How to Make a WebSite Like YouTube

How to Make a Website Like YouTube?

Well, YouTube is one of the most popular and familiar online video platforms. We often considered it a search engine. It is owned by Google. Google displays data in text format and image format. And YouTube displays data in video format.

This app was founded in the year of 2005 and it was founded by – Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. And according to some statistics in 2020, it has more than 2 billion users worldwide. 

Well, website creators or web developers are always doubtful about how to make a website like YouTube. Here in this section, I will reveal to you how to make a website like YouTube, and here I explain the steps.

Step 1:

Select a good Domain name.

Step 2:

Selects a good hosting so that your server will always remain active.

Step 3:

Install WordPress within that hosting account and selects a good theme.

Step 4:

Accurately customize your website and install some video plugins within your website.

Step 5:

Finally promotes your blog everywhere and engage people within your website.

These are some of the necessary steps through which you can easily create a website like YouTube, and now we will discuss these steps one by one in detail.

So please stick to the end of this article for specific information.

How to Create a Website Like YouTube in WordPress?

WordPress is the most common content management system and almost more than 80 % of websites on the internet are built with the help of WordPress.

Here I will reveal all the steps on how to create a Website like YouTube in WordPress.

Step 1

Choose a Good Domain Name:

The Domain of any website is the identity of that website. It is the name of the website. There are some essential factors that you have to remember to choose a good domain name – 

  • The first, major factor is the company that provides you with the domain. If you don’t choose the accurate domain provider then it might cause you later.
  • The second major point is the name of your website. I always suggest you pick a domain name that is related to your website. Here in this case you can take a name such as VideoTube instead of YouTube.

There is some good Domain Provider such as Godaddy, Namecheap, etc.

Step 2

Choose a Good Hosting:

For any website, hosting is the most essential thing. Usually hosting is a kind of place on the internet where we built or store our website.

If you do not choose any good hosting then it will harm your website very much. 

There are some critical factors that you have to notice before choosing good hosting.

That the hosting company presents good speed for your website. Secondly, you have to look at the support that the hosting company provides you. Because anytime you found some problem about your website then you have to take help from the company supports staff.

There are some good quality hosting provider companies from there you can simply take your service such as Hostinger, Bluehost, etc.

And remember one more thing that there are some of the hostings available at a very low price don’t choose those things because it will provide negative impacts to your website.

Step 3

Install WordPress and selects a Theme:

After the installation process of your hosting and domain then connects both things and then you have to log in to your c panel or h panel dashboard and from there you have to install WordPress within that hosting account.

Once you have accomplished all the processes then you have to do the next thing which is picking a good theme for your website. By default, there are some themes available on WordPress but if you want to build your website like YouTube then you have to select some other kinds of themes.

Here I mention some of the names of the theme through which you can easily make your website like YouTube.

  • Stream it
  • ViewTube
  • Pelicula
  • Bizmart
  • Magellan
  • Berube
  • Video fly
  • SlimVideo
  • UberTube
  • Video Cafe 

These are some of the essential themes which you can use to make a website like YouTube.

Step 4

Customize to Website and Install Plugins:

Well, the design and attractiveness of your website depend on the customization of your website. Here you have to accurately customize your website and your theme and for that, you can look at some videos and articles about the customization process.

Once you have accomplished the customization of your website next you have to install some plugins within your website which are needed to make a website like YouTube.

There are too many types of plugins available, and here I mention some of the important plugins for your work.

  • Video Slider
  • Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator
  • Lazy Load for Videos
  • FV Flowplayer
  • WP Video Lightbox

These are some of the plugins which will be very much beneficial for you.

Step 5

Now, this is the final step and in fact, it is the most essential step which is the promotion part.

You have to look at the promotion of your website. YouTube is a very big brand that spreads worldwide.

If you want to famous for your website within a shorter period then you have to promote your blog on several platforms.

There are many ways in which you can promote your website, and here I mention some of those –

  • Promote your website on Quora 
  • Make YouTube videos about your website
  • Use the Facebook advertisement.
  • Create links with others 
  • You can also use google ads.

These are some of the steps and if you follow these steps then you can create a website like YouTube.

Can I Make a Website Like YouTube?

Yes, you can make a WebSite Like YouTube but for that, you have to follow particular steps-

  • First, buy the domain and hosting from a good provider
  • Install WordPress 
  • Customize the WordPress
  • Make an interface like YouTube by using some plugins
  • Publish your website and make it visible to the search engines
  • Now finally promote your website on several platforms. 

How to Make a Website Like YouTube for Free?

We know that YouTube is a huge website and billions of users use this website. And if you want to make a website like YouTube free of costs then that might not possible, but you can do one thing.

Just buy the domain and connect that domain with a blogger and buy some WordPress video plugins and use those plugins.

Is there a Way to Make a Website Like YouTube?

There are several ways through which you can build a website like YouTube.

You can make this with the help of HTML and CSS coding, you can do this with the bits of help of PHP.

But the most common way to do this is the use of WordPress, you just install WordPress and build this kind of website very easily.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Website Like YouTube?

The main cost of any website is to purchase the hosting, so if you purchase any good quality hosting then it will cost around 5000 rupees and the domain costs around 400 rupees. 

And some paid plugins will be needed to make a website like YouTube you can buy those plugins also.

So if we discuss how much exact cost is needed to make a website like YouTube then it will be around 10000 rupees.


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