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How to save CSS file?

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Welcome to this article this article is all about how to save the CSS file.

Well to save a CSS file you have to follow some steps, and these steps are not the same at all, these steps are different according to various editors.

And here we will provide a detailed guide on how to save CSS file in various text editors, so let’s starts the article.

But before the start of the article, we provide some knowledge about the CSS and about how to save the CSS file.

Generally, CSS actually stands for the cascading style sheet and its main work is to design our website in a presentable manner.

With the help of CSS, we can design everything on our website such as the font styles, the background styles, the paragraph styles, the colors, the spaces, etc.

And always remember one more thing CSS is always used with the markup languages such as Html as well as XML.

And CSS was originally released in the year 1996 and after that, it was updated multiple times, and now at the present moment, the css3 version is the most useable.

How to create a CSS file? :

Well to create a CSS file we have to follow some steps and some guides. These steps are mentioned here in this section. Now follow the steps for creating a CSS file.

  • Always choose a code editor in which you want to create your CSS file.
  • In our next step write the code into your code editor.
  • Now press the ctrl+s option to save your CSS document.
  • In your next step give the file extention into .html format or into in .css format.
  • Now you can run the CSS code into your browser.

Now we will discuss how to save CSS files in various code editors.

How to save CSS files in sublime?

This editor is one of the best text editors that people have used to write the coding. If you want to write CSS code then I would recommend this, this is the best editor for you.

Well, to save the file inside the sublime text editor we have to first download this editor from

Now follow some steps to save the file-

  • Firstly download the sublime text editor inside your computer and now set up that file.
  • In our next step create any text inside the editor.
  • Now use the save option by clicking on the file button or by pressing the shortcut key ctrl+s.
  • Give the name in which you want to save your document and press enter.
How to save css file in sublime?

Now you can run the code by pressing the right-click into the browser window and just clicking on the open in the new user option.

How to save CSS files in visual studio code? :

Well to save the file in the visual studio code first download the visual studio code from its official website and then use that.

  • Download the text editor.
  • Then open the text editor and choose the file tab.
  • Choose the add folder to workspace option.
  • Then write the CSS code.
  • Then choose the folder, and provide it with a perfect name.
  • And save that into a CSS file.

Now you can run the code in the browser and you will see the results.

How do I save the notepad file as CSS ?:

This process is also similar to I already mentioned in the previous text editors.

And with the help of a notepad text editor, it is easier to edit and save CSS files.

  • Just open the notepad.
  • Click on the File menu option and click on the new option.
  • Now choose the save as option from the file option or you can also choose the save option. Instead of this you can also the shortcut to save the document.
  • Write the css code.
  • Now open that into your browser .
How do I save a Notepad file as CSS

Now we will discuss about the some other questions regarding how to save css file.

How do I open a CSS file? :

Well the opening the css file into any code editor is a very easy process.

  1. Just go to the File tab into your text editor.
  2. Now click on the open button that is available in the file tab.
  3. Or, otherwise press the shortcut key from the keyboard.
  4. And now click the file which you want to open.

How to save an external CSS file?:

We know that there are normally three types of CSS file methods, one is internal CSS, the second is inline CSS and another is external CSS.

The creation of the external CSS file and the process of saving the CSS file is a little bit different from the other CSS file save processes.

To save the external style CSS file-

  • First, create a CSS file and give it a proper name such as – index.html
  • The second step is creating another file and its file extension would be .css
  • In the third step, use the stylesheet tag and link the style.css file with our index,Html file.
  • In this process, both files would be linked together.

Which extension is used to save the CSS file? :

As I mentioned earlier there are three types of CSS files. Inline, internal, and external.

Inline CSS is something that is always used inside the lines of CSS code.

Internal CSS is something that is used inside the head tag of the CSS file.

And to use the external CSS we have to create a separate file and link that file with the HTML file.

In the inline and internal CSS, we can use the .html or .htm extension because these are always used within the same file.

On the other hand, if you are using the external CSS then you definitely used another file and give it a name and save that by giving a .css extension and linking that CSS file with another CSS file.


This article is all about how to save CSS files in separate code editors. And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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