How to lock whatsapp

How to lock WhatsApp?

Want to lock your WhatsApp but unable to do that then you are at the right place, here I will provide you a detailed guide about how to lock WhatsApp and besides that here I will also mention some other important topics regarding WhatsApp and WhatsApp lock.

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How to Lock Whatsapp Conversation:

Well, if you want to lock the conversation on your WhatsApp then you can easily do that, but to do these things you have to install an application into your mobile.

However you can also install the same application into your desktop also.

Here i will explain you some steps ,and you follow these steps then you can do that very easily.

Step 1:

First, open the play store app into your mobile phone and after search for the whats app locker app, and install that application into your device.

Step 2:

Once you have install the application next open the app and it will ask you to create a four digit code into your device.

You can also use your email id that if by chance you forgot your password then you can access your email id from your email again.

Step 3:

Now in the next step just fix the accessibilty option into your settings and click on the accessibity ok option.

Step 4:

Now open WhatsApp and click on the conversation and give the password, the conversation automatically locks into your device.

Next time you open the whatsapp you have to give the password to open the conversation of whatsapp.

If you have any kind of confusion to do that then watch the video-

How can I Lock my Whatsapp without App? :

Definitely yes you can lock WhatsApp without installing any kind of app or application but for that, you have to follow a two-step verification process, but don’t worry here I will show you this whole method.

Step 1:

Just open the whatsapp app and at the top right corner click on the three dots option.

Step 2:

Next, you will find some options and click on the Settings option from there you will found an account option just click on the account option.

Step 3:

Here you will get a two-step verification option, so just click on that option and just click on the enable option which appears at the bottom of your screen.

Step 4:

Now simply use your six digit pin number and for reconfirmation you have to provide your pin number again .

Now it is the most important thing just add any email id to your account which will be used to reset your pin if you forget it.

If you did not add any email then a box will open in front of you which will tell you that if you did not give any email id then you won’t be able to re-register your phone number with WhatsApp.

Now just click on the done option.

And when next time you will open your whatsapp you have to provide your six digit password.

How to Lock Whatsapp with Pattern? :

If you want to lock your whatsapp with the pattern then you can easily do that.

But there are many applications available in the play store but not all the applications are useful, here I will tell you about that application and how to lock WhatsApp with pattern and with that application help.

Step 1:

Just open the playstore app and in the search box type app lock and install that app into your device.

Step 2:

After the opening of that application then type a pattern into your phone and confirm that pattern and provide an email address.

Step 3:

Now just open WhatsApp inside that app and click on the lock option and it will take some permissions from us just enable the app lock.

WhatsApp will automatically be locked into your device just open WhatsApp and provide the pattern and you can access your WhatsApp.

How to Break Whatsapp Pattern Lock? :

Well if you want to break the whatsapp lock then you have to do certain things.

In the first method just open your email there you will get the password for your WhatsApp lock, but you don’t provide any email during the creation of other settings then you follow the second method.

In this second method, you just have to open the settings from your device and you have to find the app through which you give the app lock to your WhatsApp, for most cases users give a lock with the help of an app lock.

After finding the app just click on that and here you will find an option as force stop just clicks on that and now you can access Whatsapp.

But remember one thing that whenever you off your device next time the WhatsApp will automatically take a pattern from you.

How to lock whatsapp call

There are many types of unwanted calls and irritate us on WhatsApp, so if you want to resolve that problem then follow certain steps.

Step 1:

Just visit your mobile settings and in the search box type apps or applications or you can directly search Whatsapp.

Step 2:

Now got the notification tab and off the call notification option and off the silent notification and also block the other notifications.

Step 3:

Now come to whatsapp settings – click three dot- setting option – notifications- call notification- vibrate- choose off .

How to Lock Whatsapp DP? :

Well, this is the most necessary thing that to lock your WhatsApp DP, and this problem mostly affects the girls, that someone takes their DP and uses that for some wrong purpose.

But you can lock you dp and profile picture within whatsapp. Here i mention the steps about how to lock whatsapp dp.

Step 1:

Just open the whatsapp inside your device and click on the three dots option appears at the top right corner.

Step 2:

Now go to settings – click on accounts – choose privacy – click on the profile photo option.

Step 3:

Now three option will open infront of you, such as- everyone, my contacts and nobody.

If you choose the Everyone option then everyone will see your picture, if you select the contacts option then only those persons will see your DP who already exists within your contacts. And if you select the nobody option then anyone cannot see your DP or profile picture.

How to Lock Whatsapp Group? :

First of all install the chat lock for whatsapp application into your device from playstore .

Next open the application and set the 4 digit password and reconfirm that password .

Now it will take some permissions from you just enable those permissions and on the chat lock for whatsapp option.

Now click on the plus icon and choose any group , that group will automatically be locked.

How to Lock my Whatsapp Number?:

Just open the whatsapp and go to the settings by clicking into the three dots.

Now click on account- privacy – about – Evryone / My contacts / Nobody- just select the Nobody option .

Now anyone cannot see your whatsapp number.

How to Lock Whatsapp Video Call? :

Just visit into the playstore- type tools for whatsapp and install that within your device.

Next, open the app and give the app all the permissions, and now video call someone, you will notice that the video call feature is off automatically.

How to Lock Whatsapp without Fingerprint?:

You can lock the Whatsapp without a fingerprint. Just install any application into your device and give there a pattern lock.

Or otherwise you can also use the whatsapp settings lock and lock the password by giving and password.


This article is all about how to lock WhatsApp and here we discuss some other important topics about locking WhatsApp.

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