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How to insert/remove watermark in LibreOffice?

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Welcome to this article here we will discuss the LibreOffice watermark feature and how to perform the watermark in LibreOffice especially in the writer.


Generally, a watermark is a feature in which some texts or some images are inserted inside the back portion of our original document. And this feature is provided to every word processing packages such- ms office, open office as well as in LibreOffice.

In LibreOffice, we can easily include the this feature, in LibreOffice writer this feature provides under the format tab.

How do you insert a watermark in Libreoffice? :

In LibreOffice, we can easily insert this feature. Here we will provide some important steps in which we can enter watermark in LibreOffice.

  • Then go to format tab
  • Choose the watermark option from there
  • A dialogue box will open infront of us
  • And in the dialogue box just fullfill the documents such as name, text, angle,color,transparecy etc.
  • Then click on ok.

How do I remove a watermark in LibreOffice? :

The remove process is also similar . When any watermark to added to your document and you can easily remove that.

  • Just go to format menu option
  • There you will get the remove watermark option, just click it there and the watermark will automatically be removed from your document.
  • Or if you did not find any remove watermark option then please visit to format menu there you will get the watermark dialogue box, just remove the text from the text box and press the ok button.

LibreOffice watermark transparency :

Well, you can definitely give the transparence in the LibreOffice watermark feature. The transparency is provided in the format tab and in the watermark dialogue box.

By default, the transparency is checked into 50 %. But we can change this transparency by clicking the dropdowns buttons. Or by directly clicked into the text area and type the transparency value.


This article is all about how to add a watermark in LibreOffice and how to remove the watermark.

I hope you like this article. And if you have any kind of query then please ask me at And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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