How to Learn Web Designing

How to Learn Web Designing a Complete Guide?

Peoples are always in chaos about website development and web designing. Here in this article, I will provide an entire guide about How to Learn Web Designing for free by seating at your home. So please read this full article for more information. 

In recent times the internet has spread all over the world and due to the uses of the internet, the number of websites and applications also increases.

In previous times, there were few Industries or companies that make websites and applications for their business but that is not the case in the current situation. 

According to some statistics, there were almost 555000 websites created every day around all over the world. 

Generally, web developers make a website and web designers provide a design for that website and accomplish the process of creating the website. 

The process of making websites and designing the websites is known as web designing

Skills Required for Learning Web Designing | Syllabus of Web Designing

Before knowing about How to Learn Web Designing you have to first learn about what are the skills required for learning web designing. Here I mention a list of web designing skills or a syllabus for web designing.

  • Html 
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Frameworks

These are some of the essential skills that you need to study Web Designing and become a Web Designer.

Complete Roadmap about How to Learn Web Designing?

Well, you have already learned about the skills needed to learn Web Designing, nowhere in this section, I will provide you a complete roadmap about how you will be able to learn Web Design within six months.


The first skills that you have to learn as a web designer are Html and HTML it is also known as hypertext markup language which is mostly used for web development purposes but there are some essential tags available within the HTML which are used for web designing purposes. Such as some Tags like lists, buttons, nav, etc.

So if you want to learn web designing then scheduled your time and for the first month learning the HTML Basics to advance within this one month.

For the first 15 days learn all the basic tags and structures that HTML has, you can take the help of YouTube and our website also, here I provide all the HTML tags information in detail.

Once you have completed the basics of HTML then move your focus to HTML5 it is the advanced version of HTML and with the HTML5 version, you can upgrade your skills in web designing.

In HTML5 there are lots of new tags were introduced such as audio tags, video tags, and iframe tags.

So if you have followed this method then within one month you can easily clear all the concepts of HTML and then you can move into the next topic which is CSS.


The next thing that you have to learn as a web designer is CSS which is also known as a cascading style sheet.

The main purpose of using CSS for a website is to make our website much more attractive.

There are various kinds of tags available within CSS and with the help of these tags, you can create your website in a very attractive mode.

With the help of CSS, you can apply different colors, different fonts, forms, and layouts to your website.

Furthermore, with the help of CSS, you can add various types of background images, borders, patterns, and spaces within your website which will make your website attractive.

For the first 20 days learn all the basics of CSS in a similar way you have to learn the HTML.

Then for the next 10 days learn the css3 which is the advanced version or the updated version of CSS.


This is another programming language it is a kind of scripting language.

And it is used for the front and purpose as well as for the back and purpose.

While HTML and CSS are mainly used to provide a solid structure to our website on the other hand JavaScript is used to create designs and interactions with the users.

If a user visits your website and clicks somewhere then with the help of JavaScript language you can interact with that response of users.

JavaScript is a very broad scripting language and if you are absolutely a beginner in the computer programming field then it will take some time to learn.

According to my opinion learn all the basic things of JavaScript and then move on to its frameworks.

It will provide a clear concept to you of JavaScript and its frameworks.

If you devote 1 month to this then you can easily learn the language.

And now within three months, you have to learn HTML CSS, and JavaScript and then move on to its frameworks.


After learning the JavaScript programming language it is a must to learn some of its Frameworks. 

There are various frameworks of JavaScript available some examples of these frameworks are Angular JS, Jquery, Express.js, Next.js, Bootstrap, etc.

Among all these frameworks I would recommend you to select the Jquery frameworks.

It is one of the most advanced frameworks of JavaScript.With the help of this framework, you can write code within just one line and make your website as per your requirements.

After the completion of the JavaScript programming language, you can easily learn its frameworks within just 1 month.


Before creating a website it is mandatory to create the design for your website or a layout for your website.

In other words, if you want to become a web designer and want to learn web designing then you have to learn graphic designing.

With the help of Photoshop you can create various kinds of logos and design them you can create and design banners you can create typography, you can edit images, and create images and most of these things are needed in web designing.

So therefore web designers must learn photoshop properly and it is not very difficult software you can easily learn this within a period of 10 or 15 days.

Now you have to learn all the web designing skills within less than 5 months.

Still, you have one month and a few days left in your hand.

These days I recommend you to practice your skills and make a profile within freelancing platforms such as on fiber, and Upwork, and after that bid for web designing jobs within freelancing platforms.

If you learn web designing in this way then you can easily learn all the web designing skills very well.

How to Learn Web Designing for Free?

Well, you can learn web designing for free with the help of the internet.

There are several websites and YouTube channels available that teach web designing skills.

Here I mention some of the website names and some of the YouTube channels name from which you can easily learn web designing for free.



Youtube channels:

  • Design course
  • Edureka
  • Flux
  • Easy Tutorials
  • Intellipaat

These are some of the websites and youtube channel names and from here you can easily learn Web Designing for absolutely free.

How to Learn Web Designing at Home?

Well, to learn Web Designing skills you don’t have to go anywhere, you can easily learn all the skills by sitting at your home. 

In the top section, I have mentioned some of the online resources from which you can easily learn all the Web Designing skills.

And if you are still confused about how to start and when to start then read this full article here I provide a roadmap.

If you follow the roadmap then you can easily learn web designing skills by sitting at your home.

How to Learn Web Designing a Step by Step Guide?

All though I have mentioned the roadmap till here I am providing a step by step guidance about how to learn Web Designing –

Step 1:

First starts with Html basics and learn up to Html5 versions. Once you have completed the Html then learn the CSS.

Step 2:

Once you have learned the Html and CSS then move on to JavaScript and learn the JavaScript programming properly.

Step 3:

Once you have completed the JavaScript then learn some frameworks. Jquery is the best in this case.

Step 4:

Finally, learning some of the Graphical Designing tools and photoshop is the best. 

These are some of the steps through which you can learn Web Designing.

Can I Learn Web Designing Online?

Yes, you can learn Web Designing online. There are various tutorials and courses available on the internet.

Some of these are freely available while for some of the courses you have to pay money.

Some of the top websites are – Coursera, Intellipaat, etc, from here you can buy Web Designing courses


This article is all about How to Learn Web Designing and here I mention some of the top website names from there you can buy web designing courses.

Well, you can also visit the other website where the web design course is freely available.

I hope you have liked this article. And if you have any kind of inquiry then about this topic then you can comment to me in the comment section.

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