How to start css ?

How to start CSS code?

Welcome to this article, here we will discuss how to start the CSS code. Well, there are multiple ways and platforms in which you can start the CSS coding, but if you don’t select the proper way then you will be unable to use the CSS coding.

So , therefore here i provide a detailed guide about how you will be able to start the css code.

  • Choose the correct version
  • Choose the best editor
  • Select the perfect study material
  • practice much.

Choose the correct version :

Whenever you want to do the CSS code one of the major factors that come to mind that always choose the best and correct version.

Here version actually identifies the version of CSS, we know that there is multiple version of CSS, such as css2, css2.1. But if you want to design your website in a more attractive and efficient way then you definitely have to choose the css3 version.

Because this is the current version of CSS and it much popular, and besides there are lots of new tags are introduced in the css3 version which will definitely increase our web development skills.

So in my recomendation is that always seect the css3 version of css.

Choose the best editor :

Editors are the most crucial and important factor in the case of CSS editing. There are multiple editors are available in the market which will help you to edit your text in the most easier way.

Some of the popular editors are – sublime, vs code, notepad++, notepad etc.

Among these editors, I would suggest choosing the sublime text editor because it is one of the most latest editors and the main advantage of using this editor is that this editor shows us or provide us multiple suggestions which is not provided by other editors.

Choose the perfect study material:

Before learning CSS code you have to choose the best study material for your programming because there are multiple websites are available on the internet through which you can learn CSS coding.

Some important websites are- w3schools, tutorialspoint, javapoint , websuggestion etc.

Practice much :

This is one of the most important factors to learn about any coding. If you only study the tags and then don’t implement those tags then you will be unable to become a good coder, because practice and consistency are very important.

Please read all the tags one by one and then practice those tags which will helps you to increase your coding skills.


This article is all about how to start CSS code, and to learn about programming languages please follow our website, because here we provide all the programming languages concepts and another technology-related article.

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