How to prepare for ccc exam

How to prepare for ccc exam?

Welcome to this article, here we will provide guidelines for students about how to prepare for ccc exam.

There are various ways through which we can take the preparation for ccc exam and there is no need for coaching to clear this exam.

Here I will provide some guidelines for you to clear the ccc exam, so please read the full article.

  • Buy some books
  • Understand the ccc exam method
  • Practice the mock test

Now we will discuss about these steps in details.

1. Buy some book :

In our topic about how to prepare for CCC exam, you have to first buy a book.

Well there are many types of ccc books are available in the market, but you should have to remember one thing that doesn’t buy any outdated books.

Because in the outdated version of ccc books there is the content of ms office, but in the new syllabus of ccc there is LibreOffice as office package.

According to my recommendation, the ccc books by Satish Jain may be best for the students.

So you can purchase these books from any of the markers or from any of the e-commerce websites.

Once you have purchased the book then took the syllabus of the ccc exam besides your table and clear all the basic concepts of the ccc exam, and don’t try to read the in the descriptive form because ccc the ccc exam is all about the MCQ type questions.

2. CCC exam method :

Once you have bought the books in the next step understand the nielit ccc exam method properly, I meant to say which topic covers how many numbers of your exam.

And build your strategy in that way.

If you don’t prepare your strategy in a correct manner then your efforts do not display proper results.

And one more thing, please arrange the previous year’s ccc question papers and their answers which will help you to prepare the correct strategy.

3. CCC online test :

Once you have done these two things then comes into the third point, in fact, this is the most crucial point.

You have to practice the mock tests of the ccc exam.

Because from the books you will be unable to clear all the questions, that’s why you have to attend the mock test.

There are multiple websites from which we can prepare ourselves for this exam.

On our website we also provide the ccc online test, you can attend those also.

Visit here to attend the mock tests.


This article is all about how to prepare for ccc exam, and how you will clear this exam.

So please follow our website for this kind of informative article and also attend our ccc online test.

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