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How to Install Android 12? (Step by Step Guide)

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Android 12 launch in recent times and there were numerous changes that have been done within this android version. And it is considered the 19th version of android. After the android 12 news, lots of people were asking about how to install android 12? Well, I have already installed android 12 on my mobile device and here in this article, I am going to provide a step by step guide about how to install android 12, and after reading this complete article, you can very easily understand the paths, so stick to the end of this article for detailed and complete information.

So, how to install android 12? the original version of android 12 has not been launched yet but the developer versions and 3 major beta versions of Android 12 have already been launched. And here in this section, I am going to reveal the path about how you should download the beta version of Android 12?

But before telling you the path I want to suggests to you that it is the beta version and therefore it is fulfilled with lots of bugs. And therefore always create a backup for your previous android system, and if you have android 10 or android 11 then you can upgrade to android 12.

And the process of installing the Android 12 is a little bit difficult and therefore I recommend you to watch this video and then follow the steps-

So, let’s look at the steps to install android 12-

Step 1:

In the first step, you just have to visit the links below, and after visiting there just download the zip file and after extracting the zip file you will get 1 folder such as Android 12 beta 1, just simply open this folder, and here you will get the system IMG file and you just have to flash this file. And besides that, you also have need few more files which you can download by clicking on the links- Link 1, Link 2.

After installing all of these files then you can go for the next steps.

Step 2:

Now, we have to do a custom recovery to our mobile device and therefore we have to do switch off to our phone and after accomplishing the switch-off process then press the volume up and power button to enable the custom recovery mode.

Well within some mobiles the custom recovery mode is enabled by using the volume down button. So, please check your mobile settings carefully.

Step 3:

After enabling the custom recovery mode then go to the third menu which appears at the bottom of your screen and there you will get few options, and just check the boxes of the first 5 menus the options are- Dalvik cache, Cache, System, Vendor, Data. And after that just wipe all of these partitions.

Step 4:

After that visit the file option and here you will get the files and just flash the files at once.

Step 5:

Now open the system image and system file and also flash this once.

And after flashing these files just do the normal reboot system to your device and after that, your device will get the Android 12. And in this manner, you can easily install the Android 12 beta version.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed how to install android 12 and if you watch the complete video and read the entire article then you can very easily install android 12 within any system.

I assume you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section. And share this article with your friends and follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.