for Html coding. But here we mention the top five code editors for Html coding.

  1. Notepad:

On our list, we keep a notepad in the first position. If you are a new user of a computer then a notepad might be very useful and best for you because its user interface is very simple to the other code editors. Its original author is Richard Brodie.

And Microsoft is the original developer of this editor. It initially releases in the year 1983. It is by default provided to Microsoft windows.

And it was available for lots of other platforms as well. And this text editor’s size is 177 kb.


If anyone wants to use the upper version of notepad then notepad++ is the best option to write Html code. It was initially released in the year 2003 which is almost 18 years ago.

Its original developer is Don ho. It was originally written in the C++ programming language. It supports to Microsoft Windows operating system also and is available in almost 90 programming languages.

Notepad++ is a type of source code editor and its size is bigger than the normal notepad. You can easily download this text editor from the website.


Another kind of famous text editor is an atom. Its original developer is Github. And it was not much older, it actually releases in 2014. Atom is written into multiple programming languages such as -electron for the backend, javascript, and moreover Html for the user interfaces and for the front end. It was available for many operating systems such as for mac os for windows and for Linux also.

Besides these editors, you can use other editors such as visual studio code, and sublime text editor. But its interface is much more difficult than the notepad.

What are the basic codes of Html?

Well, there are many types of codes in Html but if we talk about the basic codes then there are normally 4 basic codes. Here we talk about the codes one by one.


This is the first code of any Html tag it has a starting tag as well as an ending tag. And within these tags, we define the other tags.


This is normally the second tag in our Html. It has also a starting tag as well as an ending tag. Within the Html tag, we define the head tag.


Within the head tag, we write our HTML title tag, it usually represents our title in the browser.


This is the biggest tag in our HTML coding. And here we mention all the HTML codes.


This normally suggests the headings in our Html coding. And generally, Html coding divides into 6 sections such as from 1-6. The h1 is the biggest heading and h6 is the smallest heading.


In HTML this tag uses to create our text bold. This is a kind of formatting tag.


This usually stands for creating our text in italics. This is also a formatting tag.


It use to give underline to our text.

Besides these basic tags, there are lots of other tags also which are used to write proper Html code. And we will discuss all the tags in the later articles.

What is HTML example:

Here in this section, we will mention a proper example of HTML.




<title>Html example</title>



<h1>this is headings</h1>

<b>Bold text</b>

<i>this is italics text</i>

<u>this is underlined text</u>



In the upper section, we define a proper example of Html and there we started with Html

and end with html.And in the head section, we define our title which will Html example.

And in the body section, we define all the tags one by one such as headings, bold text, italics text, underlined text, etc.

How many Html codes are there? :

There are lots of Html codes available, in fact, there are more than 100 Html tags available. But most of them are not required by us.

If you are a beginner then I would recommend you to learn the basics of Html tags and clear the concepts of some major tags such as Html form tags, Html table tags, Html image tags, and some other tags.



In this article we discussed how to start Html coding, if you follow these steps and start Html coding in this way then you can definitely become a good Html coder. To read this kind of informational article please follow our website.

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