How to Make a PayPal Invoice

How to Make a PayPal Invoice?

PayPal is one of the biggest online transaction methods and it allows users to send and receive money worldwide. Here in this article, we will discuss how to make PayPal Invoice, so please stick to the end of this article for complete information and guidance.

Usually, the PayPal invoice account helps people to receive money and sends money more securely. If you want to receive money then you have to create a PayPal invoice and then links it to your email and send that email and invoice to your customer, now the customer will see all the invoices you have and choose a payment method such as – debit card, credit card, PayPal balance and pays securely to you.

Usually, people send and receive money into their PayPal account with the help of send and receive option but when you want to make money from a foreign country then do not share your email id at all, instead of that you can create a PayPal invoice and receive money from your customers. The creation of a PayPal invoice is a very easy method, to do that you have to follow some steps and here I mention those steps.

Step 1:

First Open your PayPal account and then visit the tools section and there you get the invoicing option just click on there. 

How to Make PayPal Invoice

Step 2:

Now here you will get a manage invoice option and here you have to click on the create option. 

How to Make PayPal Invoice

Step 3:

Here you will get create Invoice option and you have to fulfill some information here.

How to Make PayPal Invoice

Add company logo:

You have to fill this section and you have to provide an image and logo for work and sends that to your customer that the customer should understand that the money receiver is you.

Bill to:

Here you have to provide the customer PayPal mail.

Item Name:

Here you can provide salary as the item name.


This is the main section and here you have to mention the amount of salary and that you want as invoices from your customer.

Make sure that you do not provide any wrong amount here in this section.

Step 4:

Now just click on the send option/ preview option/ draft option as you want 

How to Make PayPal Invoice

How Does a PayPal Invoice Works?

Generally, the PayPal account is working in between the money sender and in between the money receiver.

Suppose you want to receive money into your PayPal account, then you can use the money send and receive option provides by your PayPal account.

But if you want to receive money from a foreign country then you have to create an invoice. The invoices are helpful to receive money from foreign customers.

You just have to create your Invoice account then provide your customer’s PayPal id there and type the actual amount that you want to bring from your customer and then send the invoice to the customer.

Finally, the customer will see the invoice created and sends by you and sends money to you. This is how does a PayPal invoice work.

What is the PayPal Invoice Fee?

Generally, there are not any particular fees is required to create any kind of PayPal Invoice.

You can create your own PayPal invoice many times as your requirements and sends it to your customers.

But remember one thing when you receive money from your customer at that time you have to pay some amount.

How to Make an Invoice on PayPal App?

To create an invoice within your PayPal App you have to follow some of the certain steps and here I discuss those steps, just follow the steps.

Step 1:

At first, open your PayPal app within your device. Then click on the tools section and invoicing option.

Step 2:

Click on the create invoice option,

Step 3:

Now fill in all the invoicing details and typed the amount that you want to bring from your customer.

Step 4:

Now just selects the send invoice option from here.

Can you Get Scammed through PayPal Invoice?

Well, PayPal is a very secure payment system, but there are some scammed things that we should always be aware of that.

Here I mention some of the tips that we should always be aware of.

  • When you send money to someone make sure and check the logo of the company is always present within the invoice.
  • Secondly, always check the amount that the senders have typed and then sends the money.


This article is all about how to make a PayPal invoice, I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected].

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